In the digital age, a photographer’s website must act not only as a business card but also as a full-length portfolio. Perhaps more than any other visual field, photography demands not only that your images make a bold and powerful statement but also that they tell a story.

With photographers in mind, Squarespace just released two new website templates that showcase portfolios in a meaningful and elegant way. York and Lange both empower photographers to take viewers on a journey through pictures and text without overwhelming the senses. They are sophisticated, minimalist designs built for images that pack a punch.

Squarespace has always given photographers the freedom to convey complex ideas in a clear and simple format, and these two new templates take that sense of tastefulness and refinement to the next level.

Lange and York both have Project Pages that are at once classic and modern, allowing you to intersperse words and images into one seamless portfolio. They also introduce a variety of animations and effects that beautifully integrate and transition from landing pages into individual story pages.

York and Lange are the first two in a series of upcoming templates newly designed by Squarespace to suit the needs of photographers and other creatives, so stay tuned to see what they roll out next.

Squarespace is a Feature Shoot sponsor.

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