Part of what we love most about Squarespace is that they’re constantly innovating with photographers in mind. Squarespace empowers artists not only to easily build their own websites but also to connect with clients and followers through online stores and sleek, sophisticated portfolios. This month, Squarespace rolled out a brand new feature that promises to make the process more streamlined and efficient than ever.


Squarespace Circle is for the website aficionado. It’s geared specifically to professional creatives who use the platform for three or more websites. Members of Squarespace Circle will be given access to private perks available only to them, including premium customer care and six-month trial periods to test the waters with new business ventures. Additionally, Squarespace gives Circle members first dibs on exciting new product guides and materials, along with an extensive peek at insights that will help to manage and grow their brand.


Squarespace Circle provides the seasoned website builder the tools they need to kick their brands up another notch, all while connecting and encouraging a wider community of cutting-edge artists. Squarespace is dedicated to listening to its users to create an experience that is not only convenient but also one-of-kind, tailored to suit each and every individual. We’re looking forward to seeing how Squarespace Circle evolves in the coming months.

Squarespace is a Feature Shoot sponsor.