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© Hemya Moran

Bruce Gilden famously said, “I love the people I photograph. I’ve never met most of them or I don’t know them at all, yet through my images I live with them.” The Ones We Love, a magazine founded and curated by Lindley Warren, features images that capture complicated and often precarious ties that bind photographers to those they love the most.

Warren selects photography from around the world, with the only requirement being that it “explores human connection and interaction.” Images can be candid or staged, as is the case with Natalie Krick’s intimate self-portraits with her mother.

They can be about a person, place or thing. The “loved one” in the photographs can be as obvious and concrete as Brendan George Ko’s big sister, covered in mud, or as elusive as Ke Peng’s passersby in Hunan province, where the photographer spent the first two years of his life.

There is inevitably a sense of melancholy and loss in many of the images in The Ones We Love; Sarker Protick’s portrait of his grandfather is colored in part by the knowledge that the grandmother is no longer with them. Much like Roland Barthes’s snapshot of his mother, these are ultimately the pictures that we save and return to time and again, the images that keep loneliness at bay.

We selected some of our favorite images from Warren’s magazine here, and you can see more on her Instagram and in Issues 1 and 2 of The Ones We Love.

Berber Theunissen 1

© Berber Theunissen

Brendan George Ko-2

© Brendan George Ko

hunan9 001

© Ke Peng

Nich Hance McElroy

© Nich Hance McElroy

Berber Theunissen 2

© Berber Theunissen

Natalie Krick

© Natalie Krick

What Remians

© Sarker Protick

32 001

© Mo Costello

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