One of the many prints available at Kerksieck’s print store. This particular image can be purchased here. © Christopher Kerksieck


The Squarespace print store belonging to Christopher Kerksieck

As the photo industry expands from the four walls of galleries and leaps from the pages of magazines and into the vast expanse of the Internet, photographers are finding new ways to adapt to—and to capitalize on—an ever-changing artist-art buyer dynamic. We found three photographers—Morgan Phillips, Christopher Kerksieck, and Brittany Wright— who have created extraordinary online stores that are not only beautiful and flourishing but fully integrated into their websites with Squarespace Commerce.

It’s no secret that photographers love using Squarespace websites to showcase their work and connect with clients, but you might not know just how simple it is to add a store to any template of your choice, without working with the complex coding that usually comes with building a store. Phillips decided on creating a store when he noticed that in addition to his regular commercial assignments, he was also receiving print enquiries. What he didn’t expect was that he could set up his store in less than half an hour, and since maintaining the store takes so little of his time, he can focus his efforts on making work.



The Squarespace print store belonging to Morgan Phillips


One of the many prints available at Phillips’s print store. This particular image can be purchased here. © Morgan Phillips

With print orders continuing to roll in, Phillips isn’t planning on slowing down. He has no problem adding items and and tracking orders, and Squarespace users have access to an efficient Stripe payment processor, which takes away much of the hassle most venders experience online.

Another benefit to having a store built right into your website, adds Kerksieck, is that he can track his metrics and learn key insight into his demographics, which helps him to understand what markets are most eager to buy his work. Within the first week of setting up the store, Kerksieck sold an astonishing 30 sets of presets. “It was pretty amazing and eye opening,” says the photographer of his choice to open an online store.

In a virtual world, art buyers are constantly looking for new ways to start or to add to their collections. Squarespace Commerce makes it easy for photographer to connect with wider audiences. “It is an honor that someone wants my work on their wall. I am so happy to provide a way for that to happen,” says Phillips.


The Squarespace print store belonging to Brittany Wright


One of the many prints available at Wright’s print store. This particular image can be purchased here. © Wright Kitchen

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