20 Inspiring Photos of Life ‘Off the Grid’

William Woodward

© William Woodward /

© Christopher Rubey, 2015 -

© Christopher Rubey /

For our newest group show, “Off The Grid,” we partnered with ImageBrief and put out a call for images that depict what living life “off the grid” means to photographers. The following collection, was curated by Chris Buda, Manager of Art Buying at BBDO and Isabelle Raphael, Head of Visual Content at ImageBrief and features 20 photos that encapsulate the ethos of the “off the grid” lifestyle. More images from the collection can be found on ImageBrief’s site.

Congratulations to the photographers featured here. Each will receive free Explorer Plus accounts from ImageBrief, which allow them to sell images in the ImageBrief Marketplace, get hired on assignment, and get contacted by ImageBrief’s network of thousands of buyers.

Didn’t make it in time to submit to Off The Grid? Don’t worry, ImageBrief has dozens of new briefs every day and it’s free to sign up and submit.

Jess Arnold

© Jess Arnold /

Prajit Ravindran

© Prajit Ravindran /

Justin Paget

© Justin Paget /

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© Ben Hood /

Berta Tilmantaite

© Berta Tilmantaite /

Dustin Penman

© Dustin Penman /

Gracie Ryan

© Gracie Ryan /

Greg Mionske

© Greg Mionske /

Jenna Genio

Jenna Genio /

Justin Paget 2

© Justin Paget /


© Kevin Faingnaert /

Jürn's House

© Kevin Faingnaert /

Rhombie Sandoval

© Rhombie Sandoval /

Ryan Struck

© Ryan Struck /

Ryan Walkerq

© Ryan Walkerq /

Sean Cook

© Sean Cook /

Thomas Wilson

© Thomas Wilson /

Sash Alexander

© Sash Alexander /

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