You might have the perfect camera, the perfect lens, and the perfect printer, but if you don’t have just the right computer monitor, you might

not be making work that lives up to your high standards and potential. Launching in December 2015, the Curved UltraWide Monitor 34UC87C by LG promises to help photographers take their businesses and artwork up a notch, setting professionals a step ahead of the competition in areas as diverse as photo editing, productivity, image quality, and social media outreach.

Not only is the 34UC87C curved to optimize your view, but with its extended screen ratio of 21:9 and astonishing 3440 x 1440 resolution, photographers can run editing programs like ADOBE Photoshop CC, AVID Protools, or ADOBE AfterEffect CC in full HD while opening and uploading their content to various media platforms without having to switch between channels. For the busy artist, this convenience could save hours of closing and opening publication channels (like Instagram and Photoshop).

Since the 34UC87C display covers over 99% of the sRGB color space, artists can tailor images to suit their aesthetic exactly. This means that unlike older monitors, the 34UC87C will show you exactly the color you’ll get when you print your image, without any distortion or blurring. If you want to transform your run-of-the-mill studio work into an immersive experience, using 34UC87Cs with the *Eyefinity setting can transform and enhance the way you view and hone your imagess.

If you’re still stuck using a dual monitor set, the 34UC87C is the perfect solution, offering you the best of both worlds by having a wide screen that thanks to its signature curve, has no blind spots whatsoever. Photographers often struggle to balance social media and business platforms with editing tools and works-in-progress, but the Curved UltraWide Monitor 34UC87C allows you to see everything at once, without any frustrating crowding. Photographers are known for keeping up with the very best technology on the market, and come December, we’re expecting to see a whole lot of LG 34UC87C monitors in studios worldwide.


You can now apply to compete as part of LG’s UltraWide Festival, a December event geared towards advancing the careers of emerging creatives and tech enthusiasts by offering three winners a $10,000 sponsorship to build the technical set-up of their dreams. The Dream Setup Competition is the ultimate contest for Youtubers, gamers, and vloggers hoping to take their channel all the way to the top. At the festival, the selected entrants will get the chance to work alongside Youtube’s leading voices in tech and gaming, including Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy, Linus Sebastian from LinusTechTips, and Jahova Witniss.

The UltraWide Festival will culminate in an unforgettable Finale Party in Vancouver, where the participating Youtube stars and the three competition winners will have the chance to mingle and network with fans. To apply, simply film or photograph your current setup and describe what it is you’d want to change and upgrade if money were no object. The deadline for submissions is September 25th. Apply here. Thirty finalists will be selected between September 21st and October 2nd, and winners will be chosen later in October.

LG is a Feature Shoot sponsor.