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As Manager of Art Buying at BBDO Atlanta, Chris Buda is challenged each day to produce and source images for the world’s leading companies, from Toys ‘R Us and AT&T to Exxon Mobile and Georgia-Pacific. BBDO has been at the forefront of the advertising industry for more than a century, and they’ve gotten to where they are by constantly evolving their ideas to suit the age and the marketplace. We chatted with Buda about why he chooses ImageBrief to find photographers and source images.

Buda understands exactly what brands need now, and with ImageBrief, he’s able to connect with photographers who either already have an image that suits those needs or are perfect for creating that image on commission. Buda and his colleagues at BBDO regularly post briefs in which they describe the exact kind of photo they’re hoping to use for a campaign; photographers will then apply with their images, and he will create a shortlist and award the job the the most suitable candidate. Sourcing images via brief is an efficient way for Buda to find everything from a shot with local appeal to photographers that he can then hire to collaborate on longer term projects. “We’ve engaged ImageBrief on one-off projects searching for a single very specialized image [and on] more all-encompassing and ongoing campaign needs.”

ImageBrief is particularly appealing to Buda because of its ability to give him “immediate access to a network of shooters” via an easy interface and navigable search options. Not only is the work on ImageBrief quickly accessed; it’s also first rate. “We have had good success getting to the caliber of photography needed for our projects and clients,” says Buda.

Buda has dubbed ImageBrief a “handy resource,” explaining that he’s hired photographers and bought several images through the platform. What’s more, he can actually upload an ideal reference image found anywhere on the web, and ImageBrief will pull up a collection of similar images from photographers using the platform’s advanced Reverse Image Search. At ImageBrief, not only are the images excellent, but the whole experience runs smoothly: “Customer service along the way is top notch,” says Buda.

When asked what kinds of images stand out in the commercial world, Buda says he’s “seeing a big push for images that feel natural, unforced or often ‘user generated,’” and often, ImageBrief is the place to find exactly that.

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