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For humans, a car ride is a means

to an end, a way of getting from Point A to Point B. For dogs, however, the trip itself is the destination, a curious adventure wherein wonder and intrigue linger at every turn. For our canine friends, whether they be wide-eyed goofballs or a bashful pups, each road brings with it a new set of smells to inhale, each pit stop a chance for some extra snuggles and wags. In the end, the best part of a dog’s journey isn’t the sights and sounds or even the ecstatic feeling of ears flopping in the wind, but the chance to be on board, to be included, and to serve as our furry co-pilots.

Our latest Offset group show brings together dogs of all shapes and sizes, embarking on expeditions large and small. These heartwarming photographs capture the beauty and joy of clamorous canines and pensive pooches, all vying for a spot in the front seat (and in our hearts). We all know never to leave a dog alone in a car, but that certainly doesn’t mean they can’t come along for the ride.


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