Infinity pool at the Amalfi coast, Italy © Chris Caldicott / Offset


Infinity pool at Grootberg Plateau, Namibia © Chris Schmid / Aurora Photos / Offset


Hotel infinity pool in Singapore © Peter Adams / Offset

Since its arrival at the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century, the infinity pool has become the ultimate symbol of opulence and luxury. Also known as a “disappearing edge” pool, the pool may be functional (for swimming) or entirely decorative. Infinity pools are constructed with one or more of its walls rise only to the level of the water and not above it, giving the optical illusion that its waters extend into the horizon ad infinatum. The visual trickery of such a pool relies on meticulous engineering, and for this reason, they are built only in grand hotels and resorts and the most extravagant of homes.

Because of their exorbitant price, infinity pools remain a design feature of which most of us can only dream, but since they are constructed only in the most scenic of locales, they are often photographed, affording us all vicarious delight of taking a dip. Only rare photographs can truly do justice to the enigmatical beauty of the infinity pool, but this group show of dazzling images by Offset artists does just that, with each image perfectly capturing the ingenious marriage of design, architecture, and landscape that makes for the world’s most irresistible pools.


Infinity pool and lagoon in Maldives © Robert Harding World Imagery / Offset


Infinity pool at Maui resort © Blake Burton / Aurora Photos / Offset


Infinity pool on Waikiki beach, Hawaii © Karen Lunney / Offset


Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia © Cavan Images / Offset


Infinity pool by the sea in Mykonos, Greece © Costas Picadas / Offset


Infinity pool at a beachside resort in Danang, Vietnam © Aaron Joel Santos / Offset


Cloud reflection in a pool in Sayulita, Mexico © Brian Hodges / Offset

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