Even as the rest of the world has moved onto Kindles and iPads, the photography industry will always value beautiful printed books. From iconic fine

art work to the family photo album, there’s something about the tactile connection with the image that makes photography all the more personal and distinct. With Montage by Mixbook, everyone from professional to amateur photographers can create customized photo books that merge the careful craftsmanship of the past with the ease, affordability, and efficiency of the future.

With thirteen elegant layout themes, Montage makes it easy to order and arrange your photographs based on date of creation and image quality. This means that instead of going through the hassle of filling each page, Montage will place like photos together. Your summer vacation photos will appear side-by-side, while your Christmas snapshots will appear separately and in one place. What’s more, if Montage detects a particular photo to be of special significance, it will assign it to a larger two page spread. Of course, each page is customizable, so you can always go in and edit and rearrange your photos to fit your vision. Montage support members are available to live chat should you have any questions in the process.

Once you’ve created your book, Montage guarantees delivery within four to five business days. The pages are printed on thick, durable paper that is appealing both to the eye and the touch, and bound in an eco-friendly Italian leather cover, which is supported by a soft layer of foam. Your book will be available in sizes of six inches, eight and a half inches, and twelve inches, each at a fixed price of $39, $59, and $119, respectively. You may include up to 180 photos and seventy pages at no extra cost. Whether you’re looking to create a new project or simply to immortalize a family moment, Montage has you covered.



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