Sandblasted in Rodanthe. I swear this wind almost took our faces off. © Libby March [@libbymarch] in Rodanthe, NC

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Insane, breathtaking, tear-worthy sunset © Megumi Shauna Arai [@oneflewup] in White Sands, NM


Unidentified wild beast © Megumi Shauna Arai [@oneflewup] in Canyonlands National Park


Blue vignette © Megumi Shauna Arai [@oneflewup]


Place of peace. © Sera Lindsey [@portablesera] in Black Rock Canyon


Step into yourself. © Sera Lindsey [@portablesera] in Los Angeles


My first road trip to the Canyonlands © Megumi Shauna Arai [@oneflewup]


As the sun crept closer to the horizon, I reached my favourite patch of woodland in Casa De Campo. This is the spot that will bind me to Madrid forever, where 8 months ago, with my heart in my mouth, I proposed to Francheska. We come back to this clearing every so often (she said yes btw, phew!) and I hope that we will return year after year. © Ben Roberts


© Megumi Shauna Arai [@oneflewup] in White Sands, NM


The National Library of Brazil ha a collection of 25,000 books. © Vitor Sá [@vitorsaphoto]

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