Manjari Sharma [@manjee] / December 22, 23, 24


Anastasia Bogomolova [@anabogomolova] / December 25, 26, 27

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, but if we

don’t get one here in New York, we’ll settle for a joyous holiday spent with our latest lineup of Guest Instagrammers around the world. This time, we’ll begin with Manjari Sharma, who will be traveling to New England for some good old family time, before jetting off to Chelyabinsk, Russia with Anastasia Bogomolova. Next, we’ll stop over in Los Angeles with Cassandra Giraldo and return home to Brooklyn with Nathaniel Young before concluding with Megumi Shauna Arai, who will be taking us on a road trip from New Mexico to Seattle.

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Cassandra Giraldo [@cassandragiraldo] / December 28, 29, 30


Nathaniel Young [@nathanielyoung] December 31, January 1, 2


Megumi Shauna Arai [@oneflewup] / January 3, 4, 5