SothThe sketchbook of Alec Soth

Vanden-Driessche The sketchbook of Thomas Vanden-Driessche

The mechanical nature of photography often results in the perception that photographers are “button-pushers;” that

they have a keen eye and sense of timing, but the artistry stops there. Photographers’ Sketchbooks, a new book by Stephen McLaren and Bryan Formhals, provides a behind-the-scenes look into the idea conception and thought process of forty-nine photographers from around the globe.

This book is comprised of over 500 illustrated pages featuring the tangible objects that help these photographers realize their visions. From the traditional Polaroid, to the more common iPhone test shots, the book showcases more than just on-site documentation. In addition to the visuals, each chapter begins with text about and from the photographer represented. Mechanics aside, Photographers’ Sketchbooks shows the diverse range of visual material photographers keep on hand to observe, record, and inspire. Found photos, collages of various imagery, contact sheets, and diaries all funnel into some stage of the creative process from concept to execution, presentation, and editing. Many of the series shown are works in progress, a fitting theme for book on process.

YamamotoThe sketchbook of Daisuke Yamamoto

Sassen The Sketchbook of Viviane Sassen

Robin Cracknell The sketchbook of Robin Cracknell

Palu The sketchbook of Louie Palu

MacLean The sketchbook of John MacLean

Mollica The sketchbook of Mimi Mollica

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