© Peter Adams / Offset


© Peter Adams / Offset

When aerial landscape photographer Peter Adams first visited Namibia, he had no plans to shoot the Swakopmund saltworks, but after flying overhead on route to the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the brightly colored sea water stuck in his mind. The very next day, he went up in the air with the express purpose of capturing the saltworks.

Adams is drawn to strong graphic elements in nature, documenting everything from the tulip fields of Holland to Australia’s great barrier reef. The Swakopmund Saltworks are composed of several shallow pans designed to harvest salt; after the salt water flows in, it evaporates over a period of a year or so, leaving the crystals ripe for the taking.

In addition to providing jobs, the saltworks are home to an astonishing variety of birds, ranging from pelicans to bright pink flamingos. From above, Adams creates vivid and abstract visions of this flourishing scene, where mankind and the wildlife kingdom come together in mutual celebration of the landscape.


© Peter Adams / Offset


© Peter Adams / Offset


© Peter Adams / Offset


© Peter Adams / Offset


© Peter Adams / Offset

All photos featured in this post can be found on Offset, a new curated collection of high-end commercial and editorial photography and illustration from award-winning artists around the world. Offset is an exclusive category channel partner on Feature Shoot.

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