© Marianna Jamadi / Offset

Against the black night, Los Angeles-based photographer Marianna Jamadi captures a fire show performer caught in a vortex of fire. This is Koh Phi Phi, a group of small islands in Southern Thailand. The islands are known for their fire shows, performed every night by talented artists along the shores of the beach. Bars line the tropical waterfront, providing front row seats to the night’s entertainment. Performers swirl fiery batons, plummet through burning hoops, and juggle with balls of fire.

Against the steady beat of high-volume music, audience members are sometimes invited to participate. Leading up to around midnight, the shows become increasingly intense and spellbinding, with fire occasionally grazing the flesh of unconcerned performers. At the apex of the night’s festivities, a jumprope is set ablaze, and young men jump at increasing speeds, offering free drinks to adventurous audience members who do the same.

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