Mara and Jessica in the director’s office, Summer 2013

We are all the hero of our own lives, a silent protagonist whose hopes and dreams the world secretly revolves around. Photographer Rachele Maistrello encourages people to play out their desires and aspirations right where they stand in A Hero’s Life. She chose to approach office and factory workers in San Gaetano, a tiny township in northern Italy made up of a parish, senior center, argricultural institution, two bars and two factories. According to Maistrello, “it has no noteworthy historical, artistic or territorial features” and is about as common as they come. However when asked to present their talents and longings, the people of San Gaetano reveal themselves to be colorful characters, bursting forth from the mundane and the ordinary. The office everyman becomes a fortune teller, animal breeder, pop star and more.

For this image, workmates Mara and Jessica show off their skills as gymnasts in their director’s office. The banal interiors are in sharp contrast to the spirit of the individuals housed there. Though some may feel opportunity has passed them by and others still long for their day to come, A Hero’s Life beautifully illustrates that regardless of how seemingly common an individual, there is always more beneath the surface.

See the video trailer for A Hero’s Life here.

Image © Rachele Maistrello