© Randy Harris / Offset

As a newcomer to the White Lake, New York area in 2006, photographer Randy Harris made a point of exploring

some of the region’s idiosyncrasies, and he ventured onto the location of his first ever demolition derby, where he immediately jumped into the fray.

Like the one pictured here, most demolition derbies take place in open fields at county fairs, where automobiles can ram into one another until only one vehicle is left standing. Outside of the center of the action, sometimes referred to as the “mosh pit,” drivers can relax and regroup between moments of extreme sport. Harris came across this man as he attempted to smooth a severe crater caused by a collision to his car hoof, fan, and radiator. As he gazes fixedly at the damaged vehicle, his girlfriend, who was at the time selling raffle tickets, is visible through the open drivers’s seat window.

Harris is particularly drawn to the notion of subcultures, painting a vibrant and distinctive portrait of his newly appointed hometown. He explains that he was able to wander through the premises relatively unnoticed and unbothered, playfully remarking, “It pays to be very low brow; no one pays attention to you.”

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