Haunted Houses and Spooky Landscapes by Ysbrand Cosijn


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset

Netherlands-based photographer Ysbrand Cosijn uses computer-generated imagery to create spine-chilling landscape photographs that harken back to his passion for eerie cinema and the great outdoors.

Drawing inspiration from film stills found online, Cosijn imbues his images with a sense of suspense and anticipation. Despite the fantastical aspects of his work, he strives to create landscapes that are believable and grounded in reality. He is influenced by existing nature photography and often, he pulls aerial imagery from his memories of world travel.

Autumn and halloween motifs appear frequently in his work, he explains, because of the mystery, playfulness, and anxiety that characterizes this time of year. He is captivated scenes that are foggy, enigmatic, and brushed with tones of red, orange, and yellow.


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset

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