© Peter Baker / fStop / Offset

Most images of California’s Chandelier Tree are tourist snapshots featuring family vehicles proudly rolling through the six foot

square opening carved in its base. In his idyllic portrait of the famous drive-thru tree, however, photographer Peter Baker allows the majestic redwood to stand alone, capturing a moment of silence and emptiness within the natural landmark.

The Chandelier Tree is located in Leggett, California, an approximate 180 miles from San Francisco. At an estimated 2,000 years old, the tree was carved in 1937 and has since been the main attraction of the Drive-Thru Tree Park, an historic park run by the Underwood family since the 1920s. The scenic park offers a souvenir gift shop and picnic area, where visitors can enjoy an escape from city life. Through Baker’s lens, the monolithic tree towers far above the frame, containing within its vast trunk a small window into the verdant park.

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