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With a passion for all things surf, New Jersey-based photographer Ryan Struck strives to find beauty in a single instant of sport, from the tumbling of a wave to a splashing dive beneath the surface. Traveling the beaches of New Jersey to the base of the towering waves of Teahupo’o, Tahiti, Struck captures one-of-a-kind breaking waves bathed in natural sunlight.

For Struck, the best shooting times are in the morning and evening, when the natural light brings out the mesmerizing blues and purples of the ocean. Under Struck’s gaze, the curve of the Teahupo’o waves appear as if sculpted from glass, aglow with the yellow sheen of the setting sun. The Tahitian waves derive their compelling shape from a coral reef formed just below the surface. The structure of the reef causes the waves almost to turn in on themselves, inviting only the most experienced athletes to brave their surf. For the bigger waves, Struck must split his focus between paddling and capturing the perfect shot. Here, each wave stands out from the last, frozen in the exact instant of breaking, evoking a palpable sense of suspense and anticipation.

Struck’s exciting images can be found in Eastern Surf Magazine, where he is a Senior Photographer, and in Surfing Magazine, where he is a Contributing Photographer. Says Struck, “When I’m in the water nothing else matters. My mind is clear.”

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