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Traveling from the heights of Pulpit Rock to the charming wooden house fronts of Gamle

Stavanger, New York City-based photographer Mark Weinberg captures the enchanting sites of Norway. Over the course of a three week visit with family, he explored everything from spellbinding fjords to delightful rows of dock houses along the countryside.

Weinberg’s captivating body of work pairs the local Scandinavian architecture with sublime landscapes blanketed in fog, imbuing each image with a potent sense of romance and mystery. Nestled along the shores of the Lofoten Islands, we find colorful cabins that once housed cod fishermen in winter and were converted to bed-and-breakfasts some fifty years ago. Over the same islands, the Aurora Borealis paints the night sky a vivid green. Almost entirely devoid of people on these hazy autumn days, the bucolic areas emerge as if from some long ago era, steeped in a rich cultural and environmental history.

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