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In the mountainous northern fells of Cumbria, an idyllic spot in the North-West of England, photographer Mark Wickens captures majestic animals as they roam the verdant rolling hills. Home to the country’s highest peaks, the county’s astonishing beauty has captivated artists for generations. Rich with abundant farmland and open meadows, Cumbria nurtures a diverse population of horses, sheep, cows, and wildlife.

Composed of rural farming communities, Cumbria boasts the county’s largest national park. The Lake District National Park is known in part for its thriving populations of Herdwick sheep, who are treasured for their unique coats and impressive heartiness. Because of their territorial instincts, the Lake District sheep tend to stay close to the lowland meadows and will not wander off into the higher peaks. At different times in the season, sheep are stained with a color for easy identification.

Through Wickens’s lens, the Cumbria peaks and fells emerge as if from a landscape painting by William James Blacklock, evoking the timeless romanticism of the wet and abundant terrain that surrounds the Bassenthwaite Lake. Though overcast, light seems to drift into the grassy fells, illuminating the snow white fur of curious grazing animals.

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