© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset


© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset

With a vibrant pop art aesthetic, Italian photographer Maurizio Di Iorio imbues everyday objects with a sense of whimsy and surprise. Profoundly influenced by the legendary William Eggleston, the artist saturates his carefully constructed studio compositions with rich yellows, blues, and reds. His sharp eye for detail allows him to maintain a truly democratic gaze; regardless of his subject matter, he creates an engaging visual narrative.

Here, ordinary gardening tools and cut flowers become the notes in a sweet symphony of color and the items we consume daily take on new meanings, eliciting a visceral and primal response. In this electric floral scene, simple domestic moments become modern as we are seduced by an array of unexpected texture and tone.

Maurizio_Iorio_108179© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset

Maurizio_Iorio_108184© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset

Maurizio_Iorio_108194© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset

Maurizio_Iorio108181© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset

Maurizio_Iorio_109472© Maurizio Di Iorio / Offset

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