© Bruce Peterson / Offset

Shot here in stunning detail by photographer Bruce Peterson, these succulent microgreens look tiny and delicate. Arranged in neat, obsessive rows against a black backdrop, each budding flower and minuscule vegetable boasts vital, eye-catching hues and tenderly curved roots and stems. The microgreen is a baby vegetable less that 14 days old, a cute and infantile version of a spinach or a squash. Microgreens come in 25 varieties and contain as many as six times the amount of vitamins found in more mature flowers.

Often used as embellishment for the plate in trendy, cutting-edge restaurant creations, the little plants explode with flavor when eaten. Peterson’s image captures the decadence of the expensive food products; they playfully wriggle and turn, are bathed in light as if just barely plucked from the earth. Seemingly incapable of fading or rotting, these precious little plant creatures seem to exist solely for our taste and pleasure.

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