© Michael Kenna, Lake Bridge, Hongcun, Anhui, China, 2008

Explore China and beyond in an extraordinary vision awash with muted tones and deep serenity. Michael Kenna‘s image of a bridge is just one of the many photos soon to be shown in CHINA, his very first solo exhibition. Shooting for 8 years, Kenna’s collection of landmarks include Huangshan and Lijang mountain ranges as well as soft tableaus of Beijing and Shanghai. Inspired by the tranquility of the Asian landscape, the work is evocative of Chinese ink paintings and half finished haikus. Working methodically, Kenna is dedicated to long exposures and analogue photography, sometimes spending hours or even days at locations that enchant him.

CHINA will open on June 20th, 2014 at the AO Vertical Space Gallery in Hong Kong. Kenna has also released a photo book of the same name through Posts and Telecom Press.