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Los Angeles-based photography team Rickett & Sones, composed of husband and wife Ryan and Sonia Rickett, capture ethereal dreamscapes spanning the deserts, mountains, and seashores of California. Using long exposure times, they track the movements of stars across the night sky, enveloping the entire frame in a whirlwind of colored light. On their many road trips, they have ventured out to the tips of rocks overlooking wild turquoise coastlines, their photographs beautifully textured by a mist of rising sea smoke.

Much of Rickett & Sones’ body of work resembles the romantic pictorial landscapes of Edward Steichen or Alfred Stieglitz; trees, silhouetted against the night sky and lit only by a slivered crescent moon, adopt a painterly glow. Removed from fast-paced urban life, the couple find moments of stillness in the vastness of nature. Leaping from the bleary light of dusk over water to the razor-sharp cracks of desert terrain, they present a world that is both corporeal and intangible, material and sublime.


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