Black leopard © Sue Demetriou / Offset


Pallas’s cat © Sue Demetriou / Offset

Photographer Sue Demetriou suspends lasting encounters between man and animal, even

if in reality they were only for a brief second. With a fierce gaze, these stunning creatures have an intensity about them equal to their poise and grace—their eyes steady and strong as if they are looking right through us. Traveling the UK and shooting in various wildlife parks, wetlands, and zoos, Demetriou captures the wonders of the wild in what feel like soul-baring portraits, an intimate moment shared “that portrays them as unique individuals and reveals their aesthetic magic,” she says.


Lion-tailed macaque and baby © Sue Demetriou / Offset


Roul roul bird © Sue Demetriou / Offset


Wolf © Sue Demetriou / Offset


Gelada baboon © Sue Demetriou / Offset


Red fox © Sue Demetriou / Offset

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