Saana market in Yemen © John Lund / Blend / Offset


Fruit and vegetable market in The Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam © Joel Collins / Offset

Prepare yourself for breathtaking sites, delicious smells, and a good bartering session or two. Our latest Offset Group Show wanders down the cramped avenues and bustling alleyways of some the world’s most intriguing exotic markets. A less-frequent event in the United States, vendors have gathered for centuries in places like India, Egypt and Europe to sell their eclectic treasures.

All manner of delights both local and foreign can be found in these streets in an experience truly unlike any other.

Southeast Asia is famous for its floating markets, drawing locals from all around to sell various goods from their long, narrow boats. The Damnoen Saduak market is just 100 kilometers from Bangkok, Thailand and has been carrying on for over a century. The canals are teeming with people, venders sell everything from rose apples, dragon fruits, and rambutans to entire meals such as mango sticky rice and “boat noodles” renowned for its delicious Thai flavors. Though floating markets have dwindled and are often overrun with tourists, it is still possible for the very early riser to beat the crowds for a more quiet excursion. In the city of Saana, Yemen there are 10 different markets, each specializing in certain crafts or merchandise. Known as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, a walk down these streets feels like stepping into a bygone age. The markets are a significant component of arabic culture and one can find bread, spices, raisins, cotton, copper, pottery, silverware and antiques.

Whether you consider yourself a world traveler or a starry-eyed dreamer, we hope this group shows gives you a peek into some foreign wonders. All of these images and many more incredible photos from around the globe can be found royalty-free through Offset’s curated collection of professional photography.


Flower market, Kolkata, India © Peter Adams / Offset


Floating boat market in Thailand © Kristin Gladney / Offset


Bazaar Spice Shop in Damascus, Syria © Gentl and Hyers / Offset


Central fish market in Bergen Norway © Keenpress / National Geographic / Offset


Fruit market street seller, downtown Yangon, Myanmar © Aaron Joel Santos / Offset


Birquash Camel Market in Cairo, Egypt © Peter Adams / Offset


Souk market in Marrakech, Morocco © Robert Harding World Imagery / Offset


Fishmonger at The Catania Fish Market in Sicily, Italy © Alessandro Rocchi / Offset

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