David J. NightingaleDavid J. Nightingale / The Art of Black & White Photography

Still haven’t taken that DSLR out of the box? Need to learn the basics

or just brush up on your old skills? There’s no time like the present. Fotoclasses is a new online digital photography school offering courses designed to help anyone become a better photographer by connecting students with passionate, world-class professional photographers who provide personalized guidance, support and feedback along the way. The courses are 100% web-based and self-paced, so students can complete courses on their watch—anytime and anywhere around the globe.

Neil CreekNeil Creek / Night Photography Unlocked

What makes a good course? Good content. Fotoclasses incorporates a mix of ways to learn with high-quality course material ranging from practical exercises and fun projects to video lectures and written presentations. What makes an even better course? Good teachers. With a strong focus on interaction with a professional, each student has their own dedicated teacher throughout the course.

Fotoclasses provides a number of teachers to choose from—all of whom are out there shooting and producing high quality work as we speak—among them are teachers like David J. Nightingale, an educator of over 20 years and an award-winning photographer whose photoblog, chromasia, is currently ranked as the 16th most influential UK blog. There is also Don Giannatti, a commercial photographer with more than four decades of experience and a passion for lighting; and Charlie Borland, who has been shooting for 30 years and well-versed in lifestyle, nature, and adventure photography.

With a 7-day, 100% money back guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose. It’s time to start shooting. Feature Shoot readers can save 15% (until December 2, 2013) with code FEATURE15.

Kenneth SchultzKenneth Schultz / Beginners Guide To DSLR Photography

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