Photographers, if you’re looking to improve your online presence with a uniquely designed portfolio, Squarespace is a simple and creative platform to do so. The templates are 100% customizable and now allow you to manage and sell products online with their recently released feature, Squarespace Commerce.

Squarespace Commerce works with all template designs and makes it easy to market your recent photography endeavors, whether it be creating an online print shop or selling digital goods.

The style of product presentation is customizable and items can be sorted across the entire store by stock level, price, or title. Payments are accepted via Stripe, which is securely integrated with Squarespace, and to help build a loyal customer base, MailChimp integration allows customers to sign up for email communications from the store at checkout.

If you’re looking for more ways to grow your business, Squarespace Commerce is a helpful tool. Artist and entrepreneur Justin Gignac shows us how he put together a unique online store to sell his art.

*Squarespace is a Feature Shoot sponsor.