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Surprisingly Sweet Portraits of People with Their Pet Skunks

photograph by  Vincent J Musi ©

photograph by  Vincent J Musi ©

When you think of skunks, the first word that pops into your head might not be “cuddly,” but to a thriving community of skunk enthusiasts, the furry critters the perfect addition to the family. National Geographic photographer Vincent J. Musi has seen his fair share of exotic and wild animals, but nothing could have prepared him for Skunk Fest, an annual September event in Ohio that unites fellow skunk lovers and their animals. Setting up a makeshift studio, Musi captured attendants of all ages with their unusual companions.

The Piercing Stares of Holy Men in Pushkar, India


© Brian Hodges / Offset

Brian_Hodges_34074© Brian Hodges / Offset

Having journeyed everywhere from Mongolia to Italy, travel and portrait photographer Brian Hodges seeks a genuine connection with each of his subjects, no matter how different they might be from one another. By framing those from diverse communities against a blank backdrop, he removes them from their cultural surroundings in hopes of highlighting the shared humanity that extends beyond geographical and social barriers. Here, he explores Pushkar, India, a Hindu pilgrimage site, through a group of sadhus, or holy men.

Photo du Jour: Handstand in Lake Michigan

When New York City-based photographer Daniel Seung Lee visited Chicago in 2011, he was struck by the depthless tides of Lake Michigan. The sandy floor seemed to hover just below the surface of the water, allowing bathers to effortlessly wander far from the shore without a need to swim. During one balmy summer dip, Lee photographed his friend performing a handstand amidst the quiet, rippling water.

Quirky Photos Capture China’s Bizarre ‘Facekini’ Trend



Photographer Peng Yangjun’s photographs of beach goers visiting the seaside of Qingdao, China appear like any other family snapshot of a cheerful retiree posing beside the placid water, with one obvious anomaly: all the women sport colorful ski masks.

Photographer Confronts the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness by Capturing Her Girlfriend, Who Lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder (NSFW)



In My Girls, photographer Laurence Philomène tenderly documents intimate moments with her girlfriend Luna e Los Santos, who lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a controversial and widely misunderstood mental illness resulting from a history of trauma or abuse. As a means of coping with intrusive memories, a person with DID might develop two or more distinct personalities with differing autobiographical narratives. For this courageous collaboration with Luna, Philomène disrupts the stigma and shame surrounding DID by approaching Luna’s experience through a loving and sensitive lens. Says the 21-year-old artist, “Every day is different, and for me it’s about always acknowledging whichever alter is out, treating them with love [and] respect and growing together.”

Rachel Hulin’s Wistful Photographs of Motherhood



For Thirty-Five and One: The Short Days and the Long, photographer and photo editor Rachel Hulin joins her daughter Rose in moments of repose and discovery. As the infant navigates the homes of both the photographer and the two grandmothers, she explores the mother herself, climbing atop her nude body and reaching out for her touch. For the child, each instant is aglow with revelation and novelty, yet for Hulin, each interaction is piercingly precious. Rose’s days are long and sprawling, her mother’s brief and fleeting.

French Bulldog Waiting


© Mark Wickens / Offset

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Idyllic Photos of Summertime


Rio © Micheal McLaughlin. Courtesy Robin Rice Gallery 


Max’s Balloons, Santa Monica, CA © 2013 Joanne Dugan

In celebration of the joys of summer comes Summertime, a book published by Chronicle Books and edited by photographer Joanne Dugan.

As it should be, it’s chock full of idyllic, witty, and wistful images of summer, and is justifiably dominated by water-centric images that result in a strong yearning to be relaxing poolside or on some remote beach, enjoying an unplugged vacation. One can dream…

Captivating Photographs of Trauma Survivors Reenacting Scenes from a Missoni Catalogue



For her photography and video project Tractatus 7, photographer Denise Prince reveals what is normally hidden and repressed within the human mind. In replicating a catalogue by high-end fashion house Missoni, she replaces heavily retouched models with individuals who have undergone severe physical trauma. Asking us to confront painful experiences that escape comprehension, she breaks through the allure of fantasy and invites us to peer beneath the glamour of fashion and into a reality we rarely allow ourselves to enter. Here, the idyllic beachside of the catalog is revealed to be a mere studio set, and Prince’s subjects are left speechless, forced to reconcile who they believed they were with a newly-emerging self. We spoke to Prince about the project.

Humorous Self-Portraits Defy the 10 Commandments

Anna_Friemoth_03You Shall Not Take The Lord’s Name In Vain

Anna_Friemoth_06You Shall Not Kill

For 10 Commandments, New York City-based photographer Anna Friemoth transforms herself into a well-rounded sinner, violating one biblical decree for each meticulously constructed frame. Placing the ancient subject within a modern context, Friemoth continues in the vein of great female self-portraitists like Cindy Sherman while maintaining her own distinctive aesthetic. Throughout the work, she is at once the same person and ten individual persons, each with her own mischievous desires.