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Male Photographer Plays the Part of Famous Female Nudes from Art History (NSFW)


© Chuck Samuels, “After ManRay,” 1990, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City


© Chuck Samuels, “After Outerbridge,” 1990, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City

For Before the Camera, Montréal-based photographer Chuck Samuels confronts the objectification of the female body by casting himself as the heroine of history’s most recognizable nude portraits. For each, he surrendered himself entirely to the gaze of others—much like the original nudes would have— handing off the responsibility of directing and snapping the photos to various friends, most of whom were women.

Moving Portraits of Young Girls in Bangladesh Learning How to Surf

Rifa and Sumi

Rifa and Sumi



Along the sandy shores of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, a group of eight young women aged ten to thirteen work from from early morning until late night selling jewelry, water, and snacks to beach-goers. Having left school to support their families, Johanara, Aisha, Shumi, Suma, Rifa, Mayasha, Nargis, and Shobe Majaraz have been plunged into a treacherous adult world, wherein food is never certain and the threat of child marriage or unsafe domestic employment looms close at hand.

Playful Images Celebrate Crazy Cat Lovers



Cats were the most revered and important species in Ancient Egypt. They were the favored pets during the Chinese Song Dynasty. In traditional Japanese culture, cats were associated with good luck and good fortune. Thanks to the phenomenon of viral videos and internet memes, cats have yet again bolstered their rankings in modern culture. There’s no doubt cats are having a moment. Montreal photographer Andréanne Lupien noticed this trend and set out to create her series Crazy Cat Lovers.

Delightful Photos of 1940s Celebrities Walking Their Dogs in NYC


Actress Joan Roberts at Intermission from “Oklahoma” with Her English Bulldog “Goggles”, NYC, 1944


Metropolitan Opera’s Heldentenor Lauritz Melchoir and Wife with His Great Dane, NYC, 1944


Actress Joan Caulfield lifting West Highland terrier Witty, out from behind a hedge, while trying to take him for a walk on the street, NYC, 1944 New Yorkers have always loved their dogs, and the 1940s was no exception. No matter how heavily scheduled a day might be, the city’s Broadway and film starlets, opera singers, and novelists paused to take time for their four-legged friends. For City Dogs, LIFE magazine contract photographer Nina Leen created a series of portraits of illustrious Manhattanite artists gallivanting throughout their city with their canine companions, capturing the ineffable ways in which dogs both large and small brighten even the most vital of neighborhoods. City Dogs will be on view at Daniel Cooney Fine Art beginning March 26, 2015.

Photographer Gregory Heisler on the Importance of “Shooting What You Can’t Help But Shoot”

In a field that’s evolving as rapidly as photography, it can be easy to lose sight of what makes your voice and your vision enduring and significant. The best photographers, like portrait master Gregory Heisler, are able to adapt while remaining steadfast and true to their authentic style. Heisler’s prolific career has seen his portraits on the covers and pages of TIME, LIFE, The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN. Whether he’s shooting inside the White House or out on the sports field, he continues to propel his craft into new and innovative directions.

Astonishing Photos of Millions Flocking to Bishwa Ijtema, a Muslim Congregation in Bangladesh




Amidst the crowds of millions of devotees, Dhaka-based photographer Mahmudul Ahsan captures fleeting moments within the whirling rush of Bishwa Ijtema, a yearly Muslim congregation that unfolds along the The Turag River in Tongi, Bangladesh.

Mother and Daughter Collaborate on Painterly Photographs that Capture the Beauty of Childhood


© Caroline Jensen / Offset


© Caroline Jensen / Offset

Minnesota-based photographer Caroline Jensen lives across two hundred acres of wide-open prairie on which she and her family roam freely amidst the wild flowers and thickets of verdant grass. She and her daughter, now ten, have been collaborating since the child was four years old, building together an evolving diary of childhood play and discovery.

‘Artsy Nudes': Photography Students Recreate Famous Nudes from Art History (NSFW)


After Henri Matisse © Noah Boskey, Erin Carr, Emma Castelbolognesi, Crystelle Colucci, Alberto Inamagua, and Allison Schaller


After Mert and Marcus © Anthony Costa, Jessica Frankl, Mikaela Keen Lumongsod, Frankie Mule, Gabrielia Priyma, Balazs Sebok, and Valeriya Vaynerman

For photographer, VICE Photo Editor, and educator Matthew Leifheit, borrowing, duplicating, and reinterpreting the work of artists who came before is an integral element of photography. For this reason, he recently asked his students at New York City’s School of Visual Arts to reproduce in photographs the some of their favorite artworks centered around the nude human form, a figure that has been nearly ubiquitous throughout the last few millennia of art history.

Sobering Portraits Look at the Residents of São Paulo’s ‘Crackland’



Crack addition has reached epidemic levels in Brazil. It’s a topic that’s not getting addressed but instead getting swept under the rug — or rather, into a small infected enclave of São Paulo, appropriately named Cracolândia, or Crackland. It’s a place where crack addicts don’t go to die or rehabilitate, instead they go to live in a state of drug-fuelled chaos intertwined with inertia – a kind of frenetic energy trapped inside a cage. As you can imagine, Cracolândia is rife with drugs, poverty, disease, and mental illness.

Moments of Detachment and Solitude Captured by Street Photographer Caspar Claasen



For the last few years, Amsterdam-based street photographer Caspar Claasen has been documenting the different sides of solitude, exploring the camera’s ability to isolate and express private moments of detachment experienced by subjects both young and old, human and nonhuman.