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Photos of Wayward Farmers Reinterpret the Mythos of the American West


Dean, 2013


Drew Emerging, 2014

For Manifest, photographer Kristine Potter reinterprets quintessential visions of the American West, reframing the Colorado Western Slope and its remote inhabitants in such a way that distorts and obscures traditional legends of the past. Here, the emblematic cowboy and his mountains are abandoned for lonesome farmers and forgotten wildness, lost souls and phantasms.

Heartbreaking Photos Capture Shelter Dogs in the Minutes Preceding Euthanasia


2011/06/13 11:44 a.m. Taiwanese Public Animal Shelter Time until Euthanized: 40 Minutes


2011/10/24 12:09 p.m. Taiwanese Public Animal Shelter Time until Euthanized: 1.9 Hours

For Memento Mori, Taiwanese photographer Yun-Fei Tou captures the final minutes in the lives of hundreds of shelter dogs awaiting euthanasia. For each, he visits on the day of their predetermined deaths. In the last instants of their existence, he often plays with them, feeds them, and gives them a voice that has eluded them for much of their troubled lives.

Poignant Photos of Nuns Who Live in Complete Silence



Sisters of Sclerder is photographer Ibolya Feher‘s documentation of the simple life of The Carmelite order in the south west of Cornwall, England, one of the oldest and strictest orders of Nuns in the Catholic faith. They go about their day in absolute silence save for prayer and two brief recreational periods, talking only when necessary. The Sisters take vows of obedience, poverty and chastity, dedicating their lives to communing with God and praying for the outside world. Residing in the 200-year-old Sclerder Abbey, the women and the monastery are rarely open to outsiders.

‘Cholafied’ Turns Celebrities into Mexican Gang Divas


Angelina Jolie – The Billy Bob Years


Chola Mark Zuckerberg aka Daddy Nobucks


Jay Z aka Chola HOVA – Kim K Sit Yo @ss Down

For Cholafied, Los Angeles-based artist and advertising student Michael Jason Enriquez transforms celebrities into 1990s street gang divas.

Photo du Jour: Dandelion Seeds

Déjame volar II, 03. David Catá-2

For Let Me Fly, Berlin-based photographer David Catá shrouds his model in a veil of dandelion seeds, allowing the remnants of the expired flower to cradle her face like delicate, ghostly hands. Here, the fluffy seed becomes a physical manifestation of abstracted memories, recalling someone or something lost and irretrievable. However, memories, like the discarded germ of a dandelion, can also foster new life, borne from the remains of something long vanished.

Image © David Catá

Fashion-Forward Photos of Women in Nature by Tracy Morford


© Tracy Morford / Offset


© Tracy Morford / Offset

For Austin-based photographer Tracy Morford, fashion is a means of exploring personal themes as well as telling universal stories. Since growing up in the wooded landscape of Central New York, the artist has felt a profound connection with nature, one which she returns to by capturing solitary women as they gallop through verdant pastures or dip their toes in passing streams.

Thought-Provoking Photos of Peruvian Immigrants with their New ‘Families’ and Holding Photos of Relatives They Left Behind





For Frontiers, Chile-based photographer Raul Charlin documents some of the many Peruvian women who have emigrated to Chile to work as caregivers and domestic workers. He constructs two portraits of each woman; the first positions her in relation to her employer’s family, while the second finds her alone, accompanied by a snapshot of the relatives she has left in Peru. For these women, Charlin explains, caring for the children and elderly members from their employers’ families is a means of providing for their own.

Strange and Sexy Vintage Photos of Nude Women Sitting on Things (NSFW)



For Sitting, renowned fetish photographer Eric Kroll amassed a large collection of vintage snapshots by the obscure John K., an artist about whom little is known, save for the fact that over the course of an estimated forty years between the 1950s and the 1990s, he created hundreds of images of nude women sitting on various startling objects.

‘Shoppers’ Captures the Diverse Characters Found in a Bristol Mall


“I’m shopping with my boyfriend. We’ve just finished work at a call centre.”


“I look like a bag lady… I am a bag lady!”


“We are on a day out shopping and taking our niece out in her wheelchair for the first time”

For Shoppers, London-based photographer Matthew Murray constructed a temporary studio within Bristol’s Galleries Shopping Mall, inviting its most intriguing characters to sit for brief portrait sessions. Murray is drawn to the nuances of consumerism, and for each of his subjects, he requested a brief explanation for their trip to the mall, uncovering moments of unexpected variety within a setting of the everyday.

‘Brotherhood of Bears’ Portraits Tenderly Capture A Subset of the Gay Male Community (NSFW)


Art and Tony – Cuddling on Air Mattress (Mystic, CT)


Tom’s Back (Dallas, TX)


Pride Flags – Hillside Campgrounds (Gibson, PA)

For Brotherhood of Bears, New York-based photographer Alan Charlesworth offers an intimate glimpse into the world of Bears, a subculture within the LGBT community composed of gay men who pride themselves on their robust stature and brawny masculinity.