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Photo du Jour: The Passion of Christ


Amongst the procession of hundreds of young men, photographer Juan Carlos Lelo De Larrea captures the spellbound face of a single Nazarene participating in the Passion of Christ performance in Iztapalapa, Mexico City. As part of a nearly two centuries’ old tradition, the event takes place on Good Friday, drawing millions of visitors each year.

‘The Baby Blues': A Mother and Daughter Explore the Complexities of Birth


The Baby Blues


Femme Foetale

For The Baby Blues, photography duo Memymom, composed of mother Marilène Coolens and daughter Lisa De Boeck, explore the mourning process that sometimes follows a difficult birth. Here, literal postnatal depression becomes an allegory for the more elusive pangs of sorrow that overcame them after the exhibiting their project The Umbilical Vein, a series of analog snapshots of the child De Boeck acting out various roles in costume. The process of revealing the intimate images publicly was, for them, like a painful and frenzied delivery, leaving them exhausted and hollowed.

‘I Am Sophie Green': Photographer Explores Identity with Portraits of Women Who Share Her Name

01_ Sophie Green, 20, Fareham, Student Teacher

Sophie Green, 20, Fareham, Student Teacher

11_Sophie Green, 20, Norfolk, Student

Sophie Green, 20, Norfolk, Student

For her ongoing project, I Am Sophie Green, London-based photographer Sophie Green creates an archive of individuals who go by the same name. Beginning in late 2011, the project has lead her to various areas in England in search of a broader understanding of the self as reflected in this arbitrary network of people born with her first and last name.



© Caroline de Vries / fStop / Offset

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Photo du Jour: Bless Your Heart


For Bless Your Heart, New York City-based photographer Grant Ellis returns to his hometown of Cleveland, Mississippi, capturing the small, magical moments he remembers from childhood. The project began unofficially when Ellis turned 16, got his driver’s license, and took to the open road with his camera. Through Ellis’s wistful lens, the Mississipi Delta emerges as a misty landscape aglow with youthful energy and a rich cultural heritage.

Portraits Capture Civil War Re-Enactors Feigning Death


Matthew Grason, 7th South Carolina. Died 256 Times.


John Wingo, 88th New York. Died 23 Times.

Last year marked the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg, a notable and significant battle in the American Civil War. Some 10,000 individuals participated in the official Gettysburg Battle Re-enactment, the annual event where men and women dress up as opposing sides to recreate the fateful day. Re-enactment is a strangely prolific hobby, the many participants taking their role quite seriously as they pretend to be soldiers in horrific battles from long ago. Photographer Eliot Dudik captures these volunteer actors as they lie sprawled out upon the battlefield, feigning death to honor the dead in Still Lives.

Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Blondie, the Ramones: Legendary Photos from CBGB in the 70s


Patti Smith, Bowery 1976


Dictators, Bowery 1976

Forty years ago, the coffee shop on Bleecker and Bowery where David Godlis and I are sitting was a vacant lot. Across the street from the vacant lot was the legendary rock club CBGB-OMFUG. Opened by Hilly Kristal in 1973, it brought to life not only the now iconic punk sound exemplified by artists like Television, the Ramones, Patti Smith, and Blondie, but the street photography of David Godlis. After going to school in Boston, the born-and-bred New Yorker returned to the city to land a job as a photography assistant. In his off-hours, he found himself looking for a place to hang out. That place ended up being CBGB.

AFAR Director of Photography Tara Guertin Curates Our Latest Offset Show of Destinations Around the World


Alpaca herd in Ecuador © Evan Sklar / Offset


The beach at the Amalfi Coast © Lorenzo Pesce / Offset

Founded in 2009, AFAR magazine is known for its authentic outlook on world travel, connecting travelers with local communities and honoring the diversity of our planet. As Director of Photography at AFAR, Tara Guertin immerses readers in global cultures, introducing us to the food, architecture, and arts of faraway countries. For AFAR, travel isn’t simply a recreation, but a life altering experience shared with others. For Guertin, this means finding imagery that shifts our perspective on specific destinations and speaks to the mind-set of its locals.

‘Iranian Fathers & Daughters': A Photo Series Defies Stereotypes


Zahra’s father is jobless. “I don’t know what to say about him. I really don’t.”


Shima & Lina’s father is a civil project manager. “Our father has studied in Europe. That’s why he gave us all the freedom the Western youths have in personal life.”

For Iranian Fathers & Daughters, photographer Nafise Motlaq enters the homes of families in Iran, capturing the diverse bonds that tie young women and their dads. Her own relationship with her father changed when he fell into a coma while she was living in Malaysia. After he recovered from a life-threatening illness, Motlaq explains that the two of them became closer, and on her first trip back to Iran in over seven years, she was inspired to seek out other father-daughter pairings that defied the stereotypes she encountered abroad.

John Malkovich Recreates History’s Most Iconic Photographs


Dorothea Lange / Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (1936), 2014


Albert Watson / Alfred Hitchcock with Goose (1973), 2014

For Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters, legendary portrait photographer Sandro Miller collaborates with longtime friend John Malkovich to reproduce the most iconic images of our time, with Malkovich adopting the role of recognizable characters like Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, and the identical twins of Diane Arbus.