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Capturing the Dignity of the Accused Gambaga Witches from Ghana


“Hearing the story over again growing up probably pushed me to find something else other than condemned women,” says Ghana-born photographer Eric Gyamfi of the Gambaga witches’ camp, where more than one hundred women, aged late teens to ninety-something, live sequestered from the rest of the population of the country’s East Mamprusi district.

Capturing the Private World of Two Deaf-Blind Twins


Jorg pushes Rolf through the water during the weekly swim therapy.

“I instantaneously knew that I wanted them to be my protagonists,” says Berlin-based photographer Marlena Waldthausen of Jorg and Rolf, twin brothers living at the Deutsches Taubblindenwerk Fischbeck, a village of about 120 people living with deaf-blindness. Without the use of sight and sound, they communicate with each other through touch. On that first day, they were making each other laugh by playing, pantomiming nibbling on one another’s fingers.

Sweat, Mud, and Confederate Flags at ‘The Redneck Yacht Club’




As the sun bore down hot and heavy over the Redneck Mud Park in Southwest Florida, ATVs hissed past, their engines screeching as confederate flags flapped in the wind. For Brooklyn-based photographer Wesley Mann, it was total culture shock.

A Painful, Tender Look at the Life of Stray Dogs in Puerto Rico and Mexico



Wolly and Onyx the dogs lived together on the streets of San Felipe, Mexico. When they were rescued and by necessity kept caged inside kennels, they somehow escaped every day to play with one another. “One would break out and then go break the other one out, and then they would go run and frolic around the dusty neighborhood. At night, they would return,” explains Rhode Island-based photographer Traer Scott, who is still visited in dreams by the impish, devoted pair.

Scott created Street Dogs nearly a decade ago, but the dogs pictured in its pages “have never left her for even a day.” She documented the lives of strays in Puerto Rico and in Mexico, and she spent many mornings waking up before the sun to assist in rescue efforts. In the areas she visited, including the devastating site known as Dead Dog Beach— where hundreds of thousands of dogs are left abandoned without access to food, water, and vet care— neglect and abuse ran rampant.

Meet the Fabulous Drag Clowns of London


“It’s not just an act,” says photographer Poem Baker of Tuttii Fruittii and Toni Tits, a pair of drag clown performance artists living in Southeast London.

One Woman’s Intensely Intimate Photos of Motherhood

1-Nursing and peeing

Nursing and peeing, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2014 © Anna Ogier-Bloomer

2-Scratches from breastfeeding

Scratches from breastfeeding at nine months, 2014 © Anna Ogier-Bloome

“She’s the flesh of my flesh,” says New York City-based photographer Anna Ogier-Bloomer of her daughter Violet, whose first two and a half years she’s feverishly chronicled between breast-feedings, catnaps, and sleepy revelations.

Inside the Kitsch Rooms of a Sex Hotel in Colombia



When Mexico City-based photographer Kurt Hollander arrived in Cali, Colombia, he made a beeline for the elusive Motel Kiss Me, a 180-room chateau for lovers. He lived for two weeks in a resident suite, with free reign to wander the halls, where behind closed doors, couples engaged in sex acts of all sorts against the backdrop of a themed installation of their choosing.

Humor, Lightness, and Bright Beach Parasols on the Coast of Italy

1 copy


7 copy

“Italian summer is the season when Italians can express their lightness of being and their love for life.”

Lorenzo Grifantini has lived in London for 10 years. It is this distance from his native Italian culture which has afforded him the means to view it objectively, tracing its patterns with the lens of his camera. “I can finally see my cultural traits spread on the beaches of Italy and that evokes strong childhood memories of the long summers I spent there.”

The Photographer Who Fell in Love with Her Genderqueer Muse (NSFW)


“BJ and I fell in love the first time we took the pictures,” says New York City-based photographer Lissa Rivera of her bond with her partner and muse. As her friend stood before her dressed in women’s clothing, she was startled by a pinprick of feeling and the initial pangs of yearning for someone who had previously been a platonic friend.

The Man Who Photographed Wall Street and the Sexual Underground (NSFW)


Gay cruise party in NY harbor, 1973. © Charles Gatewood, courtesy Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley and Robert Tat Gallery


Wall Street © Charles Gatewood, courtesy Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley and Robert Tat Gallery

“He was very anxious that his work be seen and preserved,” says San Francisco gallerist Robert Tat of the late photojournalist Charles Gatewood (1942-2016).

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