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Photos of a Florida Trailer Park Home to Retired Couples From Quebec


Benoit et Suzanne, from the series Snowbirds, 2012


Gilles, from the series, Snowbirds, 2012

For Snowbirds, Montreal-based photographer Mika Goodfriend documents the abundant world contained within Pompano Beach’s Breezy Hill, a small trailer and RV park on the Florida seaside. Home to a thriving community of retired couples from Quebec, the intimate setting fosters a close bond between the families and their shared place of origin.

Arresting Photos Capture Childhood Fear and Wonder


© Johan Entchev / Offset


© Johan Entchev / Offset

In his highly contrasted black and white images, Helsinki, Finland-based photographer Johan Entchev dreams up a world a childhood anxiety and wonderment. In photographing his sons, whom he has documented since they were born, he abandons objective realities for subjective desire, always viewing the children partly obscured as if through a veil of adult nostalgia.

Photos of the Anachronistic British Island Territories in the South Atlantic Seas

Jon Tonks

Stanley Infant & Junior School Pupils, the Falkland Islands. 

Jon Tonks

Calshot Harbor is the only way on or off Tristan da Cunha (2012 pop. 259). The harbor is too small for ships to dock, and the weather in the South Atlantic often prevents disembarkation onto smaller boats. In such cases, ships are forced to drop anchor offshore and wait for the weather to improve. This image shows a pontoon heading out to offload essential supplies from the MV Baltic Trader.

Relics of the British colonial empire, four smallish islands sprinkled around the South Atlantic, gave Bath-based photographer Jon Tonks plenty of subject matter for Empire, his project on the post-colonial territories. Empire, published by Dewi Lewis, is a present-day portrait of the lives and people of Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, and the slightly more famous Falkland Islands, yet much of what Tonks portrays seems like it could have been photographed decades past, which is part of what is so appealing about this project.

Vintage Portraits Depict the Love and Pride of Gay People

The Invisibles book

The Invisibles book

The Invisibles: Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride, published by Rizzoli, is a beautiful depiction of the obvious: homosexual people have been leading the same lives as heterosexuals, as much as possible while still experiencing varying degrees of persecution and prejudice—and turning the camera on themselves, as anyone with a camera does, to depict their own lives.

‘A Tale of Two Cities:’ Bushwick and Disco Collide in These Photos of NYC in the 1970s and 1980s

Studio 54, NY, NY,  July 1979

Open Mouthed Judi Jupiter, Andy Warhol and His Friend, Studio 54, NY, NY, July 1979


Muscle Boy and The Little Rascals of Palmetto Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, May 1982

For A Tale of Two Cities: Disco Era Bushwick, photographer Meryl Meisler delves into two distinct archives of New York City history, merging under one volume her snapshots of a thriving Manhattan night life and a struggling Bushwick, Brooklyn. In her 20s, Meisler frequented such hot spots as Studio 54, Paradise Garage, or Xenon. Just a few years later in 1981, she took a job as a public school art teacher in Bushwick, where she began shooting in daylight, capturing an untold story that persisted just a few miles away from a flourishing Manhattan.

Photo du Jour: A Couple Covered in Eyeballs


If you spend any time on social media, you’re going to be barraged with couples photos. While some people seem to have nothing better to do than plaster their love all over the Internet, artists Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree have chosen a different way to celebrate relationships. The Compliments Project is a series jabbing at couples photography through outrageously staged images. The ongoing work is at times silly, sloppy and often downright weird. Sobierajski and Jeffree cite lovebird photography from the internet as inspiration, but also 80s portraiture and “homages to great imagery of couples throughout history”. Whether sharing a banana or eye balls, this particular brand of bizarre PDA is one we aren’t sorry to see.

Image © Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree 2014

via iGNANT

Incredible Moments of Tenderness Found In the Struggling Mill Towns of Pittsburgh



When photographer Dan Wetmore set out to capture the neighborhoods surrounding the abandoned steel mills of Pittsburgh, he was met at times with incredulity as some believe the area to be little more than an industrial wasteland. As a child living in Pittsburgh, Wetmore was drawn to the abandoned steel mills that remained from the city’s industrial growth in the early to mid-20th century, pouring over Becher monographs in search of photographs of furnaces and structures that spoke to his boyhood enchantment. As an adult, Wetmore ventured into the mill towns for his series Jubilee Kitchen I and II, unveiling moments of unexpected rebirth in the struggling neighborhoods shadowed by its industrial history.

We’re All Nudists Under Our Clothes: ‘Lake Como’ Explores Those Who Live Life in the Buff (NSFW)

Katty Ryan Hoover

Katty Ryan Hoover

One of the primary fascinations of photography—for both the picture makers and the viewers—is the desire to examine the lives of others: those who live or experience differently than what is familiar to that person. Tampa-based photographer Katty Ryan Hoover’s Lake Como explores a way of life unfamiliar, even unfathomable, to many of us: living in the nude.

‘Up All Night’


© Brian Pineda / Offset

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Welcome to Syden: Portraits of Norwegians Enjoying Their Offbeat Vacations



To foreigners, Syden sounds like a fantasy holiday destination accessible only to Norwegians, and it kind of is. In Norway, the word Syden is often referenced in lieu of certain European, Asian, African, and South American cities with a warm climate, mainly in or near the Mediterranean. From season to season, the exact locations of Syden may change as certain places go in and out of fashion. For his book Southbound, photographer Knut Egil Wang explores the nuances of these unidentifiable, transient havens, shooting in such hot spots as Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Murcia, and Torrevieja in Spain, Ayia Napa and Larnaca in Cyprus, Side and Alanya in Turkey, and Krabi in Thailand.