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A Photographer Records her Day with a Schoolgirl in Ghana

Patience in her bedroom before school.

Patience in her bedroom before school.

Every morning before school, Patience sweeps the yard around her family's home.

Every morning before school, Patience sweeps the yard around her family’s home.

Lisa Weatherbee’s series, A Day with Patience, is a record of just that: one day spent with a twelve year old girl, Patience, in her village in Ghana. Having joined Photographers Without Borders, she arranged to spend a day with a young woman that the organisation put her in touch with, and the results are an open-hearted study of a day in the life of someone with whom, outwardly, the photographer had little in common.

In a Time of Mourning, One Photographer Turns to His Young Son


“I was in the room when she passed, and it was a joyful, painful moment,” Lawrence, Kansas photographer Troy Colby says of losing his grandmother, “She wasn’t in pain anymore, but she was gone.” The abyss she left behind is what compelled him to turn to his son, and over the course of many photo shoots, the 11-year-old boy and his father found their way back to solid ground.

Pain and Perseverance in the Schoolchildren of Thatta, Pakistan

29. Four year old Benazir attends class with boys and girls of d

4-year-old Benazir attends class with boys and girls of different ages in Haji Saleh Jatt, Thatta region, Sindh province, Pakistan, 2016. Since gaining a water and toilet block at the school, the head teacher says, “the children are so clean and happy now. That has been a positive change because now there is a cleaner and healthier environment around the school.” © WaterAid/Malin Fezehai

12. Girls await the start of lessons at the primary school in Ch

Girls await the start of lessons at the primary school in Chaudury Atta Muhammad village, Thatta region, Sindh province, Pakistan, 2016. Before the H&M Foundation-funded WASH block was built, the girls had nowhere at school to access safe water or go to the toilet. Attendance has increased since the block was built, as parents have greater confidence in the security and safety of their girls when they don’t have to leave the school compound to find a place to go to the toilet in the open. © WaterAid/Malin Fezehai

Shaneela, age eleven, lives in Muhammad Ali Bharj, a village Pakistan. She has never been officially enrolled at the local school, but she does slip into the classrooms sometimes on her own to pick up what she can. “She had hopes one day to be able to read,” Swedish-Eritrean photojournalist Malin Fezehai says, “Her strength and determination left a strong impression on me.”

Marvel at the Horsemen of Semonkong and the Breathtaking Backdrop of the Highlands in Lesotho

1. Thabo Lekhotsa - Ha Lesala, Lesotho

Thabo Lekhotsa – Ha Lesala, Lesotho

31. Mamasisi & Masisi Letsapo - Mohlakeng, Lesotho

Mamasisi; Masisi Letsapo – Mohlakeng, Lesotho

While traveling through rural Lesotho on a previous project, Capetown-based photographer Thom Pierce was astonished by the country’s spectacularly beautiful landscapes, dramatic mountains and awe-inspiring views. In this mountain kingdom many people still get around on horseback, the artist observed, and the blankets they wear are adorned with distinctive colorful patterns, seemingly unique to each horseman. The Horsemen of Semonkong constitutes a series of portraits of herders, commuters and horse riders who commute between rural mountain villages and the small town of Semongkong in Lesotho.

Uncovering 60+ Years of Work by One Historic Photographer



“One project lasted his whole lifetime,” gallerist Daniel Cooney says of Len Speier, the 88-year-old artist who has devoted decades to capturing life on the streets, in the clubs, at the parks of New York City, Europe, and Asia. His life and career was never broken into chapters or series; it’s a single long strand connecting who he was as a young man to who he his today.

Meet Jamaica’s LGBTQ Individuals Forced to Hide in Storm Drains



In 2014, Christo Geoghegan spent time in Jamaica’s storm drains – known locally as “gullies”. He was there to document the LGBTQ people who find shelter there, the gully representing the only place where they are free to express themselves away from the hatred and violence they face in Kingston. Attacks, murder and rape are common against people of marginalized identities, and attackers face little retribution from the justice system.

Photos of Lust and Desire in 20th Century New Orleans (NSFW)

BJ Robinson

BJ Robinson, 1983 © George Dureau, Courtesy Arthur Roger Gallery and Higher Pictures

Roosevelt Singleton

Roosevelt Singleton, 1974 © George Dureau, Courtesy Arthur Roger Gallery and Higher Pictures

“My photographs are family pictures. Very sentimental,” the late photographer George Dureau explained to journalist Jack Fritscher in 2005. He called his models, discovered in the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans, his “darlings.” His darlings were street hustlers, outcasts, and those with disabilities. Some were his lovers.

Moving Photos of Restless Souls Who Live on the Open Road


CSX Yard, Cumberland Maryland, 2014


Near Amarillo, Texas, 2013


Quartzsite, Arizona, 2016

“I’m not homeless. I might be houseless, but these freight trains are my home,” Mark confided in photographer Nicholas Syracuse, who has for twenty years been recording the history of those who, like Mark, have behind the comforts of mainstream life for the freedom of the railway.

The Roma of Poland and Their Daily Struggle for Survival

Stigma Project

Kalici’s wife Eva carries Zyna.

Stigma Project

Karolina escaped from her parents’ home in a different part of Poland because of love for Alex, one of the slum’s inhabitants.

Stigma Project

Roma child in an Ikea bag.

Stigma isn’t narrated by photojournalist Adam Lach but by its own subjects, the Roma men, women, and children who call Wroclaw home. With help from his wife, he recorded their stories in first person as they were told to him, and over course of two years, he learned how fleeting and precarious the notion of “home” can be.

Sophie Gamand on the Power of Photography and the Love of Dogs (Sponsored)


Amy, adopted

In the United States alone, an estimated one million homeless pit bulls are euthanized. New York photographer Sophie Gamand never expected to be a leading voice for these dogs, but after her series Pit Bull Flower Power went viral, she was thrust into that role. She’s a fine art photographer who became an animal advocate.

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