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In the Norwegian Countryside, a Photographer Uncovers a Tale of Family, Grief, and Hope


Elin Hoyland3

“I was commissioned by an art institution to photograph the farmer Edvard Bjelland and his farm. He is one of the last to run a traditional farm in an old-fashioned way. His lifestyle is also very rare to find in modern Norway. I understood quite soon that I wanted to take this project further and develop it in my own personal way” – Elin Høyland

A Street Photographer Makes All of His Portraits in One Famous Spot in New York

Daniel Featherstone 8


While the streets of New York are full of different characters, there’s one section of the city that is well known for its fashion, style and great photography moments: 57th Street and Fifth Avenue.

This exact corner of Midtown is where you’ll find British-born photographer Daniel Featherstone snapping New Yorkers in the most candid of moments, whether it’s rushing to an appointment, talking on the phone or casually strolling in and out of stores.

Dark, Masochistic Self-Portraits Capture the Agony of Love Lost



Following the breakdown of a seven year romance, New York City-based photographer Hsin Wang re-staged her grief, giving physical presence to the psychological wounds inflicted by love lost. De-Selfing traces the uncomfortable—and often masochistic—ways in which we unravel when the bonds of intimacy are torn asunder.

FOAM To Host Retrospective of Helmut Newton’s Enduring Photographs (NSFW)

Yves Saint Laurent French Vogue Rue Aubriot Paris 1975 C Helmut Newton Estate

Yves Saint Laurent, French Vogue, Rue Aubriot, Paris, 1975 © Helmut Newton / Helmut Newton Estate

My women are always victorious. – Helmut Newton

In the 1970s and 80s, to have a portrait by Helmut Newton was regarded as the ultimate validation of success. Today, Newton remains one of the most influential photographers of his time and was a key figure in bringing eroticism off the top shelves and into the mainstream.

When Giant Teddy Bears Roamed the Streets of Nazi Germany



Art collector Jean-Marie Donat’s affaire-de-coeur with TeddyBär began three decades ago when he stumbled across the very first snapshot picturing the mammoth wooly creature traipsing down the streets over Berlin. Over the last twenty years, the Frenchman has committed himself in earnest to tracking down TeddyBär in his many incarnations, discovering dozens of men who from the 1920s until the 1970s, donned bewhiskered polar bear suit in hopes of earning a buck (or indeed a Reichsmark) by posing with tourists and passersby.

Amusing Moments Captured at the County Fair

Dan Nelken

Dan Nelken

The photographs in New York-based Dan Nelken’s Till the Cows Come Home: County Fair Portraits are genuine, natural, and human. Although it’s perhaps not as popular a destination as in the past, there is an undeniable draw to the county fair, to the animals and their people one can observe there.

The Female Body Interwines with Botanicals In Riveting Self-Portraits



When she looks back on the pictures she made in her early twenties, Busan, South Korea-born photographer Ahn Sun Mi can’t help but feel a sharp pang for the person she once was. Revisiting her self-portraits, she says, is like “re-reading a diary,” bringing with it all of the psychological pin pricks that come with growing up.

Child Cancer Patients See Their Dreams Come to Life in Beautiful Photos


Braelyn Flying


Jordan in Wonderland

When 12-year-old Jordan was released from the hospital where she was treated for Ewing sarcoma, she came home to her own personal Wonderland, complete with a furry white rabbit. With the support of steady hands, she stood up on her own two feet and refused to sit down, having the time of her life in spite of the pain. Two weeks after her adventure in Wonderland, Jordan died, but her memory remains in Jonathan Diaz’s magical portrait. Anything Can Be is Diaz’s non-profit, dedicated to bringing to life the wildest dreams of pediatric cancer patients through photography.

‘Ocean of Images’ at MoMA Is One of the Most Radical, Daring Photography Exhibitions In Recent History


DIS. Positive Ambiguity (beard, lectern, teleprompter, wind machine, confidence). 2015. Commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art


Lucas Blalock (American, born 1978). Strawberries (fresh forever). 2014. Courtesy the artist and Ramiken Crucible, New York. ©2015 Lucas Blalock

Three decades ago, iconic art historian John Szarkowski organized New Photography, an exhibition of four American photographers working in black and white, arranged horizontally across the gallery walls: Judith Joy Ross, Michael Spano, Zeke Berman, and Antonio Mendoza. This year, Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015 features an astonishing 19 artists working in 14 countries, all pushing towards a new visual era.

A Photo blog that documents the unexpected sartorial selections of seniors in San Francisco’s Chinatown

Chinatown Pretty 8

Chinatown Pretty

To you and me, Chinatown might be just a place to grab good, cheap food. Perhaps fresh veggies or a couple of souvenirs. But to Andria Lo and Valerie Luu, San Francisco’s Chinatown is a place to celebrate the seniors of the neighborhood whose outfits are nothing short of inspirational (and colorful) in a photo series called Chinatown Pretty.

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