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Nude Plaster of Paris Portraits by John Ross

John-Ross photography

This intriguing series was created by John Ross who persuaded his models to lie naked in a mixture of flour and plaster of Paris on a large perspex sheet beneath which he then captured these images. They remind me of the Elgin Marbles or something equally ancient and Greek.

Shen Wei’s ‘Almost Naked’ Portraits of Strangers

shen wei

Born and raised in Shanghai, China. Shen Wei is a fine art photographer currently based in New York City. Shen’s photographs have been widely exhibited, including Griffin Museum of Photography, Seattle Center on Contemporary Art, Zone: Chelsea Center for the Arts, Australia Center for Photography, Lincoln Center and Saatchi Gallery at the Zoo Art Fair. His photographs have been featured in various publications such as American Photo, Chinese Photography, PDN, Vision and La Tempestad.