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‘Woven Portraits’ by Photographer David Samuel Stern


Kosuke Kawahara, Artist (I)


Emma Bailey, Poet

There is something allusive about the artist, their creative process and inspirational muses always a bit of a mystery. Photographer David Samuel Stern plays upon this idea by transforming the faces of composers, designers and other creatives into abstract objects for his series Woven Portraits.

Remarkable Airbrushed Busses Discovered in a Small Town in Bolivia



For Bolivian Busses, Berlin-based photographer Daniel Hofer captures the colorful airbrushed artworks that adorn the public busses traveling from La Paz into the Amazon Basin. Hofer chanced upon the eye-catching vehicles in Villa Fátima, a small neighborhood from which busloads of passengers and extracted products were carried to and from the jungle. He describes Villa Fátima as a relatively poor area with a locally-run market; without the busses, it would stand out no more remarkable than any other neighborhood.

Photos Reveal the Bathtub of a 72-Year-Old Hoarder



For George’s Bath, photographer Corinna Kern focuses her lens on the unassuming bathtub of George Fowler, a 72-year-old man struggling with compulsive hoarding. After befriending him at an eviction resistance event and discovering that he had lived as a squatter in the 1970s, Kern stayed with Fowler for two months, and each day she witnessed the shocking versatility of his bathtub. Sequestered from the chaos that permeates the rest of the large home, the small tub had been transformed into an unlikely site of household order, where everything from dishes to clothes are carefully cleansed and tidied.

Photo du Jour: The Hand of God


Swimming out into the water with a waterproof camera in hand, Greek photographer Costas Masseras captures the country’s islands in miniature, the hilly terrain fitting perfectly into his opened hand. Striving to make order from the chaos of daily life, Masseras imagines the world through the eyes of the gods. Under rippling rays of light, his enormous hand becomes divine, as if it had just sculpted the verdurous land from a fistful of primordial matter.

Palestinian Photographers Turn Their Lenses on Israel’s Separation Wall

Keep Your Eye on the Wall

We Are Not Enemies but Friends © Noel Jabbour 2012

Keep Your Eye on the Wall

From the series Towards the Sky, Arab Palestinian villages, Galilee region © Raed Bawayah 2012

Last November, the United Nations decreed 2014 to be the Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, meant to bring peace and greater understanding between Israel and Palestine. It is also the 10th anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s ruling that the Separation Wall is illegal. As Israel has made rubble of Gaza and the number of Palestinian civilian casualties climbs, these declarations seem a cruel joke.

Female Photographer Imagines Her Life with Dozens of Different Partners in ‘Self Portraits with Men’



Who do you want to be? Or, more accurately, who could you have been? Czech photographer Dita Pepe takes these musings quite literally, re-imaging her life in a hundred different scenarios in her series Self Portraits with Men. Pepe’s photographs are disarming in their nonchalant subtly, the artist possessing an uncanny ability to become a seamless member of each family.

Arresting Photos Capture Childhood Fear and Wonder


© Johan Entchev / Offset


© Johan Entchev / Offset

In his highly contrasted black and white images, Helsinki, Finland-based photographer Johan Entchev dreams up a world a childhood anxiety and wonderment. In photographing his sons, whom he has documented since they were born, he abandons objective realities for subjective desire, always viewing the children partly obscured as if through a veil of adult nostalgia.

Arresting Dystopian South African Cityscapes Merge Fantasy with Reality


Langa Longer Shopping Mall



For Con/struct, photographer Justin Plunkett blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, creating towering South African cityscapes from photographs layered with three-dimensional animations. In these immense metropolises, the imagined allure of economic success meets the cruel realities of urban disrepair, with each frame seamlessly merging shots of Cape Town’s impoverished neighborhoods with unlikely icons of great wealth and prosperity, including features associated with opulent Cape Dutch architecture.

Photo du Jour: Clones in Taksim Square


For Clones, photographer Erdal Inci creates mesmerizing gifs of a single choreographed action repeated in a loop ad infinitum. As in an etching by M.C. Escher, time is expressed spatially, the activity of several passing moments coexisting in a single frame.

Eerie Photos of Feral Parrots in Tokyo



“Parrots should not be in Tokyo,” writes photographer Yoshinori Mizutani of the hundreds of green parakeets that have nested in the city’s trees. He’s right: the birds are not native to Japan. They arrived in the 1960s and 1970s as part of the country’s trend toward purchasing exotic species as pets. The rose-ringed parakeets were brought in from their natural habitats in India and Sri Lanka, and when their owners found them too loud and unsuitable for domestic life, they simply let the creatures loose in the city to fend for themselves. Some of the birds were lost or broke free during importation.