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Photos of Cloned Individuals Depict the ‘Power of Theater in a Still Image’



Daisuke Takakura holds many roles. As an actor, photographer and graphic designer, he drew influence from his own life and work to create Monodramatic, a series about the variousness of an individual.

Heartbreaking Photos Memorialize Photographer’s Long Departed Sister




New York-based photographer Phillip Toledano describes the time following his 9-year-old sister Claudia’s accidental death as a murky one, colored by a fixation with space and the remote celestial bodies that pepper the sky above. For his latest book When I Was Six, he returns to the boy he was then by softly unpacking a box in which his parents had preserved their memories of Claudia, her clothes, her letters, her toys, and other remnants of her life.

Vintage Photos Capture an Illicit Affair Between 1970s Businessman and His Secretary



Long after the affair ended, he held onto clippings of her finger nails and the red hair that she kept affixed in a beehive atop her head, swaths of public hair, emptied packets of her birth control pills, and hundreds of snapshots captured during their romps in fancy hotel rooms. He was a German businessman, aged thirty-nine, she his secretary, aged twenty-four. Both were married. The affair between Günter K. and Margret S. lasted for nineteen months, throughout which the former meticulously collected the paraphernalia of their ardor, a collection of artifacts that would remain untouched for thirty years before it was discovered in a suitcase left behind in an empty apartment.

Male Photographer Plays the Part of Famous Female Nudes from Art History (NSFW)


© Chuck Samuels, “After ManRay,” 1990, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City


© Chuck Samuels, “After Outerbridge,” 1990, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City

For Before the Camera, Montréal-based photographer Chuck Samuels confronts the objectification of the female body by casting himself as the heroine of history’s most recognizable nude portraits. For each, he surrendered himself entirely to the gaze of others—much like the original nudes would have— handing off the responsibility of directing and snapping the photos to various friends, most of whom were women.

Enchanting, Impressionistic Photos of Flowers From Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France


© Chelsea McNamara / Offset


© Chelsea McNamara / Offset

The photographic movement we most often associate with Impressionism is probably Pictorialism, the two aesthetics emerging hand-in-hand at the turn of the 20th century. New York-based photographer Chelsea McNamara has found a way to thoroughly modernize the ethereal world once populated by Claude Monet and Alfred Stieglitz with her utterly enchanting double exposure photographs of the blossoms that now grow in Monet’s own Garden in Giverny, France.

Diane Arbus and Her Brother Howard Nemerov: A Stunning New Book Shines Light on the Artist and Poet


Diane Arbus, Untitled (7) 1970-71
Gelatin-silver print, 20 x 16 inches (sheet)
© The Estate of Diane Arbus

Part of the magic of the work of Diane Arbus’s work lies in the fact that no matter how exposed and vulnerable her subjects may be, they almost always remain enigmatical, as if they alone carry the answers to the great riddles of existence. Arbus’s nephew, art historian Alexander Nemerov, acknowledges this paradox in his book Silent Dialogues: Diane Arbus and Howard Nemerov, even as he tries to unpack the intricately woven threads of her life and work.

Magical, Otherworldly Grecian Landscapes Take Us Back in Time


Almas, December, 2012


Semitas, May, 2013


Animula, January, 2014

For In Landscapes, Athens-based photographer Petros Koublis captures the sprawling countryside that envelops the Greek capital, uncovering the sublime, ancient memories that linger still on the peripheries of a city recently plagued by economic crisis, poverty, and violence.

A Look Inside Sleek, Ultra Modern Catholic Churches in Italy


Chiesa Di San Giovanni, Milano. Domenica, ore 10:30


Chiesa Del Santo Volto Di Gesù, Roma. Domenica, ore 9:49


Chiesa Del Santissimo Redentore, Seriate. Domenica, ore 11:03

Italian photographers Giorgio Barrera and Niccolò Rastrelli set set out to create their series Andate in Pace as a way to give something back to Catholic Milanese churches in visual way. Inspired by the new, modern churches built after the Second Vatican Council, the photographs offer a reflection on the complex relationship between modern architecture, the church and its community of worshippers.

‘Artsy Nudes': Photography Students Recreate Famous Nudes from Art History (NSFW)


After Henri Matisse © Noah Boskey, Erin Carr, Emma Castelbolognesi, Crystelle Colucci, Alberto Inamagua, and Allison Schaller


After Mert and Marcus © Anthony Costa, Jessica Frankl, Mikaela Keen Lumongsod, Frankie Mule, Gabrielia Priyma, Balazs Sebok, and Valeriya Vaynerman

For photographer, VICE Photo Editor, and educator Matthew Leifheit, borrowing, duplicating, and reinterpreting the work of artists who came before is an integral element of photography. For this reason, he recently asked his students at New York City’s School of Visual Arts to reproduce in photographs the some of their favorite artworks centered around the nude human form, a figure that has been nearly ubiquitous throughout the last few millennia of art history.

Wistful Portraits Capture the Magic and Melancholy of Imaginary Friends




For Doppelgänger, French photographer Julie de Waroquier carries the childhood phenomenon of the imaginary friend into grown-up world, narrating a wistful fable centered around an adult woman who refuses to abandon her make-believe companion.