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Otherworldly Landscapes Made from Junk Food


Fruit Loops Landscape


Moonrise on Bologna


Blue Dye #1 Precipice

For Processed Views, photography duo Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman construct sweeping landscapes from highly refined foodstuffs, including sugary breakfast cereals and sodas, canned and packaged meats, snack chips, sand candy.

Portraits of Mothers Who’ve Been Given Makeovers by Their 3 to 5-Year-Old Daughters


Model:Ashley Donoghue Makeup Artist: Aavie Donoghue (Age 3)


Model: Kerri Madsen Makeup Artist: Abby Howell (Age 4)

For #DaughterDoesMyMakeup, Canadian photographer Elly Heise invited girls aged three to five into her studio, arming them with the mascara, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick needed to makeup their mothers’ faces however they wished. In handing over creative control to the children, she works to subvert contemporary ideals of beauty and femininity, placing value instead in self-expression and individuality.

Enchanting Misty Landscapes by Ysbrand Cosijn


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset


© Ysbrand Cosijn / Offset

For his computer-generated aerial images, Netherlands-based photographer Ysbrand Cosijn blankets the wilderness in layers of mist, imbuing his imagined landscapes with a sense of enigma and wonderment.

Mysterious Photos Illuminate the Clandestine World of Graffiti Artists

16_Rome 2013_In front of the emergency exit stairs

Rome, 2013. In front of the emergency exit stairs.

10_Rome2013_Fire extinguisher used in a trian tunnel to escape easier from security guards

Rome, 2013. A fire extinguisher is used in a train tunnel to escape more easily from security guards.

For Ergo Sum, Italian photographer Valerio Polici maps the mysterious nighttime routes of graffiti artists working everywhere from Rome to Argentina.

Photographer Creates Magical Portraits of Her 4-Year-Old Daughter in ‘Seen Not Heard’




For Seen Not Heard, North Carolina-based photographer Heather Evans Smith explores her relationship with her 4-year-old daughter, turning her lens on the girl for the first time to construct fanciful portraits that highlight both the joys and anxieties of childhood.

Soft Nude Portraits Challenge Representations of the Black Male Body (NSFW)



For a recent series shot for ADULT magazine, Washington, DC-based photographer John Edmonds examines the black male body as it stands nude within sunlit interiors. In a world in which African American bodies are so often seen through a lens of otherness, coded as both virile and violent, Edmonds cuts through the political valence that surrounds these bodies to reveal the humanity and gentleness of each of his young sitters, who are most often strangers he encounters during his daily routine.

Portraits of Shelter Dogs Resembling Your Favorite Authors and Poets


Charles Bukowski

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

When Italian photographer Dan Bannino adopted his dog Rothko from a shelter last March, he was overcome by tears, both for himself and for his new best friend. Rothko’s unconditional love serves as the motivation for Poetic Dogs, in which Bannino couples homeless shelter dogs with his favorite authors and poets. In the adoptable animals, the artist discovers the empathy of Shakespeare, the wit of Joyce, the fortitude of Hemingway, and the soulfulness of Dickinson.

Photographer Uses Human Flesh as an Artistic Medium




For Rek, Netherlands-based photographer Juuke Schoorl tests the limits of human skin, stretching and manipulating the flesh of her subjects with inexpensive items like thread, cellulose tape, and other household materials.

Electric Photos of Nude Dancers Suspended in Air


© Alyssa Katherine Faoro / Offset


© Alyssa Katherine Faoro / Offset

For her vibrant series of nude portraits, Windsor, Canada-based photographer Alyssa Katherine Faoro sets dancers against luminous colored backdrops, imbuing the human body with a sense of mystery, grace, and spontaneity.

Photographer Phillip Stearns Shocks Film in ‘High Voltage Image Making’




For High Voltage Image Making, Brooklyn-based artist Phillip Stearns fundamentally alters the structure of color film by administering as many as 15,000 electrical volts to its surface, producing a resultant print set ablaze with woven Lichtenberg figures.