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A Fearless Look at What Women Wore When They Were Sexually Assaulted



Well, What Were You Wearing? is Philadelphia-based photographer Katherine Cambareri’s cri de coeur on behalf of survivors of sexual assault who have been failed by the authorities meant to protect them. Using only the clothing they happened to have on when they were attacked, the photographer tells the stories of women who, after having been raped, molested, or otherwise violated, have been forced to endure interrogations and accusations associated with victim-blaming.

How to Save an Underexposed Photo Using Lightroom (Sponsored)


“I have a serious addiction to abandonment,” writes Oslo-based fine art photographer Britt Marie Bye of her restive spirit and thirst for the unknown. Her yearning to make sense of her own childhood has taken her down the ragged and unpaved roads of other people’s memories, long since obscured by the veil of dust and time. Her images emerge as if from the pages of a storybook, existing in realm that is both inhabited and impenetrable. Since she so often works under cloudy skies, Bye has mastered the art of turning the dreary into the enchanted, and in this tutorial, she takes us behind-the-scenes into her process of salvaging an underexposed photograph using Adobe Lightroom.

Close Encounters With People Who Believe in UFOs


Sirianna Kailani and Grace Rumpf live in Sedona, Arizona. The city has one of the highest numbers of reported UFO sightings in the United States. Some say that the aliens are attracted to the magnetism in the red soil and that the beautiful landscape in Sedona holds an interdimensional portal that is used by alien spacecrafts to locate earth.


Alien truck stop. “Look up, as the truth lies there. Always keep your eyes to the skies whenever you can. You just never know when that special event will happen. At those times, there may be no answers, leaving you only to wonder what just happened or what you saw. Life is a mystery; enjoy the ride.”

Throughout our history, mankind has always sought answers regarding our existence in this dizzyingly incomprehensible world. Phenomena is a collaborative attempt to explore this human need for faith through a modern manifestation which is often subject to ridicule: the belief in extra-terrestrial life. Are we alone in the universe? The three Copenhagen-based photographers Sara Galbiati, Peter Helles and Tobias Markussen tackled this subject with an anthropological approach and a non-judgemental attitude.

Enigmatic Self-Portraits by ‘A Girl Who Tried to Disappear’




Francesca Woodman famously wrote in her journal, “Am I in the picture? Am I getting in or out of it?” an appeal that is in some ways answered by Slovakian photographer Viktória Kollerová’s own self-portraits, images which appear collectively under a Tumblr titled A Girl Who Tried to Disappear.

Behold the Magic of this Lonely Ghost Town in the Namib Desert



When a glinting stone came into the hands of a railway worker in the Namib Desert of southwest Africa, his supervisor August Staunch instantly recognized it as a diamond and obtained a prospector’s licence for the land. Out of nowhere, a town materialized to accommodate around 1,000 German miners and their families and for decades, Kolmanskop’s inhabitants lived a life of luxury. However when the diamond supply reached exhaustion in the 1950s, the miners packed up their belongings and left, leaving the town to be reclaimed by the desert sand.

A Fantastical Sense of Childhood Captured over 6 Years

Pomponio State BeachPomponio State Beach

Joy Ride, Highway 1 Joy Ride, Highway 1

“Most of the images I have from my own childhood are in my memories; I remember my childhood as being magical and intense. Maybe this influenced my approach to photographing her—a desire to evoke a fantastical sense of childhood.”

For the past six years, California-based photographer Gwen Coyne has been using an iPhone to capture moments of her daughter’s childhood in an aptly named personal project, The Early Years. As a working mother, Gwen explains, she and her daughter have limited time together, yet her existence now forms the basis for her own: “My daughter was hard to come by, she also has asthma and I never know when a mild cold will turn into an emergency.”

Saying Farewell to the Last Great Underground Music Venue in NYC

R.I.P. D.I.Y. - Last Days of Death By Audio

Ty Segall

R.I.P. D.I.Y. - Last Days of Death By Audio

Anuj Panchal in his room

Brooklyn-based photographer Ebru Yildiz emerged from Death by Audio and into the crisp night of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was the fall of 2014, and the waterfront DIY venue would shutter it’s doors come November 23, 2014, but until then, its most loyal bands would play each night to a room for 100 people filled past capacity.

When Body Manipulation and the Female Form Collide



“Pain is the first sensation that I want viewers to experience,” explains Taiwanese photographer Yung Chen Lin, otherwise known as “3cm”, whose criticisms pendulate between beautiful and grotesque; “this is because the sensation of pain helps people empathize with the subject”. The most distinctive elements throughout the photographer’s series are body manipulation and the female form in its various manifestations. Bodies are seemingly distorted, flesh is mutilated; the female body is restrained and disciplined.

A Photographer Reflects on Her Loss After 11 Miscarriages


Lost: Jane


Lost: Tommy

“Last July, after helping a friend through a painful loss I reflected on my own personal experience. These thoughts propelled me to take down the big white box in my closet which safeguards the mementos of my lost babies. It had been quite a while since I last took each item out and as I laid them out on my bed I felt their story needed to be documented.”

San Francisco-based photographer Dianne Yudelson’s sorrow was repressed by a socially accepted code of silence which, in her words, deems miscarriage grief unreasonable. She locked it away, but each loss was commemorated by the preservation of the pregnancy test, sonogram and a few items which evoked memories.

Delightful Photos of Dogs Eating Peanut Butter



It all started with Bailey, a velvety rescue dog who salivated at just the thought of peanut butter. Years ago, in an attempt to get her to take the perfect photograph, Bailey’s human, Cleveland-based photographer Greg Murray, bribed her with her favorite treat, and accidentally embarked on what would become the international sensation For the Love of Peanut Butter.

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