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Photos of Cell Phone Towers Ridiculously Disguised as Trees

Dillon Marsh

Dillon Marsh

In his series Invasive Species, South African photographer Dillon Marsh catalogues some of the cell phone towers disguised as trees that exist in his native Cape Town. Bizarre and humorous to see in person, the ridiculous fake trees are even more laughable in a whole collection.

A Look at London’s Elderly Population Through Images of Their Kitchen Sinks




In many cultures, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. As a traditional setting for mealtime gatherings, most homes, though they may differ vastly from one another in size, location, and style, share the connective thread of a place to prepare a meal.

London-based photographer Claude Savona has a keen interest in the effect that material possessions have on our identities. What began as a documentation of London’s elderly population in their homes, morphed into a typology of kitchen sinks.

Princess Culture: Portraits of Little Girls Dressed Up as Their Favorite Disney Princesses




For Dress Rehearsal, Massachusetts-based photographer Blake Fitch invites girls to play dress-up, quietly observing that time in a young woman’s life when she becomes enamored with the idea of princesses and make-believe adventures. Contacting family members and friends with children, as well as approaching the parents of girls she encountered out in the world, she photographed the young princesses in their favorite Disney costumes as they romped about the New England landscape.

Empowering, Stylized Photos of 100 Naked Women (NSFW)



For 100 Naked Women, London-based photographer Nadia Lee Cohen takes a bold approach to body positivity, shooting nude portraits of dozens of women of varied shapes and sizes bearing it all for her camera.

Raw, Visceral Photos Capture a Photographer’s Struggle with Mental Illness



For Fragmentary, London-based photographer Daniel Regan visualizes the tensions, contradictions, and isolation of mental illness through a series of self-portraits captured during times of heightened psychological anguish. Through each shadowed and enigmatical vision of the self, he inserts his own medical records, exhumed from the archives of the Brighton & Hove mental health services.

A Short Film on Photography Featuring Juergen Teller, Petra Collins, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Arne Svenson

For Reely and Truly, London-based photographer Tyrone Lebon pays tribute to the medium by tracking down and interviewing dozens of artists and photojournalists, including Juergen Teller, Petra Collins, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Arne Svenson. Tracing a non-linear narrative, the film moves in hallucinatory frames from one photographer to the next, their disparate lives threaded together by recorded conversations between the filmmaker and his father, fashion photographer Mark Lebon.

One Photographer Constructs A Fictional Narrative Centered Around a Single Mother and Her Two Daughters Over 22 Years


Amy, Brooklyn 1991


Amy, Beth & Val, Brooklyn 1992


Val and Beth, Brooklyn 2007

When Los Angeles-based photographer Zsolt Kadar first met Amy in Brooklyn in 1991, he could not have foretold his decades-long collaboration of the woman, who would become a single mother of two girls, Beth and Val, in the years following. From that first encounter until 2009, the photographer would visit and revisit her home multiple times each year, observing the evolution of the three women as they stepped boldly into the 21st Century.

Endearing Photos Capture the Bond Between Children and Animals in the Russian Countryside




Russian photographer Elena Shumilova spends each day on her family farm in the Russian countryside capturing her young boys as they explore the lakeside village with their animal companions. At night, after everyone has gone to bed, she pours over the sun-drenched imagery, processing the day’s memories.

Playful Gifs of Liberians Break Down Stereotypes


Ducor Hotel once had a tennis court that is now mostly used by kids from the community for football.


Hipco is a hip-hop distinctive to Liberia which is sung in Liberian-English exclusively. Mr. Smith Lib Money International is one of the numerous MC of the Liberian Hipco scene. I met Mr. Smith in the streets of Monrovia; he was looking for somebody to take some pictures of him. I am not sure that picture was what he was expecting from me…


Girl with the aubergine dress

For Monrovia Animated, Paris-based photographer Francois Beaurain combats the sensationalistic and bleak media portrayal of the Liberian capital with a set of gifs that highlight the exuberance and energy of its people.

Beguiling Underwater Nudes by Hugh Arnold (NSFW)


Secreto Velado, 2014



For Agua Nacida, internationally renowned Paris-based photographer Hugh Arnold captures the underwater dance of female nudes as they ride the tides of Figi and Gozo.