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Dynamic Nude Self Portraits Depict One Woman’s Changing Body Over Seven Years (NSFW)



Over the duration of seven years, London based photographer Polly Penrose created a series of dynamic self portraits that examine a woman’s changing body and it’s emotional reaction to a physical space. The series, titled Body of Work, began in a purely organic way, stemming from her desire to capture eccentric nude portraits, while aware she could more accurately dictate concepts and ideas using herself as a subject rather than a model.

Nighttime Picnic


© Peter Baker / fStop / Offset

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Confronting Photos Reveal What Happens After We Die



For About Dying, Denmark-based photographer Cathrine Ertmann chronicles the enigmatical journey of the deceased from death until burial. While keeping her subjects’ identities anonymous, she records the stages of death, including autopsies and cremations, in quiet detail. Lifting the veil of secrecy that so often surrounds these processes, she reveals moments that are both graphic and serene.

‘Gardening At Night': Cig Harvey’s Photographic Exploration of Home, Family, Nature, and Time

Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey

Over the last decade, Cig Harvey has created several well-known bodies of work in her signature mysterious and stark style, most notably her recent You Look At Me Like An Emergency. Harvey, who lives in the Midcoast of Maine, has a new project, Gardening At Night, and I was immediately enamored when I discovered it.

Photographer Creates Deeply Intimate Moments with Complete Strangers


The Lovers (no.5)


Sisters (no.7)


Sisters (no.2)

Urban environments and handheld technology can make the world an isolating and lonely place, genuine connections often replaced with texts or tweets. How long does it take to gain some one’s trust or become close enough to share secrets? Can intimacy be concocted in mere moments or does it take years? Hemya Moran plays with ideas of communion and relationships in her series Intimate Strangers. Approaching individuals in the street, Moran asked them to have an “intimate acquaintance with her”. They then enacted these private moments in a short exchange, resulting in a series that feels simultaneously unnatural and surreally familiar. The viewer must guess at the relationship, left to wonder at the origin and truthfulness of each staged setting.

Playful Photos of Fashion Models in Their Own Homes


Elouise Morris at her family home in the hills of Avoca


Suzi Leenaars in Manly, Sydney


Tiernan Cowling in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

For Model-Maison, Australian fashion and music photographer Cybele Malinowski captures international models in their own homes, lifting the commercial veil that so often surrounds them to reveal distinctive nuances of character and personal style.

Strange Self-Portraits Challenge and Reinterpret the Feminine Domestic Role




For Good Behavior, Finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja constructs deadpan self-portraits in which she challenges and reinterprets the feminine domestic role. Using only the most banal of household objects, she elegantly deconstructs contemporary notions of sexuality and womanhood, courageously exposing the vanities of society at large.

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Laeticia Casta, © Kenneth Willardt, The Beauty Book

EXHIBITION & BOOK LAUNCH: The Beauty Book, 588 Gallery, 558 West 21st Street, November 8 – December 7
Danish artist Kenneth Willardt presents The Beauty Book, an interactive book of animated photography. Over 130 images of celebrities and top models ranging from Lady Gaga to Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez to Claudia Schiffer, will be released with a coinciding iPhone application that digitally animates each image. All royalties from this book of “augmented reality” will benefit Rescuers Without Borders, an organization committed to providing medical care in regions all over the globe.

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Image 2
Martina Lindqvist
Untitled # 2 from the series Neighbours, 2013 © Martina Lindqvist
Courtesy of The Photographers’ Gallery

EXHIBITION: Martina Lindqvist: Neighbours / Murmurs, The Photographers’ Gallery, 16–18 Ramillies Street, 31 October – 14 January
Celebrated Finnish photographer Martina Lindqvist presents Neighbours and Murmurs, two recent series exploring the theme of memory, family, and loss. Neighbors documents a scarcely inhabited region in Finland, digitally expanding the space that surrounds its houses to underscore its remoteness. Murmurs takes an indirect look at the faltering memory of the artist’s grandmother, who struggles with Alzheimer’s. By constructing still lifes of withering flowers set in cardboard vases, Lindqvist explores the ways in which the significance we place on “keeping up appearances” diminishes as we negotiate our final years of life.

Taken at the Borders Between Urban and Rural Communities, Photographs Show China in Transition



The young and the old, the dusty and the new, the rural and the urban. In Borderlands, a collection of photographs from Chinese photographer Jiehao Su, the strange, ethereal parts of modern China are shown in muted pastel. They are hazy places of beige condominiums and mountain-sized piles of recyclables, of dark fauna and browned grass. Some areas look exhausted while some are tranquil and serene. They are the parts of China that are in transition.