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Alec Soth and Stacey Baker Go Speed Dating

One of Minnesota-based photographer Alec Soth’s most recognizable images is his portrait of Stacey Baker standing solo amongst the sheep of South Plains, Texas. Since that shot was first captured, the photographer and Baker, Associate Photo Editor for The New York Times Magazine, have become friends and collaborators, and for a recent project, the duo embarked onto an investigation into one of the most elusive topics of all time: the nature of true, life-altering, abiding love.

Hospitalized for Depression, Laura Hospes Documents Her Experience in a Series of Unflinching Self-Portraits



When Netherlands-based photographer Laura Hospes was hospitalized following a suicide attempt, she took her camera with her into unit UCP-UMCG, where she is still undergoing treatment. Instead of relinquishing her passion and aspirations, she continues to make self-portraits within the confines of her temporary residence.

Sexy, Poetic Portraits Feature the Delicate Fluff from Dandelions (NSFW)



As children, we’re told to blow away dandelion feathers, or seeds, and make a wish. Vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc calls these silky stands “egrets,” like the snow-white bird; for Dandelion, he teamed up with Paris-based photographer Isabelle Chapuis to transform two women into dandelion-human hybrids, each adorned with egrets plucked one by one from the head of the flower.

A Mother Captures Timeless Images of Her Children Playing in the Ocean




After the birth of her first daughter in 2010, photographer Natalie Grono reentered the world of playgrounds and familiar landscapes from her own childhood. Growing up on the coast of New South Wales, the ocean setting seemed like a natural place to photograph her children for her series, Sea Dreaming.

Photographer Makes Landscapes of Contaminated Areas, Treats Film with the Same Harsh Chemicals




Photographer Brandon Seilder remembers well the chemical spill that took place alongside Route 287 in northern New Jersey, when six hundred gallons of toxic methyl methacrylate were dumped into the surrounding environment. Years later, in his senior year as an undergraduate, he returned to the site of the spill to photograph the terrain; this time, he planned to re-conceptualize the spill on a smaller—and far less devastating—scale. For Impure, the photographer chemically manipulates his negatives using the same chemicals that were once spilled in the very landscapes they depict, evidencing the sinister ramifications such accidents might have for our environment in uncanny, distorted images.

Touching Portraits of Dogs Taken Years Apart, from Puppyhood to Old Age


Lily, 8 months


Lily, 15 years

Although Massachusetts-based portrait photographer Amanda Jones has been working with dogs for two decades, the first canine she could call her own was a longhaired Dachshund named Lily. As Jones’s first-born, Lily was there for it all— various relocations, the arrival of the photographer’s human baby— until she passed away after sixteen years of friendship. Lily, says the photographer, was the companion who ultimately led her to create Dog Years, a book for which she captured dogs in mirrored photographs of their youth and old age, taken years apart.

Portraits Capture the Humanity of Primates



As the single male gorilla amongst five females housed together at the Berlin Zoo, Ivo the silverback familiar to many throughout Europe for his rare and curious response to the throngs of visitors that pass by his run. The twenty-something-year-old animal has yet to find a mate and spends much of his days colliding with and hammering upon the glass that separates him from spectators. Sometimes, he’ll simply gather toss rocks at the crowd until they disperse in fear. Meeting Ivo, says Warsaw-based photographer Pawel Bogumil, marked the beginning of what would become inHUMAN, a series that has lead him to conclude that although they may not be human, apes are— in the most essential sense— people.

Eve Fowler’s Portraits of Male ‘Hustlers’ in 1990s LA and NYC




Los Angeles-based photographer Eve Fowler is slow to divulge details about the male sex workers she encountered in 1990s New York City and Hollywood; she prefers instead to keep their stories and our relationship to them ambiguous and unresolved.

Photographer Returns to His Beloved Grandma’s House Six Months After Her Death



Los Angeles-based photographer Robert P. Cohen remembers his grandmother’s house simply as “Mama’s House.” During his childhood, the Woodmere, Long Island home was where all the children came together to eat their grandma’s fresh-baked goods, to play, leap and bound across the fancy furniture, and be tucked in at night with familiar tales of distant family member and ancestors. Six months after his grandmother’s death, Cohen returned once more to the house, preserving its images just as it had been when she was alive.

Abstract Photos of the Unexpected Patterns that Arise While Cooking


Olive oil, chicken fat, balsamic vinegar, salt, peppercorns, white wine


Ginger ale, whiskey, clear ice

For New York-based photographer Adrian Mueller, cooking isn’t a chore or the means to an end but a creative playground in and of itself. For Bubbles, he teamed up with longtime collaborator and food stylist Takako Kuniyuki to capture the miniature worlds that unfold atop ordinary stoves around the world each and every day, when two or more ingredients collide.