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Here Are the Winners of Our Kids of Kathmandu Photo Contest


Temper Tantrum, Bangkok © Adam Birkan. Bid on this print here.


Yeonsoo © Hye-Ryoung Min. Bid on this print here.

After much deliberation and planning, Feature Shoot Editor-in-Chief Alison Zavos and Jami Saunders, Co-Founder and President of Kids of Kathmandu, have selected twelve winning photographs out of the hundreds submitted to be exhibited and auctioned as part of the Kids of Kathmandu gala on October 27th.

If Fairytale Creatures Came to Life, This Is What They’d Look Like


The Four Horses


The Meeting



Photographers Deb Young and Francisco Diaz were both enamored with animals as children, Diaz with his dogs and Young with the cows and chickens raised by her family on the hilly New Zealand landscape.

In that sense, The Wandering Kind is both a personal return to the artists’ early years and a collective homecoming to mankind’s place of origin: the wilderness.

Tender Photos Capture the Loving Souls of Rescued Dogs


Mari © Richard Phibbs


Cosita © Richard Phibbs

Photographer Richard Phibbs met Cosita at Humane Society of New York. She was homeless at the time, but the shelter was probably the safest place she’d ever been. She was discovered tied up to a tree somewhere in Mexico, where she had been abandoned and impregnated twice. She was neglected and sick when she was rescued, but a devoted team nursed back to health.

The Firefighter Who Turned Out to Be An Artist




Rusty Wiles isn’t like the other photographers I’ve interviewed in that his life doesn’t revolve around photography. He’s a firefighter and paramedic working two jobs in Florida, married and with a third baby on the way. When you ask about his life, he’ll tell you first about his sons, then about his day job, and third about his camera.

Minimalism is Great, But It’s Even Better With Dogs


© Tina Fey the French Bulldog


© Mochi the Shiba Inu

Anyone who has ever known a dog understands that a dog’s life is beautiful for its simplicity. They don’t ask much; all a dog needs to be content is food, shelter, and a loving home. Minimal Pup, an Instagram account devoted to cleanly composed canine portraits, is a celebration of the kind of zest and appreciation a dog has for the simplest of things.

You’ve heard of the Instagram trend “Tiny people in big places,” but Minimal Pup is all about “Tiny pups in big places.” Founders Jen and Steve happily accept submissions and post the standouts. The dogs featured on the feed are usually rather small when compared to the sweeping landscapes and interiors that surround them.

A Raw Glimpse Behind-the-Scenes at Fetish Parties (NSFW)



“I just took pictures, always finding some beauty in the dark side,” Belgian photographer MagLau says of his three year documentation of fetish parties throughout Europe (Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam) and Japan (Tokyo).

Photographer captures love and debauchery on the streets of Miami



“I’ve never been to Miami, Florida” says Berlin-based photographer Maxime Ballesteros, preparing us for his latest series Dialogue du Sourd. For the first time the artist took to the streets of Miami to photograph its life and energy in his usual cool and intimate style. He spent just four or five nights in the city, though the exact figure he cannot remember; “my memories are always blurry” he admits. On arrival the city appeared to him gigantic, though given his short-time there he knew that would only scratch the surface.

12 Foggy Photos Make Earth Look Like Another Planet (Sponsored)


San Francisco © Ronny Ritschel / Offset


Upper Peninsula, Michigan © William Rugen / Offset

There’s an old Inuit myth from Newfoundland and Labrador about a man who was hunted by a wild beast. The man fled the creature by crossing a river. When the beast asked the man how he had gotten to the other side, he replied that he had drunk all the water, leading the beast to try the feat for himself. The creature drank so much water he burst, leaving behind only a thick shroud of fog where his body once stood.

There are many variations on the old legend, the origin story of fog. It makes sense that the Inuit people should be so fascinated with mist since Newfoundland is home to the foggiest place on earth: The Great Banks.

These days, our explanation for the area’s fog is more scientific: the icy water of the Labrador Current collides with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

One Photographer’s Journey to 12 Nazi Concentration Camps

12 Nazi Concentration Camps

Survivor of three Nazi concentration camps, survivors’ reunion, Majdanek concentration camp, near Lublin, Poland, 1983. being honored by Poland as a heroine during a nationally televised event. She wore her uniform with her prisoner number and a red triangle with a “P,” indicating she was a Polish political enemy of the Third Reich. The onlookers in this photograph seemed more interested in my large, unusual camera, tripod and dark cloth and my odd photographic machinations than in her. © James Friedman

12 Nazi Concentration Camps

Wall where Jewish prisoners were shot, Theresienstadt concentration camp, near Terezin, Czechoslovakia, 1981. I set up my camera in front of this wall and its forty-year-old bullet holes. I saw an East German man and his son nearby and immediately decided to include the boy in the photograph because the color of his sweater nearly matched that of the number “37” on the wall. Though I didn’t speak German, somehow I was able to gain the father’s permission to photograph his son. © James Friedman

When James Friedman presented his photographs of Nazi concentration camps at the International Center of Photography in the mid-1980s, a fierce argument ensued between two members of the audience. One was outraged at his choice to capture the camps in color; the other defended it. There was shouting; people got up from their chairs before the fight was put to rest.

The Spellbinding World of the Wild Camargue Horses


Glimmer © Drew Doggett


Dreamland © Drew Doggett

A Camargue foal is born with charcoal gray fur; as he grows, his coat is dappled until it fades entirely to white. The horse is an ancient breed, thought to have appeared 17 millennia ago, about 10,000 years before human civilization as we know it. Today, they live wild in the rugged marshlands of southern France. New York photographer Drew Doggett traveled more than 6,000 miles to meet them in person.

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