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Touching Photographs of Gay and Lesbian Couples in the 1980s

gay couples 003

GayCouples 019

For At Home with Themselves: Same-Sex Couples in 1980s America, Massachusetts-based photographer Sage Sohier captures quiet moments in the domestic lives of homosexual families between 1986 and 1988, during the later years of the AIDS epidemic and at the beginning of a newly emerging gay rights movement.

Powerful Kaleidoscope Landscapes Explore Humans’ Impact on Climate Change (NSFW)


Lunar Synthesis, Oregon Coast, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Salon 94, New York.


Crude Love in the Anthropocene, Los Angeles, California, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Salon 94, New York.

Photographer David Benjamin Sherry’s latest series, Climate Vortex Sutra, is a study in landscape, still life and portraiture that hints to humans direct impact on a changing climate. Sherry juxtaposes monochrome landscapes with colorful nude portraits, showcasing the terrain of the human body.

Heroin Chic: Portraits of Russian Sex Workers in Designer Clothing (NSFW)



For Downtown Divas, artists Loral Amir and Gigi Ben Artzi constructed studio portraits of heroin-addicted prostitutes living in a confidential city in Russia. Adorning their subjects in clothing by brands like Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander Wang, Amir and Artzi remove them from the context of their daily lives, and placing them, sometimes uncomfortably, within the realm of high fashion.

Smoke Skull


© Jordan Weinrich / Offset

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Portraits of Heterosexual Cross-Dressers Having a Ball in the 1950s



When collectors Michel Hurst and Robert Swop discovered the many photo albums of Casa Susanna at a 26th Street flea market in New York City, they knew that they had unearthed a forgotten treasure. In the gender-conforming culture that defined much of mid-century American life, Casa Susanna was a refuge for the heterosexual male cross-dressers who gathered on weekends from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s as their female alter egos.

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© Bill Snyder (USA), Horsehead Nebula

EXHIBITION: Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2014, Small Exhibitions Gallery, Royal Observatory, Blackheath Ave, SE10 8XJ. 18 September 2014–February 2015
Bringing together photographers and astronomy enthusiasts from around the globe, this exhibition features the winning photos from this year’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest. Whether you’re a scientist, a photographer, or a hobbyist, this show offers an astonishing variety of visions of faraway planets, stars, and nebulae.

Dreamy Fashion Photography by Vivienne Mok


© Vivienne Mok / Offset


© Vivienne Mok / Offset

Paris-based photographer Vivienne Mok is entirely self-taught, her soft, painterly aesthetic being deeply rooted in her history in fashion design. Shortly after studying at Parsons School of Design and taking a position at a French fashion house, she began shooting as a means of showcasing her garments. Soon after, her photography took on a life of its own, her flowing fabrics laying the foundation for ethereal and imaginative visions of mysterious young women.

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© Reiner Riedler

EXHIBITION: Reiner Riedler: The Lifesaving Machines, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, 560 Broadway #603, October 30-December 20, Opening Reception October 30, 6-8 PM
Photographer Reiner Riedler was initially inspired to shoot medical machinery after the birth of his son, who spent time in an intensive care unit. After seeing the newborns hooked up to lifesaving devices, Riedler embarked on a journey to laboratories producing these delicate and powerful machines. Removing them from the context of a life and death crisis, the photographer traces their otherworldly beauty, setting them against an austere black backdrop. In his second show at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, Riedler presents this body of work.

Photographer Is Spammed by Dozens of Russian Women, Turns Them Into Art


My name is Oksana.
And you have very much liked me.
And I have decided to write to you
that will meet you to get
friendly communications.
I search to myself for the friend
with whom it is possible
to spend time and can and to create
in the future serious


i am here sitting in the internet caffe.
Found your email and decided to write.
I am 25 y.o.girl.
I have a picture if you want.
No need to reply here as
this is not may email.
Write me at [email protected]

For My Russian Spam Beauties, Paris-based photographer Dan Hayon repurposes the dozens of junk emails that continue flood his inbox after years of persistent spamming. All of the messages adhere to a precise format, including both a beseeching memo addressed from a faraway young woman and a photograph of said woman. My Russian Spam Beauties, now compiled as a book, features one underexposed, come-hither portrait after the next as paired with its original text, its broken English preserved and unaltered.

Heartwarming Portraits of Extremely Old Dogs


“Benjamin was found as a stray and ended up in a shelter about a year and a half ago. Pugalug Pug Rescue took him in and we were his foster parents. Due to his age and his medical problems, Ben was put in the ‘Abode Program'; he would be a long term foster. We thought it was important that he have a forever family so we adopted him; we are foster failures (again). He is estimated to be about 14 years old.”


“Finnegan is a Brussels Griffon smooth coat or a Petit Brabançon. He is 12.5 years old. When he lived in Montreal, he went by his French name: Finni le Poo.”


“Meet Stella the 12-year-old, one-eyed wonder Chihuahua! The little head tilt gives this tough girl a bit of deserved attitude.”

For Old Faithful, Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne captures the time-worn faces of elderly dogs, inviting the canines to sit for him in his home studio and sometimes making special trips to visit those who, in their old age, are unable to make the journey.