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A Collection of Bruce Gilden’s Up Close and Personal Portraits


West Bromwich, Peter


Las Vegas, Nevada, Donna

“They’re my friends for twenty minutes,” says New York City-based photographer Bruce Gilden of the personalities that together make up his newest book Face. Over the past few years, he has collected the countenances of those who spend their lives overlooked and unseen in crowds, visages that when scrutinized, slip from the familiar and banal and over—ever so slightly—into the extraordinary.

Your Art Gallery Teams Up with Artist Spencer Tunick to Present Previously Unseen Images (Sponsored) 


Spencer Tunick
American Morning 1 (125th Street, NYC) 1998, 2015
Archival Pigment Print

In the last decade, photography has become more accessible than ever, and with Your Art Gallery, the art buying experience has never been more democratic. Launched in May 2015, Your Art Gallery is a new kind of online gallery, designed to provide equal support and opportunities to photographers as well as those looking to grow their art collection.

Photographer Relishes the Messiness of Childhood in Raw, Emotional Images of Her Family




New York-based photographer Andi Schreiber first began photographing her family, she suggests, out of some innate feeling of urgency and desperation. She describes the period in which her eldest son was a toddler and her youngest an infant as one that was both sweet and solitary; homebound, she thirsted for familiar moments that slipped ever so slightly into the realm of the uncanny, instants wherein the ordinary became curious and strange.

Photographer Travels Throughout the EU Documenting Picturesque Borderlines between Countries




Nationality can play a large role in personal identity and sense of belonging, but what happens when the bounds of nationality become ambiguous? Valerio Vincenzo’s Borderline – Les frontiers de la paix visibly captures this practically borderless lifestyle.

The Story of Former Mexican Gang Members Who Now Pursue Their Passion for Art and Tattooing



In the desert landscape of Indio, California, eight young men cast off their involvements within the Mexican gang system in hopes of forging non-violent lives as a brotherhood of tattoo artists. For Desert Ink, Australian photographer Jonathan May tells the story of the men of Art and Ink tattoo shop, weaving together a murky and enigmatical tale of loss and redemption.

‘Technically Intimate’ Offers a Revealing Portrait of the ‘Sexting’ Phenomenon (NSFW)



When Chicago-based photographer Evan Baden first embarked on Technically Intimate seven years ago, homemade pornography and sexting were just beginning to gain momentum. Couples were making and selling their own sex tapes for profit, and individuals were snapping nude shots and sending them away for the remote enjoyment of a sometimes uncontainable audience.

Photographer Salvages Expired Photographic Paper for ‘The After Life of Things’



San Francisco-based photographer David Wolf has no interest in discovering the next big thing; instead, he’s drawn to the forsaken, to the has-beens and the rejects of decades past. For The After Life of Things, Wolf documents items that have been discarded on street corners and roadsides, ultimately printing their effigies on expired and discontinued photographic paper.

The Story of One Photographer Who Tracked Down Her Birth Mom After 22 Years Apart



“My whole life, I have been curious,” says Massachusetts-based photographer Ashley Comer of her birth mother Sheila, to whom she reached out this winter after twenty-two years apart. Meeting Sheila documents the friendship they forged over a series of four weekends.

Beautiful Photos Document the Daily Life of a Little Girl with Down Syndrome Living in the Denmark Countryside




Emmy loves meeting new people, says German photographer Mario Wezel of the five-year-old girl whom he documented every other day throughout her kindergarden school year. From his time with her, the photographer discovered that Emmy has the rare ability of taking in the world slowly, of becoming absorbed in fully her present surroundings, without making prejudgements or assumptions. Emmy also happens to have been born with Down syndrome.

Father Captures Photos of His Young Children Immersed in Nature Play



As we grow older, we sometimes forget the importance play had in the development of our lives. It isn’t until we have children of our own that we can observe childhood once again through a new lens, that we remember the joy and unadulterated bliss we once had at play. Photographer and father Dennis DeHart began photographing his young children in all forms of play in 2010. The ongoing series At Play, is a reflection of himself, fatherhood and a celebration of childhood.