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A Surrealist Daydream Made From Stock Photos



Polish photographer Weronika Gesicka calls it a “family” album, with quotation marks on either side. Traces is her collection of salvaged memories from the 1950s and 1960s, discovered through hours of pouring through outmoded pictures archived in image banks.

In a Time of Mourning, One Photographer Turns to His Young Son


“I was in the room when she passed, and it was a joyful, painful moment,” Lawrence, Kansas photographer Troy Colby says of losing his grandmother, “She wasn’t in pain anymore, but she was gone.” The abyss she left behind is what compelled him to turn to his son, and over the course of many photo shoots, the 11-year-old boy and his father found their way back to solid ground.

Unforgettable Portraits from an American Road Trip in the 1980s

People in Their Environments 024

Throop, PA, 1983 © Sage Sohier

People in Their Environments 012

Boston, MA, 1980 © Sage Sohier

In the 1980s, Massachusetts photographer Sage Sohier hit the road. She was 20-something years old, recently graduated from Harvard University, and enamored with the street. She approached strangers, toting around a clunky medium-format camera with a flash in search of serendipity.

Photos of Lust and Desire in 20th Century New Orleans (NSFW)

BJ Robinson

BJ Robinson, 1983 © George Dureau, Courtesy Arthur Roger Gallery and Higher Pictures

Roosevelt Singleton

Roosevelt Singleton, 1974 © George Dureau, Courtesy Arthur Roger Gallery and Higher Pictures

“My photographs are family pictures. Very sentimental,” the late photographer George Dureau explained to journalist Jack Fritscher in 2005. He called his models, discovered in the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans, his “darlings.” His darlings were street hustlers, outcasts, and those with disabilities. Some were his lovers.

Bold Patterns Created by Animals and their Shadows



Alexey Menschikov uses photography to construct graphic patterns. Taking shapes from real life – cats, birds, people, jutting architectural lines – he plays with light and shadow, reproducing the images in Photoshop to make playful grids of repeating form.

Moving Photos of Restless Souls Who Live on the Open Road


CSX Yard, Cumberland Maryland, 2014


Near Amarillo, Texas, 2013


Quartzsite, Arizona, 2016

“I’m not homeless. I might be houseless, but these freight trains are my home,” Mark confided in photographer Nicholas Syracuse, who has for twenty years been recording the history of those who, like Mark, have behind the comforts of mainstream life for the freedom of the railway.

The Unparalleled Joy of Dogs on the Beach (Sponsored)


Magnolia, Massachusetts © Cavan Images / Offset

“A dog can never tell you what she knows from the smells of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know almost nothing,” the great poet Mary Oliver writes in her 2013 book Dog Songs. Anyone who has ever seen a dog at the beach knows this to be true. Whether they’re chasing a ball or digging holes in the shade, dogs love the beach in some indelible, instinctual way that us humans can never truly grasp.

It’s tragic that so many beautiful beaches are closed to dogs during peak summer months, but this story is not about those beaches. It’s about those that welcome canines large and small. In honor of the season, we culled the Offset collection in search of the most joyous, life-affirming pictures of dogs on the beach.

Sophie Gamand on the Power of Photography and the Love of Dogs (Sponsored)


Amy, adopted

In the United States alone, an estimated one million homeless pit bulls are euthanized. New York photographer Sophie Gamand never expected to be a leading voice for these dogs, but after her series Pit Bull Flower Power went viral, she was thrust into that role. She’s a fine art photographer who became an animal advocate.

Marvel at Fleshy Nudes Made Out of Foam



Imagine a perfectly fleshy pre-Raphaelite bottom, rendered not in paint but in pastel-coloured foam. This is the work of fine artist Etienne Gros, whose series Les Mousses sculpts polyurethane foam around wire skeletons to form undulating chunky forms, uncannily like human bodies but completely inert.

Legendary Sports Photographer Walter Iooss Teams Up With Your Art Gallery (Sponsored)

Walter Iooss_Rare Air, Coconut Grove 1993

Rare Air, Coconut Grove 1993 © Walter Iooss

Walter Iooss_Blue Dunk, Lisle, Ill. 1987

Blue Dunk, Lisle, Ill 1987 © Walter Iooss

Michael Jordan. Derek Jeter. Muhammed Ali. Name a handful of the great athletes of the 20th and 21st centuries, and Walter Iooss has probably photographed them all. The picture that springs to mind when you think of a “sports star” is probably a picture he’s shot. He’s the guy who’s immortalized legends on the covers of more than 300 issues of Sports Illustrated.

Of all his iconic photographs, Iooss’s greatest are arguably those he made with Michael Jordan in his heyday— and probably the most memorable decade of the NBA. The pair collaborated to produce the smash hit autobiography Rare Air in 1993, topping the charts and taking the world by storm. He captured the evolution of an young man who became a star, right up until the first time he retired from the Chicago Bulls that same year.

Now, nearly a quarter century later, Iooss is celebrating another milestone. He has partnered with Your Art Gallery to release limited edition signed archival pigment prints for art buyers (and sports fans) around the world. And yes, that world-famous portrait of MJ in the white hoodie is included among the selection of 30 artworks. Most are familiar; some are surprises; all tell a story of hard work, heartache, triumph, and the indelible bond between a great photographer and his muse.

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