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An intimate glimpse into the fleeting moments of young love NSFW


Looking into the eyes of our own lover, can we really ever fully understand what they are thinking beyond their outward appearance? Hamburg-based photographer Hayley Austin’s fascination with the connection between corporeality and love stems from her own experiences during her early to mid-twenties, a period when sexual desire and attraction pervaded her life. Driven by a personal longing to freeze time and capture those fugitive moments of desire which fade as quickly as they arrive, in 2013 she turned her lens towards young couples whose love was relatively fresh. The resulting series Narratives of Desire offers the viewer a glimpse into some of the most intimate moments between young lovers in their private spaces.

The Tragedy and Triumph of Russian Ballet, in Photos (Sponsored)


© Darian Volkova / Offset


© Darian Volkova / Offset

Saint Petersburg photographer and Offset Artist Darian Volkova refers to the stage as “Her Majesty.” As a ballet dancer herself, she’s sacrificed much to the stage. She’s seen the curtain rise and fall a thousand times, and she knows every second by heart.

Spellbinding Photos of Meals from Classic Books

Alice in Wonderland_Fictitious Feasts

“Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-glass” (Lewis Carroll)

The metamorphosis_Fictitious Feasts

“The Metamorphosis” (Franz Kafka)

Paris photographer Charles Roux describes his boyhood self as “a lonely kid that filled his life – and his voids- with literary fiction.” In this way, you could say Fictitious Feasts began in the artist’s early years, when he was curled up with a book, turning the pages and imagining the worlds inside them.

A Dark and Majestic Fairy Tale of Animals Lost in the Forest Mist



Frank Machalowski’s Tierwald hangs heavy with mystery. In the apparent silence of the forest, rendered in delicate greys, great beasts hulk, meeting the gaze of the viewer with apparent lack of concern. The effect is magical realist in character: it evokes tranquility as much as it surprises with its subject matter. Machalowski provokes questions: are these beasts really present? And how? He seems to frame a private moment of magic, crystallising it and passing it forward for the viewer to see.

Otherworldly Portraits of Dancers Underwater


“Through my underwater work, I strive to convey a visceral response to the movement I capture. We all know what it feels like to be suspended in water. Even if someone doesn’t like water and doesn’t know how to swim, every human innately knows the feeling of floating in the womb” explains Los Angeles based photographer Mallory Morrison concerning her ethereal series Underwater Choreography. The resulting poetic photographs are truly otherworldly, transporting us to realms of the imagination that feel fragile yet tangible.

Waves that Look like Brushstrokes



Having lived on the coast his entire life, Australian photographer Warren Keelan has never been too far from the ocean. For as long as Warren can remember he has been fascinated with its natural beauty, ever-changing forms and unpredictable nature.

Secrets from the Isolated Territory of Susta

Collecting firewood. 2014

A woman collecting firewood for fuel.

Disputed land. 2014

“I hadn’t seen any form of images of the land or the people,” says Kathmandu-based photographer Prasiit Sthapit of what motivated him to visit Susta. Though its name flickered in and out of the newspapers—the territory is contested, claimed on one hand by Nepal and on the other by India—he could find very little about the isolated and mysterious area.

4 Photographers Push the Boundaries of the Medium


I was not the thinnest, nor the prettiest, but I was the winner!, 2015 © Jennifer Greenburg/Courtesy Klompching Gallery, New York


Untitled, 2015 © Antonio Jacob Martinez/Courtesy Klompching Gallery, New York

The time-traveler. The cagefighter. The medical examiner. The man who stares at walls. All four of these curious figures are represented in FRESH 2016, the annual exhibition at Klompching Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

One Photographer’s Collaboration with a 175-Year-Old Ghost



In 2002, New York photographer Stacy Renee Morrison found an old trunk discarded in the city streets and filled with photographs, jewelry, perfume, and other delicate keepsakes dating back to the 19th century. They were, discovered the photographer, the possessions of a woman named Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander, who died in 1925 at the age of eighty-four.

Under Black Lights, Models Star in Psychedelic Photos

Lost In Infinity Split12

Lost In Infinity Split4

As soon as he stepped into the cosmic cave of Magnus Sodamin’s art installation ‘Infinity Split’, Miami-based photographer Alex Markow knew right away that he wanted to collaborate with the artist. In his new series titled Lost in Infinity Split, neon splattered models float nude in a kind of psychedelic acid trip, lost in-between scintillas of cosmic light. The bodies, part illuminated in jeweled colors and half swallowed by darkness, appear like visions out of the galactic space, seducing us into the mysteries of the night.

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