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Beautiful, Life-Affirming Photos of Elderly Dogs

Chauncey 12yrs - Juneau

Chauncey (middle), 12 years old, daughter Sailor Girl (left) and Ready girl (right), 6 years old, Juneau, Alaska

49_A Meg 16 years old Java 14.5 years old Juneau, Alaska

Meg ,16 years old, Java, 14.5 years old, Juneau, Alaska

In 2006, New York City-based photographer Nancy LeVine said goodbye to her two best friends, dogs Lulu and Maxie. She has devoted more than a decade to honoring their legacy, traveling the United States in search of souls like theirs, elderly canines who are living out their golden years with a dignity and warmth that far exceed the aches and pains of old age.

Call for Submissions: The Art of Food

nam 16

At the Cai Rang floating market in Vietnam, vendors arrive early in the morning to hang their vegetables for display © Daniel Dreifuss (@punkeykid, @illuminatethisday)

Marcella Hazan, the recently departed Italian food writer, famously said, “Cooking is an art, but you eat it too.” In recent years, photography and food have collided in a big way, from famous photographers who have taken the unlikely route of shooting cookbooks to others who have used food to build full-blown gallery installations. Now, we’re looking for your images capturing the intersection of art and food, whatever that means to you, from food photographed artfully to art made out of food.

This group show will be curated by Alison Zavos, Editor-in-Chief at Feature Shoot. To submit, email up to five images (620 pixels wide on the shortest side, saved for web, no borders or watermarks) titled with your name and the number of the image (ex: yourname_01.jpg) to fsgroupshow (at) gmail (dot) com with “Art of Food” in the subject line. Please include your full name, website and image captions within the body of the email.

You may also submit via Instagram simply by following @featureshoot and posting your images using the hashtag #featureshootfood. Submissions are already rolling in, so act now for the chance to have your image featured on our Instagram.

This show is supported by Squarespace, the intuitive website publishing platform that makes it simple for photographers to build creative and professional sites with their combo of award-winning designs, hosting, domains, and commerce. Selected photos will run on the Feature Shoot website and be promoted through our social media channels. Copyright remains with the photographer.

Deadline for submissions is July 16, 2016.

Squarespace is a Feature Shoot sponsor.

Photos Capture the Side-by-Side Transitions of a Couple in Love


Relationship, #23 (The Longest Day of the Year), 2011


Relationship, #33, 2008-2013

There’s a photo on Myspace from 2005, picturing a party in Manhattan. In the crowd, two strangers are dancing. Three years later, those anonymous people would meet and fall in love. From 2008 until 2014, Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst took hundreds more photographs of one another, not as part of a noisy group, but together in the privacy of their own home. Over the course of that time, Drucker, a transgender woman, and Ernst, a transgender man, would transition, side-by-side.

Exploring Ecuador and Mexico Off the Grid


Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Valle del Chotas, Ecuador ,


Three years ago, Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé left everything behind, fitting his entire life inside a 21-foot camper. He’s anchored to nothing and free to explore; he mets strangers along the way, says goodbye, and moves along. Traversing the streets and landscapes of Mexico and Ecuador, he creates uncanny visions of daily life, scenes in which the mundane goings on become electric rituals and rites, thrumming with color.

Photographer Captures Harsh Arctic Landscapes and Research at the ‘End of the World’



“The Arctic is constantly melting, reforming, appearing and disappearing. The weather changes, creates or simply hides the land. The Arctic region produces an abiding sense of dislocation in those who go there. Here rocks, ice, the ocean and I gradually give way to a progressive whiteness”.

For Bulgarian photographer Anna Filipova, the Arctic is one of the most fascinating places on earth, but it is also one of the most endangered; it is consequentially home to the most northerly laboratory for modern Arctic research. “The people who choose to come here are a far cry from the stereotypical idea of a conservative, square scientist in comfortable lab – the people who come here are driven by the sense of adventure and excited by the uniqueness of the place” explains Anna. This “sense of adventure” is what drew Anna to the region, where she captured Research at the End of the World.

Dye Sublimation Printing and the Future of Fine Art Image-Making


Work by Lissa Rivera

Since its inception in 2005, Ken Allen Studios in Brooklyn has been a pioneer in the field of digital printing, carrying its founder’s decades of experience and knowledge of photo history into the modern age. As a trusted printer for leading photographers and institutions, including the nearby Guggenheim Museum, New York Public Library, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Ken Allen is constantly innovating and researching the next big thing in the business. Most recently, the studio welcomed a brand new dye sublimation printing facility into the fold.

Portraits of People Who Have Overcome Unhappiness (NSFW)


Dóri, Budapest, 2015


Mária at her home, 2015

“Hungarians really like to complain, and we are the one of the most depressed nations”, emphasises Hungarian photographer Eva Szombat, who has observed signs of unhappiness both in herself and the people around her. The question “what makes us happy?” has become a personal fascination for the photographer; she has to date produced a series of projects with the intention of increasing the viewer’s happiness. Her latest photo book Practitioners celebrates the people who have overcome unhappiness by prioritizing whatever it is that makes them happy: from gender reassignment surgery and collecting everyday objects to having a pet.

Eerie Photos of Hong Kong, Devoured by Fog



Hong Kong-based photographer Andy Yeung knows his city by heart; he’s walked the streets of Quarry Bay, explored the crevices of public housing in the Ping Shek and Choi Wan Estates. He’s even flown drones far above the high-rises, peering down at the place he calls home as if from a private bower nestled amongst the clouds. But nothing could have prepared him for the nightly ritual of metamorphosis of Hong Kong, when the sun descends and a blanket of murky mist covers the urban sprawl.

Mystery and Magic on a Lonely Farm in Iceland




Photographer Agnieszka Sosnowska lives on more than one square mile of feral Icelandic terrain, a landscape flecked with a thousand folktales, passed down from one generation to the next. According to legend, little houses lie unseen within the fissures of the native rocks, inside which the elves or Huldufólk— meaning “hidden people”— go about their secret, invisible lives. Sosnowska, who moved to the farm in eastern Iceland a decade ago, is herself a skeptic, but she can’t help but hear the whispers of some mysterious presence when she’s out there, alone with the wind and the gulls for company.

Behold the Winners of Ken Allen Studios’ Spring Photo Contest

the unexpected_elena lyakir_30x80-copy

The Unexpected © Elena Lyakir, First Prize

horizontal trees 001

Water Tower © Yoav Friedlander, Second Prize

The Unexpected resembles a portal into another world, a primordial realm in which the sky and the earth collide and overlap to become one. The photograph, like all of the images in Elena Lyakir’s City Parks Romance, was not in fact shot in any ancient place but in the heart of Lincoln Park, Chicago.

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