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Color and Light in a Unique Suburb of Sydney



Sydney-born photographer Markus Andersen first visited the suburb of Cabramatta two years ago. A memorial had recently been set up in the main square honor of those who lost their lives in the 2014 Sydney hostage crisis, and moved by the scene, the photographer found himself wandering the streets.

The Astonishing Feats of Jumping Cats



The pictures arrive in my email inbox in a mysterious folder titled simply “meow.” Inside, there are exactly twelve photographs of twelve different felines bounding through the air. This is Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek’s jumping cats calendar.

Forgotten Places in the California Desert


Bakersfield, California


Desert Shores, California

For photographer Ed Freeman, finding the places others have forgotten is simple: he looks at a map of the California desert, finds a tiny spot somewhere out of the way, and makes the drive.

The Story of One Dying Man and the Photographer He Trusted


To Be Dressed


Degrees of Deterioration

When photographer Justine Bursoni gave birth to her son, midwife Ray Spooner stood by her, and when Ray Spooner died, Justine Bursoni stood by him.

Ornithological Photographs at the Intersection of Art and Science

Boat-billed Flycatcher (Megarynchus pitangua)

Megarynchus pitangua

Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus)

Keel-billed Toucan

Beyond their minimalist, painterly quality, at first glance these photographs of small birds caught in mist nets might induce a certain degree of panic in the viewer. As photographer Todd Forsgren puts it, “the captured creatures appear embarrassed, fearful, angry and vulnerable.” It’s necessary to emphasize that no birds were harmed in the process of creating the series Ornithological Photographs. Todd portrayed the birds during the decisive moment in which they were caught as part of scientific studies and ornithological research — after the scientists collected sufficient data the birds were released into the wild.

These hybrid beasts allude to the monster in all of us





What exactly are the hybrid creatures we see in these antique photographs? The illusion is quite convincing, but Bestiary is the fusion of Greek artist Viktor Koen’s longstanding fascination with Greek mythology and early 19th century photography. Viktor created these monsters, some of which may be familiar to classicists, using the faces of the deceased who now only exist in photographic archives.

Tales from the Cold Wilderness of the Russian Far North



Elena Anosova pays an unusual and meticulous attention to textures. Their feature throughout her project, Out-Of-The-Way, is striking and varied; the patterns of a wallpaper not quite the same as the icing sugar rush of falling snow, a lacelike net curtain creating a different visual effect than a roiling cloud of mist above a landscape. Of her textural focus, she explains: “there are many lifestyle details that immerse the viewer… My approach is one of the additional strokes that tells the story of this place, its state of being frozen in time and space.”

Photos of a Greek Island in a Time Before Time





Petros Koublis rewrites old myths. The Greek photographer has traversed the craggy terrain of Athens, Santorini, and Marathon in search of echoes left behind by the ancient bards and dreamers.

Most recently, he made his way to Tinos, where according to The Odyssey by Homer, the hero Ajax was said to have drowned a violent death in the wake of the Battle with Troy, having incurred the wrath of the gods Athena and Poseidon.

Rescue Kittens Take Flight in New Photo Book





The life of a homeless kitten can be tough, but thanks to California photographer Seth Casteel, some special rescue cats were given a chance to have some fun and play.

How One Photographer Finds Solace in the Dead of Night


Lodgepole Campground, Sequoia National Forest


Elysian Park #3

“When its dark, you can’t see whats ten feet in front of you,” Los Angeles photographer Amanda Friedman says, “things can feel a bit creepy.”

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