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Powerful Photos Document Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Romania and Moldova


Tunde, 24-years-old, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tunde was living with a street gang when she was trafficked by her boyfriend. The gang was regularly assaulted by police.


“We were a very large gang. We would live here. It was me, my sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, a whole bunch of us. […] The hardest thing is to end up in a hole like this, where you can’t even put your clothes away neatly. It’s always dirty here.”

- Tunde, about one of the several places she lived in while on the streets. During that time, she was trafficked by her boyfriend.

A highway runs through forestland in Moldova. It is often lined with buckets, where one can pull over his or her vehicle and order a car wash. The car wash, however, is code for buying sex. Girls hide behind tree trunks and wait to be signaled – once it is safe to appear, they escort their clients into the woods for sex.

Photographer Eric Gottesman Collaborates with Ethiopian Teens to Make Incredibly Powerful Images


I tell my family I am HIV+. They forgot me and ate at the table.


If I could see your face, I would not need food.


The best day of my life was the day I was reunited with my sister. Photograph by Mesfin Muhammed and Eric Gottesman.

Ok, let’s do this together. Stop for a second and think about the country Ethiopia. What’s the first image that comes to mind? The second? The third?

Enchanting Portraits of Identical Twin Farmers in the Hungarian Countryside



With The Twins, Germany-based photographer Janos Stekovics remembers the lives and rituals of a since-passed set of identical twin farmers, János and István Lukács, who worked their entire lives along the Hungarian countryside.

Raw, Visceral Photos Capture a Photographer’s Struggle with Mental Illness



For Fragmentary, London-based photographer Daniel Regan visualizes the tensions, contradictions, and isolation of mental illness through a series of self-portraits captured during times of heightened psychological anguish. Through each shadowed and enigmatical vision of the self, he inserts his own medical records, exhumed from the archives of the Brighton & Hove mental health services.

Cinematic Photos Show Daily Life Inside the Moscow Metro




Intrigued by images seen online of the Moscow Metro, Israeli photographer Tomer Ifrah traveled to the Russian capital with the intentions of photographing the bustling transit system. Drawn to its grandiose architecture and history, built in 1935, the metro is the largest in Europe, carrying close to 7 million passengers a day. Many stations were built in the 1930s and 1940s with classic Soviet architecture, and no two stations look the same. His series, titled Moscow Metro, captures the reality of daily life, set amongst a historic backdrop of a beautifully preserved, romantic Russian transit system.

Endearing Photos Capture the Bond Between Children and Animals in the Russian Countryside




Russian photographer Elena Shumilova spends each day on her family farm in the Russian countryside capturing her young boys as they explore the lakeside village with their animal companions. At night, after everyone has gone to bed, she pours over the sun-drenched imagery, processing the day’s memories.

Playful Gifs of Liberians Break Down Stereotypes


Ducor Hotel once had a tennis court that is now mostly used by kids from the community for football.


Hipco is a hip-hop distinctive to Liberia which is sung in Liberian-English exclusively. Mr. Smith Lib Money International is one of the numerous MC of the Liberian Hipco scene. I met Mr. Smith in the streets of Monrovia; he was looking for somebody to take some pictures of him. I am not sure that picture was what he was expecting from me…


Girl with the aubergine dress

For Monrovia Animated, Paris-based photographer Francois Beaurain combats the sensationalistic and bleak media portrayal of the Liberian capital with a set of gifs that highlight the exuberance and energy of its people.

‘The First Celebrity Chef': Photos Take Us Inside the Kitchen of Marco Pierre White




When chef Marco Pierre White, famously recognized as the original celebrity chef, released his cookbook and memoir White Heat twenty-five years ago, he became a cultural icon. The photographs in the book, shot by the late Bob Carlos Clarke, helped to solidify the young man’s status as a the decade’s ultimate enfant terrible, featuring rowdy kitchen shenanigans and shirtless studio portraits in lieu of the chef’s most famous dishes.

Inside Philadelphia’s Neglected and Abandoned Row Houses


Willie and Rose, South 47th Street, West Philadelphia, 2008.


Brenda, 2008.


19th and Seybert no.4, 2008.

For Abandoned, Philadelphia-based photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge chronicles the city’s forgotten houses, darkened and gutted structures that have fallen into disrepair in the face of poverty, relocations, and the deaths of their former inhabitants.

Fascinating Portraits of BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) Taken on the Streets of NYC




New York based photographer Kathy Shorr didn’t initially set out to do a series on friendship. She stumbled across the idea while working on another project. After photographing two young friends she noticed the curious way they morphed into one another while posing for her camera. She began to reminisce about her own friendships in her teens and early adult years – a time when your best friend was like an extension of yourself. Her series BFF represents this strong and dynamic relationship that all girls have in their young lives.