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Quirky Photos Capture China’s Bizarre ‘Facekini’ Trend



Photographer Peng Yangjun’s photographs of beach goers visiting the seaside of Qingdao, China appear like any other family snapshot of a cheerful retiree posing beside the placid water, with one obvious anomaly: all the women sport colorful ski masks.

Photographer Confronts the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness by Capturing Her Girlfriend, Who Lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder (NSFW)



In My Girls, photographer Laurence Philomène tenderly documents intimate moments with her girlfriend Luna e Los Santos, who lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a controversial and widely misunderstood mental illness resulting from a history of trauma or abuse. As a means of coping with intrusive memories, a person with DID might develop two or more distinct personalities with differing autobiographical narratives. For this courageous collaboration with Luna, Philomène disrupts the stigma and shame surrounding DID by approaching Luna’s experience through a loving and sensitive lens. Says the 21-year-old artist, “Every day is different, and for me it’s about always acknowledging whichever alter is out, treating them with love [and] respect and growing together.”

Bewitching Portraits From Whitby Goth Weekend in North Yorkshire



Pop those vampire teeth in and find that swirling cape you’ve got buried in your closet for the Whitby Goth Weekend. Twice a year, the quiet town in North Yorkshire, England is descended upon by thousands of figures clad in black lace, top hats, ghoulish make up and more for the bi-annual event. Believed to be where Bram Stoker drew inspiration for the dark classic Dracula, Whitby has been host to this unique subculture for 20 years. Photographer Annie Collinge spent time capturing one of the most popular gothic events in Europe, people arriving from all over the world to celebrate their love of the macabre.

Thought Provoking Photographs Examine Our Complicated Relationship with Sharks


To find out what high concentrations of great white sharks were doing close to beaches during the austral summer, scientists from the White Shark Trust used sea kayaks to track inshore shark movements off the southern tip of Africa. Western Cape, South Africa © Thomas P. Peschak


Endemic to South Africa’s kelp forests, a juvenile puffadder shy shark hovers above my dive guide’s hand. © Thomas P. Peschak

For his book Sharks and People, National Geographic photographer and marine biologist Thomas Peschak examines the behaviors and condition of the great fish, honing in on the nuances of the widely misunderstood animals. Here, we meet the mammoth whale shark and a tender pup the size of a human palm. In the same breath, we are confronted with the painful realities of our dealings with sharks, in which we ourselves are revealed to be the fearsome hunters.

‘Postcards from Pine Bluff’: The Story of a Southern City in Decline


Kareem Bearden works the night shift at a drive-thru liquor store on the outskirts of Pine Bluff. Mr. Bearden moved to town a few years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin when a friend opened the store.

“Things quiet now, cause people are broke, but come the first of the month, thing’ll be jumpin’.”


Alex Litzsey stands along Main Street in downtown Pine Bluff. 

“About 45 minutes south of Little Rock, things have come undone.”

It is with this statement that William Widmer introduces us to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a small city of just under 50,000 now infamous for its poverty and crime. The area was once a major epicenter for agriculture and industry in the South. However like many blue collar cities in the United States, Pine Bluff has deteriorated into abandoned local businesses and empty factory buildings that once lined the Arkansas River. As the population continues to drop, crime rates rise, the city ranking second only to Detroit for violence. In 2012, Pine Bluff recorded 18 murders, seven times the national average per capita.

Haunting Series Documents Painful Reminders of the First World War


Soldier’s grave Champagne: This helmet atop a wooden cross marking the the battlefield grave of a French poilu Edouard Ivaldi is the last such marker anywhere on the Western Front.


Tyne Cot: The largest Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in the world with almost 12,000 graves and a memorial to another 35,000 men with unknown graves.
“I have many times asked myself whether there can be more potent advocates of peace upon earth through the years to come than this massed multitude of silent witnesses to the desolation of war” King George V during a visit in 1922

One hundred summers ago this year, the First World War began, setting of a chain of battles that would claim some 16 million lives over the course of four years. For Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace 14-18, photographer Michael St Maur Sheil returns to the Western front, cataloguing its landscapes as they exist today. In contrast to the vast majority World War I photographs picturing renowned generals and bloodied soldiers black and white, Sheil presents a topography healed in part by the passage time and a century’s growth of verdure.

The Incredible Story of a Group of Orphans and Their Adopted Dogs



In a riverside concrete amphitheater in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a community of young street children live with their beloved stray dogs. Separated from their parents or orphaned in the slums of Dhaka, the boys forge a close-knit family with their adopted animals. This is Robindra Shorbod, a park where the kids gather and sell recyclable plastic containers for food, which they unfailingly share with their ten devoted canine companions, Tiger, Romeo, Bullet, Kula, Moti, Michael, Tom, Jax, Lalu, and Bagha.

Photo du Jour: ‘A Sunny Place for Shady People’


Drenched in sunshine and suburbia, Ying Ang‘s Gold Coast is brimming with images we come to expect from Australia. Despite its sweeping aesthetic, the series is drowning in darkness, an ominous truth lying in wait in the city’s quiet streets. Once labelled a tourist capital, the Gold Coast region has become infamously named the crime capital of Australia. Ang herself was a significant witness to a double murder attempted suicide, exposed at a young age to the seedy underbelly of the place she calls home.

Garry Winogrand, a Godfather of Street Photography, Takes NYC with Simultaneous Exhibitions

Garry Winogrand

Central Park Zoo, New York, 1967 © Garry Winogrand. Collection of Randi and Bob Fisher

Garry Winogrand

Los Angeles, 1964 © Garry Winogrand. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Gift of Jeffrey Fraenkel

Garry Winogrand

Los Angeles, 1980-83 © Garry Winogrand. The Garry Winogrand Archive, Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona

With a widely-reviewed, massive exhibition now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Bronx-born photographer Garry Winogrand has been given his first American retrospective in 25 years. The exhibition, which debuted last year at SFMoMA, then traveling to the National Gallery of Art, is on view now through September 21, 2014. At the same time, Rick Wester Fine Art and Pace/MacGill, both in NYC, are also mounting shows of Winogrand’s work. All three exhibitions, to varying degrees, feature lesser-known images along with the well-known favorites. The Met is also exhibiting posthumous and never-before-seen prints from Winogrand’s behemoth archive—he shot 26,000 rolls of film over the course of his lifetime. Winogrand begun working as a photographer only after enrolling at Columbia University on the G.I. Bill to study painting, first serving in the military as a weather forecaster. He lived a relatively short life, especially for one so productive, dying suddenly at the age of 56 in 1984.

Photo du Jour: A Baptism in New Dehli


© Gary S. Chapman / Offset

The country of India has a dense population of just over 1.2 billion individuals, the overwhelming majority practicing Hindus. Christianity ranks as the 3rd largest religion, an minuscule number given that only 2.3% claim to be Protestant. Photojournalist Gary S. Chapman captures a “new believer” of the Christian faith being baptized in New Dehli.