Grotesque Portraits of People Wearing a Junk Food Face Mask



Welcome to the sugar-coated nightmare. James Ostrer creates alluringly grotesque portraits of individuals suffocating in sweets for his series Wosit All About. Inspired by his own love/hate relationship with junk food, Ostrer bought around $8000 worth of cookies, licorice, cheese puffs and jelly beans for the project.

He constructed each besprinkled monster in an effort to beat the cravings, exploring the deeply unfulfilling process of binge-eating. Beginning with a colored cream cheese base, the sculpted edibles were often a race against time to maintain, some of the full body portraits taking upwards of 8 hours to complete. Ostrer’s dessert-riddled busts look like tribal devils of our darker cravings, the overload of color and candy a visual definition of the words “sickly sweet”.

Wosit All About is currently showing at the Gazelli Art House in London until September 11th.










Images © James Ostrer 2014

via Lost at E Minor


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  • Steven

    Dying at this. No, really, absolutely crippled laughing. Class.

  • Sabrina

    Do you want ants? Cuz that’s how you get ants.

  • Amir Sibboni

    Now that is different

  • Godo Laukia

    mmm looks de – li – cious

  • Phoenix

    When the water bill arrives …

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