Photographer Catches Berlin Revelers as They Leave the Club in the Cold Light of Day



London-based photographer Oliver Eglin captures the illusive clientele of one of the world’s most infamous techno clubs in his series Berghain/Panorama. Blinking and bleary-eyed in the cold light of day, Eglin’s disheveled subjects give us a glimpse into the nonstop revelry, the average visitor spending in excess of 10-12 hrs behind the club’s heavy closed doors. A former power generation plant in a desolate part of East Berlin, Berghain remains open from Friday until Monday afternoon, its 1500 person capacity easily filled two or three times over. The club’s stringent no camera policy coupled with its exclusive cortege of partygoers leads to wild speculation of what really goes on in this urban palace. Waiting outside early on a Sunday morning, Eglin photographs the eclectic clubbers as they greet the dawn, momentarily suspended between the fantasy of escape and the mundane world beyond.












  • CV

    If these pictures were taken on Sunday morning, then you’re not photographing the right crowd. Berlin’s real club kids have a different schedule. The London photographer was misinformed…like every tourist for that matter. 🙂

  • Sean

    Lighten up mate.

  • V V

    Having left Berghain at plenty of times throughout the morning this is now the crowd nor does it look like the people who are leaving. Also should have some respect huh? No photos inside so keep a fair distance on the outside too.

  • Mathis

    If there was no description, I would have no clue that these kids were at a club let alone Berghain. They just look like street style photos (of hipsters) taken on film. I just dont see the point of it.

  • blah-di-blah

    agreed. if someone tried to photograph me as i was leaving church, i’d probably want to slap them… but then any respectable regular would be arriving, not leaving, at dawn on a sunday.

  • Fred

    Wow, you’re cool.

  • Alex

    Quite honestly, I find the pursuit of new/interesting images admirable. I know a lot of people (possibly even yourself included) that consider themselves to appear gaunt/disheveled/grey/dead/zombielike (i.e in a state they wouldn’t like to be photographed) post rave, but this is infact a result of skewed perception brought about by hugely depleted serotonin levels/blown out pupils.

    In reality most people look quite normal, if a little dehydrated/exhausted. This is why I find the images at the very least interesting, they attempt to force you to question the limits of your perception instead of blithely dismissing anything that doesn’t match up with what you think you’ve seen.

  • Alex


  • john smith

    who cares?,,,,

  • john smith

    their posing for the fucking cameras you morons…they knew they were getting photographed….

  • CV

    You’re probably cooler.

  • retox

    Why is the media so obsessed with Berghain, it’s just a club, these people look like they’ve just taken a break from some saturday afternoon shopping trip, take photos of people coming out of Tresor on a sunday afternoon after a 2 hour Pacou set if you want to see dishevelled club going folk haha

  • retox

    Or any sort of backstreet underground techno night in berlin for that matter

  • detsea

    oh man! i’ll never be as cool as either of you…

  • aae

    Welcome to contemporary “art”.

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