Disposable Everyday Objects Transformed Into Abstract Works of Art

Sam Kaplan

Bubble Tea Straws

Sam Kaplan

Plastic Bags

Through repetition of form, NYC-based photographer Sam Kaplan aims to make disposable objects beautiful—and he succeeds. His series Disposables elevates everyday objects to abstract and striking works of art. When he began the series, Kaplan focused on the formal, functional aspects of the objects, exploring how they could be shot in a dynamic and thoughtful way. As the series progressed, his object choices expanded from what was simply interesting to him to what could be seen as a social commentary on the objects we use everyday. The result? Eye-pleasing, graphic landscapes of texture and color.

Kaplan’s series is one of the first collections to be included on CoEdit, a new kind of gallery that celebrates the art and talent of editorial and commercial photographers, creating a curated space for the emerging collector to discover and purchase original prints.

Sam Kaplan

Clear Straws

Sam Kaplan

Coffee Stirrers I

Sam Kaplan

Solo Cups

Sam Kaplan

Coffee Stirrers II

Sam Kaplan

Cone Cups

  • Michelle Moy

    the link to the photographer leads to dildos…

  • Abstractart Lesson

    Kaplan’s use of what we consider as everyday garbage and turn it into art is yet another brilliant idea. This is one way of promoting art and waste management.

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