Call for Submissions: Photos Depicting What You’re Thankful For


© Fred Huening

Photographers, this is your chance to take a step back, stop the online shopping for a second, and show the world what you are thankful for. This is our most open ended call for submissions yet- and yes, we expect (and welcome) lots of photos of pets, babies, and loved ones, but we also want to see the less obvious: everything from your favorite foods to your favorite vacation spot to your favorite pair of kicks, surprise us!

The Best Photo Links of the Week (Dec 15-19)

Makeup area Love Hollywood Style, 2003. Makeup Area, Love Hollywood Style, 2003 @ David Strick

From highbrow to lowbrow (and everything in between), this is what we found of interest in photo-land this week.

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Photographer Bieke Depoorter Spends Each Night in the Company of Strangers



Bieke Depoorter spends her nights in the homes of strangers. Traveling across the United States she photographs families, couples, and individuals at night in their most intimate spaces. Her new book I am about to call it a day was made over the course of four years and eight visits to the U.S. It presents a genuine and honest series of portraits that come from staying just one night in a stranger’s home.

Self Portraits Examine the Disparity Between Who We Are When We Wake Up and The Person We Present to the World

Mel Keiser

Mel Keiser

Mel Keiser’s Becoming Mel is a series of paired self-portraits—one taken immediately upon waking, the other after she’s put herself together for the day—repeated each day for a month. The series resembles a before-and-after beauty feature, but Keiser, a brainy Chicago photographer and artist, has more on her mind than lip gloss and hair style. Her work asks you to look at the gap between sleep-blurred Mel and bright-eyed Mel and rethink what you know about identity and the self.

Step Right Up: Our Latest Group Show Takes You to the State Fair


Clackamas County Fair on August 17, 2012 © Leah Nash


Pizza © Bruce Booher

Andrea Bonisoli Alquati_02

The race. South Carolina State Fair, Columbia, SC, 2011 © Andrea Bonisoli Alquati

Our latest group show examines the weird, wild and wonderful state fair. Our juror Kat Kiernan selected photographs from Feature Shoot readers that encompass the raw and exciting energy of these traveling shows across the country.

Congratulations to Bruce Booher, Leah Nash, and Andrea Bonisoli Alquati, who will receive a one-year subscription to Squarespace, the innovative website publishing platform perfect for photographers. They make it simple to create professional websites that are 100% customizable, making web design accessible to everyone. Complete with award-winning designs, hosting, domains, commerce, and 24/7 support, Squarespace offers photographers more ways to market themselves and grow their business.

Photos Showcase the Exquisite Intricacy of Iranian Mosques

Nasir al-Mulk mosque pnorama

The Pink Mosque, or Nasir al-mulk Mosque, is a historical site located in Shiraz, Iran.

Vakil mosque panorama

Vakil mosque was built in the 18th century, during the Zand period. It is located in Shiraz, Iran and covers an area of 8,660 square meters.

About five years ago, Iranian photographer Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji came across a series of photos from the interior of the Egyptian pyramids. That made him wonder whether he could take photos of historical sites as well. A self-taught photographer, he started to experiment with panorama, monument and landscape photography. In this series of photos, he captures the interplay between light and symmetry inside Iranian mosques, showing the world a rarely seen side of the country.

Virginie Gosselin’s Surreal Food Still Lifes


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset


© Virginie Gosselin / Offset

In her playful still lifes, Canadian photographer Virginie Gosselin marries her surrealist aesthetic with her longtime interest in food, cultivated from her childhood at a farm in Quebec. For her conceptual food images, the photographer draws inspiration from an unlikely set of muses: the aisles of the local grocer, discarded objects at yard sales, the advertorial imagery of mid-century America, and everything in between.

Surprising Portraits of Museum Guardians in Russia


Stroganov Palace, Russian State Museum


Matisse Still Life, Hermitage Museum

In Russia, museum guardians are not the usual security men. Traditionally, it is older women guarding the works of art, sitting all day on a chair while looking at the visitors. It’s this what caught American photographer Andy Freeberg‘s eye. “I found the guards as intriguing to observe as the pieces they watch over,” he says. His Guardians series captures the interplay between art and these devoted guardians themselves.

Call for Submissions: Life in the Country


© Rachel McGinn / Offset

In our modern era, life in the countryside has become an ultimate fantasy. In real life as in these romantic daydreams, the country offers the best of both worlds, the beauty of the wilderness merged with the comforts of civilization. As we move further from the pastoral life and into a metropolitan one, photographs of country living are all the more potent, serving as a reminder of the way things once were and could be again. We’re looking for your photographic interpretations of country living, captured everywhere from upstate New York to the rolling hills of Cumbria, England.

Our judge for this group show will be Keren Sachs, Director of Content Development for Offset, a new collection of high-end stock imagery, curated from artists all over the world. Before joining Offset, Sachs worked as a Director of Photography at Martha Stewart Living, Photo Editor at National Geographic Society, and Creative Manager at Williams-Sonoma.

All submitting photographers will be considered to join Offset’s curated collection of award-winning and high end photography. One selected photographer will also receive a GoPro Hero4 Black. All selected photos will run on the Feature Shoot website and be promoted through our social media channels. Copyright remains with the photographer.

To submit, email up to five images (620 pixels wide on the shortest side, saved for web, no borders or watermarks) titled with your name and the number of the image (ex: yourname_01.jpg) to fsgroupshow (at) gmail (dot) com with “Country Living” in the subject line. Please include your full name, website and image captions detailing the titles/locations of the photographs within the body of the email.

The deadline for submissions is January 9, 2015.

Check out our latest interview with Keren Sachs to learn more about Offset.

Behind-the-Scenes Photographs of the Pasadena Police Department in the 1980s


(6/7/86) Agent Lee Baroni with “Duster” (subject under the influence of PCP) who attacked patrol car


(8/8/85) Agent Lionel Salgado looking for rock cocaine in suspected Crip’s mouth.

Newport Beach-based photographer William Valentine grew up with a father in Pasadena Police Department, and many of his formative childhood memories unfolded within the context of life and death situations. Between the ages of five and eight, he explains that he had been on board a code three—or life threatening— call, and had witnessed a dead man being brought in by ambulance after a drug overdose. During long nights, he waited up for his dad to return home. By the time he was in college studying photography, Valentine had a potent sense of belonging within the force.