Photographer Michael Rubenstein on Making a Difference, Respecting Your Elders, and Adopting Mirrorless Technology (Sponsored)


Shot with the Sony a7R II mirrorless camera


Shot with the Sony a7R II mirrorless camera

Whether he’s covering hard-hitting, critical news for The New York Times, traveling the streets of the world’s biggest metropolises, or shooting wildly influential campaigns for the likes of Nike, Visa, or Budweiser, New York City-based photojournalist and commercial photographer Michael Rubenstein stays true to his philosophy that meaningful imagery must tell honest and original stories.

Portraits of Young Lovers at Their Most Raw, Intimate Moments


Bucharest-based photographer Natalia Mindru Photomicona isn’t interested in pretty, sugary sweet pictures; within the hustle and bustle of city life, she seeks out raw, true, unabashed love, the kind that brings color to the cheeks and quickens the pulse. Iubiri Urbane, or Urban Love, is her ode to stolen kisses, kept secrets, and unspoken words shared between lovers in a metropolis that rarely stands still enough to notice.

New Photo Exhibition Pushes the Boundaries of Femininity and Gender Roles

Juno Calypso_Massage Mask_2015_c Juno Calypso_Courtesy of Flowers Gallery

Massage Mask, 2015 © Juno Calypso

from "Experimental Relationship" project

Get a firm grasp of your man, 2010 © Pixy Yijun Liao

Flowers Gallery in New York City has mounted a show, The Real Thing, which focuses on four female photographers whose works highlight roles of gender and identity. There’s a surge of focus on the study of human sexuality and identity; male or female, straight, gay or otherwise. Juno Calypso, Natasha Caruana, Pixy Liao, and Melanie Willhide use their photographic processes as a means to experiment further with feminine ideals.

Photoville’s ‘The Fence’ Expands to 5 Major Cities, Now Open for Submissions

Adrien Broom

© Adrien Broom

Timothy Bouldry

© Timothy Bouldry

The Fence is a photo exhibition unlike any other, and year five promises to be the best yet. The Fence 2016 will visit its familiar cities— New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Houston—along with new addition Santa Fe, drawing an estimated audience of over three million.

The 40 photographers selected by a this year’s esteemed panel of internationally-based jurors will have their work showcased beautifully outdoors on vinyl mesh for the exhibitions and will additionally receive a number of coveted prizes.

In South Africa, One Photographer Breaks the Taboo Surrounding Albinism



In many parts of the world, the facts about albinism are often obscured by folklore, prejudice, and false assumptions. In Tanzania and Burundi, living without skin pigmentation can mean being hunted by witch doctors, who believe albino limbs carry supernatural powers and sell dismembered body parts over the black market. In South Africa, the threat to life is far less dire, but still albino children face schoolyard taunts and discrimination and are sometimes viewed as a curse upon their families. South African photographer Justin Dingwall teams up with lawyer Thando Hopa and model Sanele Xaba, both of whom have albinism, to create Albus, a paean to the aesthetic and spiritual beauty of the human body.

Behind-the-Scenes at the All-Female ‘Fight Club Berlin’ (NSFW)



“First small talk, then smacking,” says Berlin-based photographer Katarzyna Mazur by way of explanation of the scene at Fight Club Berlin, where women of all ages, weights, and backgrounds gather within a rented room to compete in a battle of the wills, and of course, of the flesh. For a few hours, women young and old leave behind whomever they might be to the outside world for the ferocity of the mat, where there are no official regulations or limitations on fighting techniques. Women may fight topless or in whatever gear that makes them feel most powerful, and for several months, Mazur was ringside for all the action, moving as near as she possibly could to the scratches and blows without getting pummeled herself.

Finding Magic in Old, Forgotten, Mold-Covered Photographic Plates



As director of the collections of the French Society of Photography, art historian Luce Lebart spends most of her time making sure the objects in her charge are preserved for generations to come. It was to her astonishment, then, that she discovered within the archives a long-forgotten box of plates that after having been exposed to flood waters, had become the breeding ground for all species of fungi. Instead of discarding the mysterious collection, she found to her delight poetry within the “destroyed” pictures, which she later published in the book Mold Is Beautiful.

Inside the Bizarre World of a Religious Trade Fair

Besides Faith


While wandering the streets of Rome, Berlin-based photographer Louis De Belle was intrigued by the abundance of clergy apparel shops surrounding the Vatican, and after some investigation he discovered the religious trade fair which forms the subject of his new photobook, Besides Faith. This biennial fair sees thousands of buyers and traders converge in a transient space in the North East of Italy, to exhibit and sell their religious merchandise – including holy figurines, devotional candles, and haute couture for priests.

In the Norwegian Countryside, a Photographer Uncovers a Tale of Family, Grief, and Hope


Elin Hoyland3

“I was commissioned by an art institution to photograph the farmer Edvard Bjelland and his farm. He is one of the last to run a traditional farm in an old-fashioned way. His lifestyle is also very rare to find in modern Norway. I understood quite soon that I wanted to take this project further and develop it in my own personal way” – Elin Høyland

A Street Photographer Makes All of His Portraits in One Famous Spot in New York

Daniel Featherstone 8


While the streets of New York are full of different characters, there’s one section of the city that is well known for its fashion, style and great photography moments: 57th Street and Fifth Avenue.

This exact corner of Midtown is where you’ll find British-born photographer Daniel Featherstone snapping New Yorkers in the most candid of moments, whether it’s rushing to an appointment, talking on the phone or casually strolling in and out of stores.

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