Photos Capture the Life and Feel of Europe’s Last Dictatorship


A woman carries the USSR flag during the Kastrychnickaja square rally, marking the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution anniversary on the 7th of November. This day is a state holiday in Belarus. © Andrei Liankevich

War-patriotic game

Children wearing firemen uniforms as they compete in a war-patriotic game called Bastiony hrabrosti (Bravery bastion). The game takes place 60 km (37 miles) east of Minsk at an army base. The game was very popular during USSR times. © Andrei Liankevich

Belarus is Europe’s last dictatorship, a place that seems trapped back in USSR times. Hardly any news comes out of the country and there is limited freedom of speech. This is why Belarusian photographer Andrei Liankevich‘s photo series about his country is quite unique. His Belarus portfolio offers a personal view of the local feel and some of the definitory events and habits in the country.

Liankevich has published a book of this series called Focus on Belarus.

Raw and Unflinching Photographs of Newborn Babies Directly After C-Sections


Romane – born May 20, 2014 at 10:51 a.m. 2kg 935 – 8 seconds of life


Kevin – born December 27, 2013 at 10:36 a.m. 4kg 366 – 13 seconds of life


Liza – born February 26, 2013 at 8:45 a.m. 3kg 200 – 3 seconds of life

The night before French photographer Christian Berthelot shot his first Caesarean section was a sleepless one, and by morning, his mind had returned to the previous year, when his own son was cut from his wife’s womb. Coated in blood and vernix, the child had cried out, emerging in his father’s eyes as “a warrior who has just won his first battle.”

Photo Series Looks at the Amazing Diversity of New York City’s Barbershops


The Blind Barber (Robert McMillen), Alphabet city, Manahttan


Tony’s Barber Shop, Sunset Park


Levels Barbershop, Clinton Hill

When French photographer Franck Bohbot moved to New York City, he set out to photograph what was in plain sight – the things we all see, but never give a second thought. Heavily influenced by Robert Frank’s The Americans, Bohbot sought after real people in their natural environments. Intrigued by the local barbershops he would stumble across in every neighborhood he passed through, he decided to take on the barber as his subject, in what would become his series Cuts.

Sweet and Subtle Photos of Twigs, Leaves and Branches Frozen in Ice


© Anna Williams / Offset


© Anna Williams / Offset

In a striking editorial series of still lifes, acclaimed New York-based photographer Anna Williams captures natural elements—leaves, branches, and twigs—caught within blocks of ice.

Powerful Photos Document Survivors of Sex Trafficking in Romania and Moldova


Tunde, 24-years-old, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tunde was living with a street gang when she was trafficked by her boyfriend. The gang was regularly assaulted by police.


“We were a very large gang. We would live here. It was me, my sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, a whole bunch of us. […] The hardest thing is to end up in a hole like this, where you can’t even put your clothes away neatly. It’s always dirty here.”

- Tunde, about one of the several places she lived in while on the streets. During that time, she was trafficked by her boyfriend.

A highway runs through forestland in Moldova. It is often lined with buckets, where one can pull over his or her vehicle and order a car wash. The car wash, however, is code for buying sex. Girls hide behind tree trunks and wait to be signaled – once it is safe to appear, they escort their clients into the woods for sex.

Photographer Eric Gottesman Collaborates with Ethiopian Teens to Make Incredibly Powerful Images


I tell my family I am HIV+. They forgot me and ate at the table.


If I could see your face, I would not need food.


The best day of my life was the day I was reunited with my sister. Photograph by Mesfin Muhammed and Eric Gottesman.

Ok, let’s do this together. Stop for a second and think about the country Ethiopia. What’s the first image that comes to mind? The second? The third?

Princess Culture: Portraits of Little Girls Dressed Up as Their Favorite Disney Princesses




For Dress Rehearsal, Massachusetts-based photographer Blake Fitch invites girls to play dress-up, quietly observing that time in a young woman’s life when she becomes enamored with the idea of princesses and make-believe adventures. Contacting family members and friends with children, as well as approaching the parents of girls she encountered out in the world, she photographed the young princesses in their favorite Disney costumes as they romped about the New England landscape.

Empowering, Stylized Photos of 100 Naked Women (NSFW)



For 100 Naked Women, London-based photographer Nadia Lee Cohen takes a bold approach to body positivity, shooting nude portraits of dozens of women of varied shapes and sizes bearing it all for her camera.

Enchanting Portraits of Identical Twin Farmers in the Hungarian Countryside



With The Twins, Germany-based photographer Janos Stekovics remembers the lives and rituals of a since-passed set of identical twin farmers, János and István Lukács, who worked their entire lives along the Hungarian countryside.

Raw, Visceral Photos Capture a Photographer’s Struggle with Mental Illness



For Fragmentary, London-based photographer Daniel Regan visualizes the tensions, contradictions, and isolation of mental illness through a series of self-portraits captured during times of heightened psychological anguish. Through each shadowed and enigmatical vision of the self, he inserts his own medical records, exhumed from the archives of the Brighton & Hove mental health services.