Youthful Fantasies on the Beaches of Montauk


Lilla Kneeling


Jessica and Kurt

New York City-based photographer Michael Dweck remembers vividly the time he went to Montauk at the age of seventeen. It was 1975, and there was the sand, the surf, and girls who, in his words, “looked, well, like they didn’t belong on Long Island.” Visiting Montauk was like falling in love for the first time a thousand times, and he would return to the beach some thirty years later, publishing his book The End in 2004.

A Powerful Exploration of Child Labour in Senegal

Talibe asking for money in the steets of Dakar city center.

Talibe asking for money in the streets of Dakar city center.

Little girls during a school koranic ceremony in Saly, Senegal.

Little girls during a school koranic ceremony in Saly, Senegal.

Sebastian Gil Miranda spent two months documenting child labour in Senegal. The “talibes” – meaning “students” in Arabic – are children who are forced to fund their own Koranic education by begging. Living together in daaras, they are required to meet quotas just to be able to continue to learn – as well as to avoid being beaten or starved.

An intimate glimpse into the fleeting moments of young love NSFW


Looking into the eyes of our own lover, can we really ever fully understand what they are thinking beyond their outward appearance? Hamburg-based photographer Hayley Austin’s fascination with the connection between corporeality and love stems from her own experiences during her early to mid-twenties, a period when sexual desire and attraction pervaded her life. Driven by a personal longing to freeze time and capture those fugitive moments of desire which fade as quickly as they arrive, in 2013 she turned her lens towards young couples whose love was relatively fresh. The resulting series Narratives of Desire offers the viewer a glimpse into some of the most intimate moments between young lovers in their private spaces.

The Tragedy and Triumph of Russian Ballet, in Photos (Sponsored)


© Darian Volkova / Offset


© Darian Volkova / Offset

Saint Petersburg photographer and Offset Artist Darian Volkova refers to the stage as “Her Majesty.” As a ballet dancer herself, she’s sacrificed much to the stage. She’s seen the curtain rise and fall a thousand times, and she knows every second by heart.

The Bewitching Goddesses and Green Men of Glastonbury



Photographer Dave Watts weaves in and out of the goddesses and green men, looking for portrait subjects— just as he did the year before.

Spellbinding Photos of Meals from Classic Books

Alice in Wonderland_Fictitious Feasts

“Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-glass” (Lewis Carroll)

The metamorphosis_Fictitious Feasts

“The Metamorphosis” (Franz Kafka)

Paris photographer Charles Roux describes his boyhood self as “a lonely kid that filled his life – and his voids- with literary fiction.” In this way, you could say Fictitious Feasts began in the artist’s early years, when he was curled up with a book, turning the pages and imagining the worlds inside them.

‘It’s Amazing Out There’ Photo Contest Offers The Chance To Win $15,000 (Sponsored)


“Rockhopper Penguins Storm the Beach” © Rick Beldegreen, Second Prize Winner 2015

Ansel Adams revealed one of photography’s best kept secrets when he said “bad weather makes for good photography.” It’s true; when everyone else is ducking for cover from an oncoming blizzard or monsoon, the photographers are running in the opposite direction and into the eye of the storm. understands this idea better than most, and their annual It’s Amazing Out There Photo Contest, now in its third year, is a testament to the enduring relationship between the elements of nature and the will of mankind.

Indulge in the Gourmet Version of Your Favorite Junk Foods (Sponsored)

balls of fried potatoes with lemon, rosemary and dripping sauce

Balls of fried potatoes with lemon, rosemary and yogurt sauce © Zaira Zarotti / Offset


Five hot dogs with different garnishes © Con Poulos / Offset

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term “junk food” as “Food that has low nutritional value, typically produced in the form of packaged snacks needing little or no preparation.” Going by this definition, junk food isn’t only for people who are unhealthy; it’s also for lazy people. But is there such a thing as decadent, meticulously prepared junk food? Can junk food be, well, sophisticated?

In honor of National Junk Food Day, we wanted to challenge the “junk food” stigma, even if that means taking on the Oxford University Press. As evidence for our case, we combed through the high-end, editorial food photography in the Offset collection and pulled together our favorites. For your consumption, we present pizza with peas and prosciutto, deep fried eggs and gelato sandwiches.

Haunting Photos Show Chinese Villages on the Edge of Extinction



It was in 1998 that photographer Cui Maoyuan first visited Yuxian in Hebei Province, and it was during that first visit that he became enamored by the ancient buildings left behind by the Qing Dynasty. “I was born in a village in northern China,” says Maoyuan, “and my childhood memories are filled with ancient houses, temples, and theaters. But with the continuous development of society, all this has virtually disappeared.”

A Look at the Lives of Transgender Women in Indonesia

A young transgender puts make up on in his bedroom at Mami Joyce's house.

A young transgender woman puts make up on in her bedroom at Mami Joyce’s house.

Mami Joyce takes a cigarette break halfway through the make up process.

Mami Joyce takes a cigarette break halfway through the make up process.

In the heart of Jakarta’s bustling business district, says Italian-born photographer Giorgio Taraschi, Mami Joyce and her girls make their home. Taking in those as young as eighteen, the human rights activist has built a safe haven for transgender women—or “waria,” as they are often called in Indonesia—to call their own.

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