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Sweet Veggies: Jelly Beans in a Pod and Other Strange Treats



Now this is how we’d like to get our five fruits and veggies a day. Who didn’t hide their lima beans in their napkin or try to feed brussel sprouts to their unsuspecting cat? Wendy van Santen understands the plight of children and food, creating the playful series Sweet Veggies as a way to soften the blow of getting greens into your meals. The handcrafted still lifes are a colorful mixture of produce and saturated sugary snacks, offering a candy-coated critique of kids’ eating habits.

Anew: a Photo Exhibition that Explores Seeing Beauty in Everyday Objects

Christopher-JonassenPhoto: Christopher Jonassen

I am thrilled to have teamed up with United Photo Industries to curate Anew, a group exhibition featuring nine photographers who unearth beauty in the seemingly irrelevant, everyday objects that most people disregard, revealing that unnoticed and banal items can sometimes be quite magical.

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