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Meet Suzanne Gloria Lyall, A Girl that Disappeared 18 Years Ago


Suzanne Gloria Lyall


Suzanne’s handwriting

Suzanne Gloria Lyall has been missing since March 2 1998. Then nineteen years old, she was employed on a part-time basis at “Babbages Software” in the Crossgate Malle in Guilderland, New York state. She left work at approximately 9.20pm that day and boarded a bus near the mall. She exited the bus at the Collins Circle stop on the State University of New York (SUNY) campus at approximately 9.45pm, and that was the last time Suzanne was ever seen. When Lausanne-based photographer Virginie Rebetez first met the missing girl’s parents in 2014, something clicked into place emotionally; she knew that she had to create a portrait of Suzanne, bringing together whatever lasting traces she could find. In creating the photo book Out of the Blue, the photographer hopes both to circulate Suzanne’s story in the art world, and gain a better understanding of our intrinsically human need for materiality or physicality in order to gain closure.

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