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Photo du Jour: ‘Barbie’

Ruben Natal San Miguel

A blinged-out necklace with the iconic Barbie signage sparkled on the streets of NYC last year, catching photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel‘s eyes. Adorning the neck of a young, gay African-American male, the shot plays on gender, sexual orientation, class and race with its mix of elements here, juxtaposing with what Barbie has long represented—the girl next door, the symbol of female perfection (no matter how unrealistic), and the American Dream.

Portraits of Harlem Kids on Halloween Photographed by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Harlem-Kids halloween

Last year Halloween was pretty much cancelled in NYC due to Hurricane Sandy and this year it rained. But Ruben Natal-San Miguel, a Harlem resident for 11 years, managed to snap these great portraits of neighborhood kids before the weather turned ugly. He writes: “I’ve always admired Amy Stein’s series ‘Halloween in Harlem’. I just happened to be at home last night, mostly recovering from a Diabetes relapse episode, and the kids were trick-or-treating right on my block, so I said ..why not? Amy moved to California, and I guess this is a way to continue her work and celebrate it.

Opportunities for Photographers to Get Involved with Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

michael-cinquino hurricane sandy manhattanPhoto by Michael Cinquino

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy (and the snowstorm last night) which has greatly impacted the residents of New York City and the surrounding areas, we decided to put together a list of ways photographers in the area and elsewhere can help with relief efforts. The list below also includes photographers and companies who are generously selling prints and donating all of the proceeds from the sales to the American Red Cross and other relief organizations.

Ciao Manhattan (Part 4)

Ruben Natal-San Miguel, New York

Ruben Natal San-Miguel

Ruben Natal-San Miguel, born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is an architect, photographer, curator, writer, art collector and consultant who specializes in the art of fine emerging photography. He is involved with non-profit art organizations such as ACRIA, Printed Matter, Aperture Foundation, Humble Arts Foundation, Photolucida and The Center for Photography at Woodstock and is the man behind the popular photography blog, ARTmostfierce.

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