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From Kazakhstan to Kentucky: 36 Photos Provide a Glimpse Inside Zoos Around the World


Kodiak Bear, Lake Superior Zoo, Duluth, Minnesota © Areca Roe

Giraffen Marius

Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark © Kasper Palsnov


Tibetan Bear, Chongqing, China © M. Scott Brauer

This group show we asked for photos of zoo animals and your submissions gave us a glimpse into establishments across the globe. Sometimes sad, sometimes slightly humorous but always thought-provoking, we present 36 photos of the zoo, judged by photographer Emma Kisiel.

Congratulations to Areca Roe, Kasper Palsnov and M. Scott Brauer, who will receive a one-year subscription to Squarespace, the innovative website publishing platform perfect for the creative. They make it simple to create professional websites that are 100% customizable, making web design accessible to everyone. Complete with award-winning designs, hosting, domains, commerce, and 24/7 support, Squarespace offers photographers more ways to market themselves and grow their business.

Paula McCartney’s Photographic Twist On Bird-Watching

Paula McCartney

Paula McCartney

Birds in the wild are difficult to photograph. So when I saw these photographs by Minneapolis-based Paula McCartney, I was impressed by her closeness to the animals (although just the right distance to have the viewer fooled, at least at first), as well as the inclusion of the environment. “This seems realistic,” I thought, “only slightly better. She must be a really quiet and really still person.”

Dynamic, Abstract Photos of Snow and Ice

Paula McCartney

I see winter everywhere, in every environment, in every season, and categorize it by pattern, shape and line rather than merely by substance.—Paula McCartney

A Field Guide to Snow and Ice is Minneapolis based photographer Paula McCartney’s interpretation of winter. She combines images of true snow and ice with forms that mimic these substances; snowfalls, frozen waterfalls, wildflowers, gypsum sand, and snowdrifts. These natural structures become reinterpreted and reimagined, taking on properties both literal and abstract.

Paula McCartney

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