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A Few of Our Favorites From the Light Work Fine Print Program

Deana Lawson Coulson Family, 2008 © Deana Lawson. $300

Based out of Syracuse, New York, the artist-run Light Work has been a non-profit organization dedicated to photography since 1973. Their various residencies, publications, exhibitions and community lab facilities go to support artists working in the field of photography and related media. The unique Fine Print Program offers signed, limited edition prints donated from some of the world’s most renowned photographers, all proceeds funneling back into supporting the medium they love. This year the Fine Print Program 2014 includes a wide selection of work from James Welling, John Chervinsky, Lucas Foglia, Irina Rozovsky, among others.

Top 15 Photo Books of 2012

New York NightsNew York Nights / James and Karla Murray. The best selling authors of the popular photo book Store Fronts offer a stunning look at New York’s vivid nightlife as they visit a unique selection of bars, restaurants, music venues, and shops, all complete with historical significance and after-dark aesthetics. Published by Ginko Press. Available through Amazon, $38.50.

Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective. This is the first comprehensive monograph on Rineke Dijkstra published in the U.S. Included is her early work of new mothers and bullfighters, a selection from Beach Portraits, and works from her long-going series Almerisa, which documents a young immigrant girl as she grows up and adapts to her new environment. Published by Guggenheim Museum. Available through Amazon, $34.65.

Lucas Foglia’s photos of families living off the grid

lucas foglia

Lucas Foglia (b. 1983) was raised on a small family farm in Long Island and is currently based in San Francisco. A graduate of Brown University and the Yale School of Art, Lucas exhibits and publishes his photographs internationally. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Fine Art. His photographs have been published in Aperture Magazine, the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post Magazine, British Journal of Photography, Contact Sheet, and PDN’s 30. His first book, A Natural Order, will be published by Nazraeli Press in Spring 2012.

lucas foglia

Can you tell us what made you decide to embark on the photo project, A Natural Order?

‘I grew up with my extended family on a small farm in the suburbs of New York City. While malls and supermarkets developed around us, we heated our house with wood, farmed and canned our food, and bartered the plants we grew for everything from shoes to dental work. But while my family followed many of the principles of the back-to-the-land movement, by the time I was eighteen we owned three tractors, four cars, and five computers. This mixture of the modern world in our otherwise rustic life made me curious to see what a completely self-sufficient way of living might look like’.

lucas foglia

Your photos portray a kind of utopia. Did you find this easily at the communities you visited or is it something you had to look for or recreate?

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