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Feature Shoot Group Show 1: Car Wash

car wash Don-Mohr photographyPhoto by Don Mohr

roberto de riccardis photographyPhoto by Roberto De Riccardis

Ukrainians Photographed by Karolina Karlic

Karolina Karlic

Karolina Karlic is a Los Angeles based photographer. Born in Wroclaw Poland, her family immigrated to Detroit in search of the American dream in 1986. Karlic’s work explores American culture from the complicated perspective of an immigrant growing up in urban Detroit. Her father fled communist Poland to find work in the American auto industry. Karlic watched her father’s hopes for his family crumble alongside the stock of Ford, General Motors, and Daimler Chrysler’s North American operations. As a non-native participant in American society, her work explores the culture of people’s desires and regrets. Karlic holds a BFA in Photography from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has been published in the Water Stone Review, was a participant in Center 2007 (formerly known as Review Santa Fe) and most recently received the MN State Arts Board Initiative Grant, 2008. Her series, The Dee, Close to Home, and Dear Diary have been exhibited nationally at galleries including Franklin Art Works, Jen Bekman Gallery NYC, Intermedia Arts, Flanders Gallery, Wall Space-Seattle, and Juxtaposition Arts.

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