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14 Influencers Talk About Their Most Popular Image on Instagram

© Christopher Anderson

Christopher Anderson
“To be honest, this IG thing confuses me. Some images I am convinced will be crowd pleasers don’t generate interest, and then some that I almost don’t post because I think they are not good enough, will get loads of likes.

I picked this image because it is an image that I do like, and it did seem to resonate with people. I guess it is easy enough to read while still having a certain mystery. There seems to be a story that holds the viewer’s attention, but I guess there is enough pretty color to get attention in the first place. I am always encouraged when an image that I think is a strong image resonates. It gives me hope that it’s not just about loud color”.

© Alice Gao

Alice Gao 
“This is an image of a friend’s angora bunny. Her name is Cleo and she has quite the fan base herself. Our generation seems to love animals on social media, and videos often go viral when they feature animals doing funny/silly things. Cleo’s wearing a pair of human glasses in this, so it makes the image particularly humorous. This is by no means my best photo or even necessarily a good photo in terms of composition or lighting, but the subject was enough to engage the audience. I think many of the comments are just people tagging their friends as a way of sharing the image with them. It also helps that Cleo is rather unique looking and everyone wants to know what kind of bunny she is!”

What’s In Your Camera Bag?: Photojournalist Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi

Walter Arsenio Rivera, 29, a sugarcane worker that suffers from fatal Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown origin (CKDu), poses in the cane fields of Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. Kashi is currently raising funds for his project The Island of Widows to generate education and support about this heartbreaking epidemic that affects one-in-three men in this small city.

What’s in your camera bag? Two Canon 5D Mark III camera bodies, two Canon lenses—the 16-35mm and 24-105mm, 4 CF cards ranging from 8 to 64 gb, a Canon flash and extension cord, some pens, a Moleskine book for captions and notes, a waist belt with a couple of pouches, a headlamp for nighttime work, two extra Canon camera batteries and a small Dombke bag.

What’s the most unusual item in your bag? The headlamp. There are two things I’ve learned working in the field for more than 30 years—always have backups of your important gear and always be prepared for contingencies. So one contingency is being out at night—working or not—in the field and needing to find my way in the dark. Most recently I needed the head lamp in Jordan after a day of filming young Syrian refugees in the desert into the night. I had to find my way back to our vehicle in the pitch black.

Sandy Benefit Features iPhone Photos by Renowned Contemporary Photographers

Ben-Lowy SandyPhoto: Ben Lowy

On November 19,2012 Foley Gallery will be hosting a benefit to support relief efforts for those in the New York City area that have been most affected by Hurricane Sandy. Orgainzed by Michael Foley and photographer Wyatt Gallery and curated by Jun Lee, the event will include iPhone photographs from renowned contemporary photographers Ben Lowy, Ed Kashi, Wyatt Gallery, Stephen Wilkes, Ruddy Roye, Hank Willis Thomas, Michael Christopher Brown, Craig Wetherby, Sam Horine, Stanley Lumax, Erica Simone, Nicole Sweet, Dylan Chandler, Yosra El-Essawy, Brent Bartley, Lyle Owerko, Duffy Higgins, and Varenka Ruiz. Photos will be sold for $50 with all proceeds going to benefit Occupy Sandy and Alison Thompson’s Rockaway Relief Center. More details can be found on the Foley Gallery Facebook page.

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