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Famous Actors Faces Morphed Into Eerie Portraits

The Matrix, Portrait, Pigment Inkjet Print, 2013, Variable dimensions.

Collaborative Seoul-based duo Shinseungback Kimyonghun, artists Shin Seung Back and Kim Yong Hun, bring a whole new meaning to the portrait project. They are making work that uses image processing and “computer vision,” and are putting face recognition to good use. Portrait explores and represents the identity of movies, using custom software that detects faces present throughout—capturing and collecting them every 24 frames of the movie, to be exact. The result is an average of faces blending into one faint and ghostly composite, with hints of recognizable actors coming through. For a look at the process, watch the making of their portrait of Avatar below.

Pelle Cass Creates a Patterned, Surreal World by Condensing Hundreds of Photos Into One


It’s all how you look at it. Boston-based photographer Pelle Cass would likely agree. Selected People is an ongoing series he started in 2008 that he says, “both orders the world and exaggerates its chaos.” He starts by choosing a public location, sets up his tripod, and shoots hundreds of pictures in the same spot. From there he begins his “selection” process in photoshop—choosing what to leave in and what to take out—”nothing has been changed, only selected,” he says. Through the selection process, Cass creates patterns of time, space and people; visual rhythms condensing countless moments into one. Cass is a street photographer in a digital age, unveiling “a surprising world that is only visible with a camera.”

Photographer Makes Magical Composites Using Hundreds of Shots from Exotic Locations

catherine-nelson photography

When I embraced the medium of photography, I felt that taking a picture that represented only what was within the frame of the lens wasn’t expressing my personal and inner experience of the world around me. With the eye and training of a painter and with years of experience behind me in film visual effects, I began to take my photos to another level.—Catherine Nelson

Austrailia-based visual artist Catherine Nelson builds complex floating worlds consisting of hundreds of photographs stitched together. For years, Nelson has worked as a compositor in the movie industry creating visual effects for feature films such as Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter. She now combines technique and experience to create these unique and imaginative landscapes, each one becoming its own detailed microcosm.

Digitally Manipulated Landscapes by Robert Schlaug

Robert Schlaug

Robert Schlaug is a self-taught German photographer who has exhibited his work internationally since 1982. Until recently, he rarely incorporated digital manipulation in his work, focusing rather on everyday architecture shot in isolation or juxtaposed with dissimilar surroundings.

Interview with Advertising Photographer John Fulton

John-Fulton photography

John Fulton was recently named a Luerzer’s Archive Top 200 Advertising Photographer Worldwide, and his work has been recognized globally by the likes of Hasselblad Masters, Ads of the World, Canon, “Lucies” (The Int’l Photography Awards), The Addy’s, and Prix de la Photographie Paris, among others. He is based in Savannah, Georgia and represented by Visu Artists and Wonderful Machine.

John-Fulton photography

Quirky Photographs of a Fictitious Olympic Team

Oli Kellett Vodkovia photography London Olympics

Oli Kellett is a London-based photographer who earned his degree from St. Martins Art College. He worked at several London ad agencies as an art director before leaving in 2008 to pursue photography full time. His recent project is entitled ‘Team Vodkovia’ and features a digitally-designed team of olympic hopefuls from the fictitious country of Vodkovia.

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