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Photographer Danny Ghitis on Fetishists and the Nuances of Sexuality

Photo May 07, 3 45 00 PM

© Danny Ghitis

On June 26th, Feature Shoot hosted the second edition of The BlowUp, a new quarterly event in which we ask a selected group of remarkable photographers to each tell the stories behind one of their favorite images. This time, the theme was Subcultures, and Danny Ghitis selected his portrait of Riley Kilo, a 25-year-old woman who is an active part of the community of sexual fetish enthusiasts. Riley, whom the photographer describes as an “adult-diaper-baby-lover” was the first he met, and she welcomed him with an open mind and eloquent thoughts. Although it was curiosity that initially motivated him, by the end, he had a better grasp of the nuances of sexuality, eroticism, and gender.

The next BlowUp event will take place on the evening of December 10, 2015 at ROOT (Drive In) from 6:30-9:00 PM, and this time, the theme will be photography that has gone viral. We have some incredible photographers lined up to speak including Sophie Gamand, Arne Svenson, Caroline Tompkins, Victoria Will, Kristine Potter, Allaire Bartel, Amos Mac, Kirra Cheers, Nina Berman, and Henry Hargreaves. You can purchase tickets here.

The BlowUp is sponsored by Agency Access.

Our Latest Group Show Features 72 Fiery Photos of Redheads


© Julie de Waroquier


© Masha Svyatogor


© Michelle Marshall

For our latest group show, we invited you to submit your photographs of redheads. Judged by Keren Sachs, Director of Content Development for Offset, a new collection of high-end stock photography and illustration from artists around the globe, the images selected for this collection capture the elusive and indefinable beauty of auburn hair. Since the days of Medieval Europe, redheads in art have walked a murky line between the human realm and the divine. Where red hair was once perceived as an unerasable mark of black magic and vampirism, throughout history, it has also been a key trait of several deities, like Botticelli’s Venus and the angels of Titian. While children with red hair might be taunted on the schoolyard, we grow up to covet red locks and to be transfixed eternally by those who bear them.

Congratulations to winning photographer Julie de Waroquier, who will receive a GoPro Hero4 Black, and to runners up Masha Svyatogor and Michelle Marshall. All submitting photographers were considered to join Offset.

Photo du jour: Black Sheep

black sheep

This image is from “Harlem Valley,” a photo series by Danny Ghitis which will be opening at the Recession Art Gallery in Brooklyn on March 9, 2013.

Portraits of New Yorkers with Sexual Fetishes (NSFW)


RileyKilo, transgender age-player

Around the time same-sex marriage became legal in New York the idea of complex sexuality seemed to be in the air around me. Fifty Shades of Grey was getting attention, political chatter was everywhere, a dominatrix was interviewed by Terry Gross, and my roommate told me about her fetishist friend studying for a PhD in psychology. Our culture is just beginning to accept sexual identity beyond the traditional male/female roles. This project is a natural response to what I feel is a limited understanding of (or desire to understand) the very complex nature of sexuality in America. I wanted to go further than the “norm” and meet people whose identity is more nuanced than the black and white concepts we are fed daily.

I started doing research and learned about the vibrant kink community in NYC, including a Facebook-like website called, which launched in 2008. Not long ago it would have been quite difficult to contact a wide variety of fetishists without scouring the city trying to earn trust. A historically underground community is now meeting online, so I was suddenly granted access to thousands of people that are otherwise hidden.

Ciao Manhattan (Part 3)

Susan A. Barnett NYCPhoto by Susan A. Barnett

Travis-Ruse-NYC-subwayPhoto by Travis Ruse

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