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Abstract Photos of Billboard Remnants Taken in Panama

Mark Hartman

There is a small window between the time when the billboards are shredded and replaced with a fresh ad. I am acting in a sense like a curator, picking and choosing which of the pieces of these billboards to photograph. I find them to be an interesting statement on the visually bombarded times we live in, the transience of time, and how advertising and images affect the human psyche and subconscious mind overall.—Mark Hartman

Shot in Panama, photographer Mark Hartman captures beauty and abstraction in these found art pieces that deliver. Based in New York City, Hartman was chosen as one of PDN’s 30 photographers to watch in 2012.

Mark Hartman

Photographer Captures Personality in his Colorful Portraits of Show Birds

Luke Stephenson

An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds began with a very simple idea, that I wanted to photograph budgies. I met a great deal of people (mostly men) who were very knowledgeable about their hobby and only too happy to share it with me. Their enthusiasm became infectious so that by simply photographing a species I felt I was adding it to my collection.—Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson is a Britain-based photographer often recognized for his humorous and affectionate portraits of both animate and inanimate objects. He is represented by The Photographers Gallery in London.

An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds is his new book, featuring 60 color plates and available in four limited edition covers.

Q&A: Paul Sika, Cote d’Ivoire

Fashion and advertising photographer, artist and creative director Paul Sika was featured in the 2007 summer edition of Olympus User Magazine UK. For this vibrant series, Sika created the environments using actors and carefully staged sets to convey a powerful social narrative.

Ryan Robinson’s Quirky, Dreamworld Photography

ryan robinson

Born and raised in a small farmtown, Ryan Robinson is best known for his witty, colorful and sometimes irreverent photography. His attention to detail, composition and color are complimented by his semi-pro carpentry skills, a die-hard work ethic and a contagious smile.

ryan robinson
ryan robinson
ryan robinson

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