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Iranian American Photographer Expresses Political Outrage in Unflinching Photo Collages




Michigan-based photographer Sheida Soleimani was raised on her parents’ stories of the Iranian Revolution. As refugees who fled the country in 1979 with the emergence of Ruhollah Khomeini’s Islamic republic, they passed down tales of persecution and survival that made the faraway country vivid and real to her, although she has never visited herself. With National Anthem, Soleimani negotiates her contradictory feelings about Iran’s turbulent past, present, and future with violent and visceral collages that speak both to the suffering of its people and her own feelings about being an Iranian-American woman.

1950s Domesticity and Perfection Become Terrifying in these Amazing Collages by Chase Kahn




Chase Kahn (BFA 2015) is a photographer and designer currently pursuing dual degrees in Studio Art Photography and Communication Design from the University of North Texas. His work utilizes both digital and analog techniques formed from mixed media and found materials to produce satirical works about consumption and the domestic. His project Who Wants You to Live Forever? combines imagery from home journal magazines and mid-century advertisements to create a series that celebrates the visual style of the source material while functioning as a critique of consumerism and over-saturation.

Collages of Birds in Unbelievable Formations

Shaun Kardinal

Shaun Kardinal

I love these collages of found images by Seattle artist Shaun Kardinal. They remind me of M.C. Escher; however, Kardinal’s pieces are made of images taken from Google searches and friends’ Facebook and Instagram feeds. Another aspect of the work that stands out is their mode of display.

Artist Fred Tomaselli Gives the Front Page of The New York Times a Makeover

Fred Tomaselli

Guilty, 2005 © 2014 by Fred Tomaselli

Fred Tomaselli

June 29, 2012 © 2014 by Fred Tomaselli

NYC-based artist Fred Tomaselli applies his colorful, playful approach to collage and has a go at the front page of The New York Times, in the process creating a colorful yet deft political commentary of current events of the past few years. For those familiar with his larger-scale work, the look will be familiar. By making deceptively simple additions to front page photos, Tomaselli has succeeded in making a roundup of some of the horrible news of recent years that’s somehow not as depressing as it might otherwise be.

A Fascinating Peek Inside The Studio of Collage Artist Daniel Gordon

“New York Close Up” gives us a behind-the-scenes look at mash-up master Daniel Gordon in the studio, exploring his process of crafting vibrant, textural Matisse-like creations that he transforms from flat to full. If you didn’t know what all went into the Brooklyn-based artist/photographer’s dynamic paper collages of found Internet images that he then photographs with slide film, you will now—and we’re betting you’ll walk away inspired.

Dynamic Photos of Exploding Idyllic Landscapes


Swiss artist, Ueli Alder, has created a series, Detonations, in which he collages imagery found on the Internet, specifically explosions found in war themed video games with photographs of idyllic landscapes. He toys with our senses juxtaposing fiction and reality and is interested in the reaction this creates.

Graphic Fruit and Veggie Collages Photographed by Food Blogger Julie Lee

food-collage Julie Lee

Los Angeles based food blogger Julie Lee likes to document her culinary adventures and farmers market travels with her iPhone. Unexpected concoctions from ginger-molasses ketchup to guava smoked sea salt can be found in her graphic Instagram collages. The shots, which would make amazing wallpaper, also come with little tips related to creative cooking.

Photographer Uses 1950’s Pulp Magazines and Mad Men-Like Settings to Create Nostalgic Collages

Nadine-Boughton photography

In her project, True Adventures in Better Homes, photographer Nadine Boughton combines elements sourced from women’s magazines and men’s adventure magazines of the 1950’s to create domestic scenes that depict the tensions between the idealized notions and the reality of domestic life.

Prada’s Fanciful Pulp Art-Influenced Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign

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