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Photo du jour: Doug DuBois


Photographer Doug DuBois will be speaking in New York at The School of Visual Arts Amphitheater on Tuesday, February 19 at 7pm as part of the CCNY lecture series.

Non-Fashion Story Uncovers Beijing’s Most Stylish Children

David-Oates Beijing fashion kids

This series, Forbidden City, shot by photographer David Oates, is not a fashion story. But it might as well be. Photographed on ‘International Children’s Day’, a day when young people are granted free access to Beijing’s Forbidden City, Oates captured these stylish kids as they explore the ancient environment. Normal children on a relatively normal day, yet the photos beg the question, who dresses these kids? Are their parents picking out their clothes or are these kids naturally this awesome?

Heartbreaking Series of Children Affected by the Bhopal Chemical Disaster Wins FotoEvidence Book Award

Alex-Masi Bhopal photographyPoonam, 8, is refreshing under the late monsoon rain in the impoverished Oriya Basti colony in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, near the former Union Carbide (now DOW Chemicals) industrial complex. When the heavy monsoon rain falls every year, it seeps through the buried waste of UC, before proceeding to fill up and pollute the area’s underground reservoirs.

Alex Masi is an Italian documentary photographer and multimedia journalist based in London. His first-ever book “Bhopal Second Distaster” is a witness to the aftermath of the 1984 gas leak, widely thought to be one of the word’s most severe chemical disasters. The book is the stunning and heartbreaking product of the 2012 FotoEvidence Book Award, with an introduction by writer Indra Sinh, full-page color images, and an interview in the back by Svetlana Bachevanova, photographer and publisher at FotoEvidence. The images show the complex reality of lives affected by acute tragedy. “In Bhopal, once I began visiting disabled children, to see the way they and their families lived, it led to looking at how others were coping. I also wanted to show that there was life behind disaster.

Photographer Imagines What Infant Son Will Be When He Grows Up


French photographer and creative director Malo has had hours of fun dressing up his baby boy in all kinds of possible future career outfit options. Think Baby is happiest in the cardinal’s mitre although I love him best as the surfer dude complete with dodgy tatt.

Viktoria Sorochinski Captures the Complexities of Mother and Son Relationships

Viktoria-Sorochinski photography

Silent Dialog is an ongoing project that I started in 2011, which deals with complex and psychologically charged mother and son relationships, depicting several families from various generations. This project lives between documentary and fiction, where the subjects are real people in real relationships, but the scenes are moderately orchestrated in order to bring out the essence of their particular bond. This work is based upon personal observations and my previous projects on familial bonds, as well as on the works of psychoanalysts and philosophers such as Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, Carl Jung, Julia Kristeva, and Micheal Gurian.—Viktoria Sorochinski

Mystical Moments Photographed by Mayumi Hosokura

Mayumi Hosokura photography

Japanese photographer Mayumi Hosokura was born in Kyoto in 1979. Since graduating from Nihon University of Art in 2005, her work has been shown in many group exhibitions in Japan. Most recently she had a solo show of this work, Kazan, at G/P gallery in Tokyo.

Portraits of Schoolchildren in Classrooms Taken Around the World

Julian Germain classroom photographyKuramo Junior College, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Basic 7 / Junior Secondary Level 1, Mathematics. June 22nd, 2009.

This ongoing series by English photographer Julian Germain, entitled Classroom Portraits, began in schools in North East England in 2004. Since then, Germain has taken large-scale portraits of classrooms from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and has amassed an impressive 450+ portraits of schoolchildren in over 20 countries.

Spontaneous Moments and Strange Gestures Captured by Ani Katz

Ani Katz photography

Photographer Ani Katz is currently pursuing MFA at Columbia College Chicago and is the art director at Recession Art.

Hydrant Battles: a Celebration of Summer and Inner City Life in the Bronx

fire hydrant summer bronx Giovanni Savino

Summer and inner city life is celebrated through Giovanni Savino’s photos of kids and adults from the Bronx playing in water from open fire hydrants. He shot these images of “hydrant battles” with his iPhone which allowed him to shoot candidly and get closer to the action. Savino is based between New York City and the Caribbean and is represented by Wonderful Machine.

Curator Susan Bright On Motherhood and Photography

Ana-Casas-BrodaPhoto by Ana Casas Broda

Susan Bright is a photography curator currently based in New York. She has become a prominent figurehead in her contribution to photography by showcasing artists who are pushing the boundaries of the medium. In doing so she highlights exciting movements within photography and keeps the bar high for the next generation of artists.

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